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Enlightened History

The Lights Come on at Saidpur Village – March 2009, originally uploaded by swami bhaktividenta prabhupaada.

A trip to Saidpur Village is like heading back into history – a narrow winding road leading up to the landmark Hindu temple at its entrance, stacks of hay, terraced mud houses and the Margalla Hills overlooking them all combine to turn the clock back.

Having been cuddled up in the comfy lap of the Margallas for centuries, the village provides a vivid account of what it actually used to be in yesteryears, long before Islamabad came into being through a photo museum set up inside the renovated temple.

Aptly put by Imran Naeem of Daily Times

With some eateries around .. plan a visit this weekend with your family :> The weather’s at your side too ~

See more pics of the village by clicking here.

Wait not .. jump into Saidpur asap – at your own expense obviously ;)

Islamabad in 2010

A view drafted by CDA … !

What do you think of so much construction? Ideas, critique, suggestions most welcome.

Click on link given above to see tooltips on the image correctly .

Faisal Chowk – Flyover View

The Faisal Chowk flyover view that’s in process of building up in beginning of blue area right next to the Mighty Centaurus :)

Looks Good, eh ??

The fast-changing skyline of Islamabad

For years, a bank building at Zero Point stood majestically as the most impressive in the town but that status has now been taken away by structures and landmarks that dot the Islamabad skyline today.

Massive development has seen several new buildings come up while other more stylish and mighty buildings are being built with a promise to make the capital look truly modern in the years to come.

Kalimah e Tayyaba’s script

Kalimah e Tayyaba's script on face of Presidency

Few days while looking at the presidency, I was wondering there’s something changed and I figured out the green-ness in background of Kalimah e Tayyaba. Laters, I came to know of a fresher look applied … script of Kalmah e Tayyaba adorning the face of Parliament House’s now changed.

Can’t say about the spirits inside and around though …!

Image Courtesy: Dawn

Yaadgar e Shuhadaa IT IS

So the national monument of Pakistan we were discussing is now named as Yaadgar e Shuhadaa. Now that the amount mentioned previously id gone with the wind, we are left with appreciating it only, as in case of the white elephant of Islamabad, yes the Convention center.

Celebrations?? Of What??

Honestly, I didn’t knew they intended to do fireworks too on inaugural of this thing, but it looks good in night, isn’t it? I saw it the other night, looked really exuberant :>

National Monument of Pakistan READY

National Monument 1
In accordance with 23rd march, Just tried to give it a GREENER look :-)

It’s the national Monument atlast completed by now.

BTW, I was wondering are NATIONAL MONUMENTS created as an after-thought or what?? (if someone can throw light on the phenomena :>)

Anyways, the monument’s being built for rs 427 million following president’s directives.

A country where 75% are living below the line of poverty – we spend 427 mn on useless artifacts — as if WE CARE!!!

President General Pervez Musharraf will inaugurate this newly constructed national monument at Shakarparian on 23rd March.

The monument has been designed to reflect the culture and civilisation of the country and also depicts the story of the Pakistan Movement.


World Trade Center?!?!?

UAE-based Al-Ghurair Giga Group, a real estate developer in the Gulf, would construct World Trade Center in Islamabad.The largest commercial centre project in Pakistan will be launched in Phase-II of Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Islamabad.

The Foreign Direct Invest by the UAE Group is expected to contribute in country’s foreign reserves and also create thousands of employment opportunities. There will be luxury residential suits, offices and shopping centers, restaurants and play areas in the World Trade Centre


28-02-07_0956.jpgDid you know that it took ten million bricks to build the Empire State Building? Did you know that residents of the John Hancock Center sometimes have to call down to the doorman to find out the weather on the streets below? Did you know a building in Dubai is planned to be nearly one half mile high?

From the the Empire State Building to the Chrysler Building, to the Sears and Hancock Towers, to the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, to the World Trade Center, lies all the drama, excitement, and tragedy of man’s attempt to reach ever closer to the clouds. Skyscraper are a history in themselves of ambition, science, and curiosity, beginning with their origins at the Pyramid of Giza and the Eiffel Tower and then moving to New York (the skyscraper capital of the world), Chicago, Boston, and finally to the skyward expansion that is spreading across the globe.

The current technology in this field is advancing so rapidly that engineers literally stack one floor on top of others through the huge internal mounted cranes, which sometimes push the floor count to two floors a week

Islamabad is probably just entering the skyscraper era with new buildings lined up under construction. However my obeservation is that the speed of construction is pathetically slow. For example, in the case of Islamabad Stock Exchange, which happens to be right in my neighbourhood. Over a period of five months, I haven’t noticed much upward movement.

Can someone share some of their experiences on what’s going on in there?

Faisal Masjid

My house in Islamabad is just a KM from faisal masjid, so close that i can see the minarets from my living room window, yet i never had the pleasure of offering prayers there.

Until last friday.

The first thing that comes to mind, just as soon as you enter the boundaries, is just how BIG the place is. Beautiful white marble everywhere, with fountains lining every side, the entrance to this wonderful mosque is breathtaking. Then you enter the main chamber, and again the word which comes to mind is, HUGE! The huge chandelier right in the middle, surrounded by a string of lights, the gently sloping walls which meet at the top, the caligraphy on the front walls behind the imam, all bring a sense of granduer which is very unique to this one place. After prayers, we took a round of the grounds, and even though the fountains were off, they still looked amazing.

This is definately one experience no one should miss when in Islamabad!

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