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This season of Coke studio to many was very disappointing but there were certain artists that stood out for example the collaboration of Overload’s Meesha Shafi with Arif Lohar and the amazing delivery of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s “Mori Araj suno” by Tina Sani. But out of all the artists featured, Abida Parveen to me stood out. The second I found out that she was going to be a feature in this season, I was very very excited because I grew up listening to her and to see the house band giving the music to her voice was a very exciting prospect, and she didn’t disappoint, she was a star in so many more ways than the term.

This song is from the last episode that aired today. This song moved me in ways that I have never been moved listening to anything. Her strong vocal tone can easily jitter you and send shivers down spines. This is the definition of love :)

This is brilliant.

In the Fatima Jinnah Park

I went to the F-10 park Megazone last night for a bowling session with a colleague. It’s always good to have a little recreation when you’re stressed out and have things in your head which keep pinching you from time to time.

It wasn’t the first time I was going there, so I had a wee bit of experience in rolling that heavy ball down the alley, and hence was confident that I would be able to get a few spares or, if I were lucky, full strike outs. Although there were quite a lot of cars in the parking lot, relatively fewer people could be seen inside Megazone, which is surprising actually because I cannot imagine people having a fun time walking around in this humid weather in the park! But it wasn’t as cool as it should be in Megazone too, probably because of the fact that they’re not entirely running their systems on generators or other energy saving/generating devices.

But before me and my partner started our bowling session, I spent some time looking at a group of little children in sparkling white uniforms and belts of various colors around their waists running about in circles, kicking soft pads, and jumping through rings of fire! Oh yes, these were little karatekas training to become warriors, to get fit, or just to have a good time. All their movements were properly coordinated and they moved in synchrony on their instructors commands. What I loved most about the entire scene was the way they came running towards their instructor when they were called, bowed obediently all together and shouted “Osu”, and then got in the fighting ready stance with their feet shoulder width apart and their fist lowered in front of them. Seeing such discipline and coordination in little children whom one usually expects to NOT listen to whatever their elders have to say was very satisfying.

Here’s a picture of the kids standing in a line and kicking a soft pad which their instructor is holding. It’s obvious that I had to keep my distance to avoid getting hit by those powerful blows:


After their kicking and punching and kata session was over, it was time for them to practice extra skills. First their instructors made them jump through a metallic ring with a mattress in front of it for them to safely land on. Then they put the ring on fire and made the kids jump through it! Here’s a picture of one of them preparing to jump through the firey ring. A bit blurry, but I guess you can see what’s going on:


I talked to one of the junior instructors about what art they were teaching. He wasn’t familiar with most of the ‘technical’ karate terms I was talking about, so I asked him in plain Urdu. He told me that their head instructor was a 3rd Dan in Shotokan, a popular form of karate being taught in our country. Karate types like Shotokan stress on repetition, practice, and the importance of kata (a series of movements which are thought of as an encyclopedia of combat). A few older people were there practicing too, but the class was largely dominated by children.

For most people, martial arts are mostly about kicking and punching and maiming your opponent in a variety of clever ways. But above all, it is all about discipline, compassion, patience, balance, harmony, and peace. Teaching your children these important things can be the most valuable gift you can give to your child. So I would definitely encourage sending your children to a good martial arts school in the city. And I would love to see more of these sprouting up in the capital.

Enlightened History

The Lights Come on at Saidpur Village – March 2009, originally uploaded by swami bhaktividenta prabhupaada.

A trip to Saidpur Village is like heading back into history – a narrow winding road leading up to the landmark Hindu temple at its entrance, stacks of hay, terraced mud houses and the Margalla Hills overlooking them all combine to turn the clock back.

Having been cuddled up in the comfy lap of the Margallas for centuries, the village provides a vivid account of what it actually used to be in yesteryears, long before Islamabad came into being through a photo museum set up inside the renovated temple.

Aptly put by Imran Naeem of Daily Times

With some eateries around .. plan a visit this weekend with your family :> The weather’s at your side too ~

See more pics of the village by clicking here.

Wait not .. jump into Saidpur asap – at your own expense obviously ;)

Art and Activism: NO to Violence

Nomad Gallery & UNIFEM-Pakistan cordially invite you to the opening reception of

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence

November 25th – December 10, 2008

Exhibition of Graphics and Photography by: K. B. Abro & Altamash Kamal

Ms Kishwar Naheed, eminent poet and activist will inaugurate the exhibition on November 25 at 5.00 pm. (sorry for delayed post :))


Nomad Gallery
House#22, Justice Abdul Rashid Road, F/6/1, Islamabad Tel: 0512273725



Such an aesthetic installment, isn’t it?

Image Courtesy: Hanif Khattak

Said Pur Village

Loved the pic … thought to share on Islamabad Metblogs.


Folk Music: Lok Virsa

IMG_8025, originally uploaded by mafimushkala.

Himmat marda’an =))

Pakistan day Parade

While the nation was(barely celebrating) the Pakistan’s day this last Sunday, I for the first time in my life got a chance to see the Parade live ( although I lived in the air force community for over 20 years now).
For the past several years I had started to get disinterested in the show but theres always something about this showcasing of the ceremonial aspect of this military which is very inspiring and brings out the patriotic spirit in almost everyone, including me.
I had wished to see the parade live for several years and it was this year that my wish was granted.The president of Pakistan himself invited me to the Parade so I just had to go!!! :P (See pic below).


The whole ceremony was just awesome from the entrance of the president, the fly past of the Air Chief with afterburners on his F-16, to the skydiving and then the folding of the flag.
Although many of us may not like the military but you cant deny that they are the most disciplined unit in the country. And discipline is what we need the most in our chaotic lives. The aircraft acrobatic team of T-37 Shirdils displayed some awesome skill on their aircraft while working as a team and performing each move with accuracy and to perfection.
The parade not only shows the military might of the country but it also shows that we are becoming self-reliant and are making advanced military products. Which not only serve our purpose but can also help us in earning foreign exchange.
Missiles like Shaheen II, Tanks like Babar and the newly developed aircraft JF-17 clearly shows the forward thinking of the country and its quest for making its self stand on its own feet.

The Good Doctor’s Coming

‘The person who tries to live alone will not succeed as a human being. His heart withers if it does not answer another heart. His mind shrinks away if he hears only the echoes of his own thoughts and finds no other inspiration.’

Pearl S. Buck

Orlando Bloom of metro-theatrical scene, Osman Khalid Butt, is coming to rock you again with a new flick: The Good Doctor.

In papers and elsewhere, for a month, teasers were in circulation .. some stating The Pain is Love and others You Shouldn’t Let Love Get to Your Head.


Misleadingly leading to the story :-) … how, go figure and that too very soon.

In a Daily Times report, published just recently, the theme telling goes like this:

Filled with passion, gut-wrenching drama and intrigue, the theatrical play, The Good Doctor, is set to enthrall the audience as it traces its macabre tale of ambition, explosive jealousies and a most powerful love.

The love story will be unveiled from 26th of October to 8th of November in Islamabad Club Auditorium. Tickets can be bought from Illusions or Islamabad Club.


live Concert in islamabad!

A concert of Sufi Qalam by Arieb Azhar held in Lok Virsa, Open Air Theater earlier this month.

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