Koi Sadqah Khairaat?

So I’ve been curious about the different types of beggars around the city. It seems they all attend beggar academy and belong to one or another school of thought. This is evident from their begging style.

First, and most annoying, is the loudspeaker pitched, dark colored, short bearded (may be white), blind (not really) man accompanied by a young girl or boy. You can hear their very strange chants from the other end of the street. They can be found roaming the streets everywhere.

The second frequent one to run into are the boys with the shoulder bags. They are fairly well dressed, and all seem to have gelled hair. They all have the same sales pitch, which starts with ‘asalam alaykum aik baat kehni hae’, and can even instantly start weeping if you ignore them. They are mostly found in the 7th Avenue store parking area and whereabouts. I wonder what they carry in those shoulder bags.

And then there is the couple with the shopping bag full of clothes. They have come from some distant village and have somehow run out of money. So, in order to help them get back home, I gave them some money. An hour later, I saw them begging again in another market and I had to ask why they didn’t leave for home already. “O ji un paeson sae tu ham nae samosay shamosay kha liyay” was the smirking reply.

Another type is the one that asks for a lift in your car. He’ll soften you up with his crutches, and as you approach the destination, he’ll tell you the story that destroyed his life and about his children starving at home. I remember I used to see the same person everyday using the same technique.

Lets not forget the old short men around the Gourmet bakery area. I’ve been seeing these same faces for decades, as have my parents before me. These are the true masters of the weeping face.

And there are many many more (the pathans with the tools in Blue Area), but I’ll just mention a relatively new one. These are found in the F-11/G-11 areas. A couple, with their kids, on a donkey cart. The last one even deliberately parked in front of my car to make sure I glance at his begging gesture.

I suppose this practice seeps down from above, and for what its worth, at least these people are not stealing.

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  1. Rehmat Yazdani (d1a3n0i4) on July 24th, 2009 @ 5:18 pm

    Yes, all of the beggars speak the same language and even their tone is the same. There are so many girl child baggers fond in various markets uttering the same phrases whenever you pass by them. For instance " Allah Aap Ki Jori Salamat Rakhay, Baji 10 Rs day do na [ even if some woman / girl is accompanied by his brother or father in the market ]", " Allah aap ko Chand saa husband dey " but there is some improvement witnessed the way they speak to people now. Yes, they know a few sentences in english and they would speak them out if they see Begmaats ( filthy rich women) coming out of their big cars or if they see any foreigners around .

    One recent trend which I have observed is of young couples with their kids in their laps. They will approach you and will tell you that they are to Islamabad from some distant town, they have no money to go back home and they are gonna pray for you whole of their life if you are gonna give them some money. Phew, its so annoying.

    BTW, there is no evidence yet that these people don’t steal :-)

  2. Muneeb Ahmed (mutecs91) on July 24th, 2009 @ 11:54 pm

    And there is something more to be told as well…..if anyone has been to murree these days, children aged around 4-6 years are busy trying to snatch eatable stuff from the people. …and its shocking to see that these people are so organized in doing this…

  3. Monazza Talha (montaleast13) on July 28th, 2009 @ 9:56 am

    Such a nice post and a true depiction of what actually goes on related to these beggars. I especially snap at the ones who say “tera bhai jeeay”. I say to them, “mera bhai jeay aur mai mar jaoo kiaa”. *giggles* No offense to any brothers and sisters (i myself have no brothers though) but this really makes me sick that these beggars are all the time trying to snatch money by emotional blackmail of ‘may-your-male-family-member-live-long’ kind. :-D I wonder when will all these beggars find enlightenment as well as employment so that they would bid this profession farewell. Seems too good to ask, but i guess it never hurts to wish for something good. :-)

    BTW, my favourite line in the whole post is this one:
    “O ji un paeson sae tu ham nae samosay shamosay kha liyay” was the smirking reply.

    This sent me instantly into the land of laughing out loud. :-D

    Yeah your observations are absolutely correct too. I enjoyed reading the part where you quoted this “Allah aap ko Chand saa husband dey”. I have witnessed the beggar girls even saying this to guys without any hesitation. O Lord! please save us! hahaha :-D

    What you referred to is really sad indeed. I have not been to Murree for a long time. But the last time i went the kids were only selling “cherries”. I wonder how this eatable-snatching kind of bad revolution came around.


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