The Social Enterprise Challenge at YLES’10.

In today’s world, more than ever before, we need sustainable and innovative entrepreneurship. That is why this years YLES them is Sustainopreneurship.

The Social Enterprise Challenge at YLES, will provide you with a forum to resolve issues of ecological, economic, and social sustainability, through entrepreneurial ventures. Being in line with the concept of Sustainopreneurship, the Social Enterprise Challenge would set out to find and creative innovations to solve these sustainability-related problems.

The above mentioned paragraphs blatantly copied off the YLES delegate handbook would have given you a slight if not the whole idea about what this competition was about. Teams had to highlight a social issue pertaining in their native city and elaborate it briefly through a photo essay followed by a presentation that had to highlight the problems and come up with an enterprise or an organizational solution to these problems.

At first you could see that the teams present in the room (There were two separate rooms so I followed my instinct and by theee graays aaf aal mie-tee Allah I went in room a-12, or was it a-11. I don’t remember), were full of enthusiasm to go out there and kick some major behind. Two of the judges introduced themselves, one being some Punjab rural organizations chief internal auditor (Funny chap, and no not because of his humor *laughs*), and the other judge who had ventured into the CNG, mule breeding, construction and a lot of other businesses (Another funny chap, and again not because of his humor). Later the judge panel was joined by a couple who were funnier. One being a lawyer in THE UK for the past 40 years and the other his wife who was a “lecturer”.

On with the competition, the first team came in and talked about the issue of pollution, followed by teams talking about child poverty, medical waste issues, sewerage problems, green housing societies, garbage disposal units, pollution (again) and other issues. And in my view, I don’t think any delegate actually came up with a ‘solution”. Forming an NGO, or asking for the government to solve the problems is NOT a really leader-y thing to do. But then again, I guess no one got the point of it or maybe they did. I wouldn’t know but in my opinion, the delegates lacked presentation skills and a specific vision (later pointed out by funny chap 2). At the end of the challenge, I was glad I was out, because it was in fact not up to mark with the objective it had to achieve ( it could be awesome if it was directed).

The results have to be announced today (i.e the 20th of January’10) so I will update later with the results.

The Rock Star Carnival was nothing to write home about so instead of whining about how much it sucked, I’ll choose to ignore it but I’d like to specially mention the “psychic sisters”. Funny “sisters” who were reading palms. With the funny big glasses and the specially concerned people about their future. I wanted to re-create Richard Dawkin’s “enemy of reason” interview with a psychic but to my surprise, the pukhtoon team got to the chair before I did and then I just lost interest.

Au revoir

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  1. kabirdas on January 20th, 2010 @ 6:54 pm

    My earlier remarks hold good for this report as well.
    Liked your comment ‘funny but not because of his humour’. Liked to use it myself sometime for some one.
    Cen you please let me know where can I find Richard Dawkins referenced interview ‘enemy of reason’ with a psychic?

  2. hashriani on January 20th, 2010 @ 7:38 pm

    Not related to this post. But Richard Dawkins for the British Channel 4 made two documentaries. The root of all evil? And Enemies of reason. Interesting watches, also do watch his documentaries on the Genius of Charles Darwin, it’s a three part series.

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