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Bu-Bye (for now)

Anyone up for some barf ;)

Anyone up for some barf ;)

the picture suggests that heat is scorching at the moment in beautiful Islamabad.  And the girl is not so happy about having her ice lolly being shared ;)

Stay cool everyone.

As for me .. this journey at IMB was absolute fun … but I guess its bye-bye time now that I lingered on for some time ;) Will see you when hit Isloo again Inshah Allah .. and the occasional hello hi’s ^_^   2.5 years here were helluva good …  IMB will stay close to my heart  .. yup the drama queen thingy. And IMB gals and guys .. when I come back .. we’ll have a grand meet up :)

Until then ….

Goodbye for now

ps: hoping people are as active to help IDPsof swat, malakand divison and buner as they were during earthquake days.

Attack on Sri Lankan Cricket Team: Murder of International Cricket

Bullet on Sri Lankan Team's Bus

Bullet on Sri Lankan Team's Bus

Shocking news surrounded us yesterday. Despite the on-going turbulence in country, I don’t think this cricket-loving nation could have imagined a well-planned, highly-armed attack on a guest team. Sri Lankan team decided to come and play in Pakistan, as a friendly gesture, when all other teams refused.

Luckily, the sri lankans escaped life loss apart from few injuries. But five policemen and a bus driver could not succumb to the injuries and died. Reserve Umpire, Ahsan Raza, is still in critical condition.

As usual, government is avoiding to take responsibility of this huge security lapse, at all costs. Rehman Malik’s press conference last night was an evidence.

What I, and almost every concerned Pakistani, refuses to see is how come 12 attackers, armed with Kalashnikov, Grenades and Rocket Launchers, attack a bus for 15-20 minutes and no one comes to cover the scene? If media can reach the scene within minutes; why can’t rangers, commandos or even PAF’s fighter jets could have reached? In broad day-light attackers even achieved the cumbersome task to escape the scene unscathed; still no signs of security forces. Considering the liberty chowk’s plan, it was not a difficult task at all to encircle the attackers in that sphere. If for president or prime minister’s visit, the whole route can be pre-monitored for any unusual activity, wasn’t it the responsibility of the govt. to take such initiatives in this case too? Undoubtedly, the policemen did their job well. But at the cost of 6 precious lives. The ratio of 6:0 tell scores about security forces abilities and that of attackers.

International cricket’s been murdered in Pakistan now, officially. Who’d like to come to this land of pure irresponsibility now? As Teeth Maestro wrote yesterday that I see stadiums turning into plots now …!

May the nation stand united, Amen! The string’s getting tighter day-by-day. Blame game with more hopelessness continues. This is plainly frustrating.

Image Courtesy: Time

Stuck in a Traffic Jam on Islamabad Expressway

Yesterday I left Islamabad to go to Rawalpindi around 6:45 pm. It normally takes me 35-40 minutes (before the Expressway it used to take me 40-45 minutes) to get home. The journey was smooth. We covered the distance till the ‘Unity Discipline Faith’ hill fine. But then came the big jam. Traffic was blocked from there all the way to the ‘chowk’ from where one turns towards the airport. My Dad was driving but I was the one having a headache. Those few kilometers were covered in about an hour. I was wondering why in the world were we stuck in a traffic jam on such a ‘wide’ road (Expressway). Nothing came to mind and nor could we find a reason when we finally got out of that jumble of cars. I reached home at 8:15 pm.

Time to go home is near once again and I am having jitters just by thinking about yesterday’s traffic jam. I don’t want to meet the same fate again and I don’t want that dreadful headache. I want the Expressway to be ‘free’ of such bottlenecks. Let’s see how the Expressway treats me on today’s journey home. I am keeping my fingers crossed. :-D

Marriott, ETC: Economical Blow

The 9/20 incident Islamabad witnessed on Saturday eve was a severe blow not only for Marriott hotel and the employees working in it. The adjacent Evacuee Trust Complex aka STP2 (Software Technology Park), housing a large number of software houses and banks, faced the sudden blow head-on too. Though in news its mostly about frontier house and other ministerial buildings … media is largely neglecting the STP2 Complex. Which is going to cause much larger Economical blow than the Frontier or Baluchistan houses. They were not housing businesses. Important large businesses.

Thankfully it was a Saturday eve otherwise the causalities in ETC may have gone exponentially high. Even now … around 6-10 deaths and 20+ injured are reported in ETC. The fate is still undecided. temporarily offices are being shifted but they can’t work from home for months to come. Cold assumptions are … without regarding structural miscarriages the building authorities will give OK to move back in. A social dilemma. We condemn the sad demises later on but value them NOT when they are alive.

Here’s a pictorial overview of what Marriott and ETC has faced.

An aerial view taken from an army helicopter shows the devastated Marriott Hotel two days after a suicide truck bombing in Islamabad on September 22, 2008.  Courtesy: AFP PHOTO/Aamir QURESHI


Please share your views? What steps should be taken NOW? How to fight this evil of terrorism?

Also how this continuous economical attacks can be fought? If you were a victim of this 9/20 attack, in any way, what steps your company has taken to ensure your safety?

Please refrain from personal attacks … Share the positive energy … that’s what we need right now.

More Reads and PicS:

9/20: Lets Get Safe Ourselves!

Not 18 hours completed and what do we see here? The Prime Minister and President of Pakistan desserts the capital city, Islamabad, for safe waters. At times like this when elsewhere premier of countries cancel their trips and return home. Ours thought the catastrophe done is normal. So, why fuss over a thing that’s not going to stop? So lets visit USA and meet Mr. Bush!

Blackness everywhere!Well actually its all normal, isn’t it? When things happen daily … it comes in normal range, No? Be it Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Bajaur, Anguur Ada or any place else. … after yet again few promises of we are with you sir in YOUR War Against Terrorism. Even if we’ll have to risk Pakistan (and that we’re doing) … we won’t stray away from our promises. Though promises are not hadith or quran. But a promise with Uncle Sam can’t be compromised on. We’ll sacrifice our kids, our men, our women. Let’s make the whole world a 9/11 … to fight thy war of terrorism.

The president who claims, during his fumbled up speech, god-knows-what … must be happily flying in a plane right now. He couldn’t bother paying the site a visit or sympathizing with the poor – common Pakistanis suffering in hospitals. And for our dear Prime Minister … attending a iftaar party in Lahore was much much important.

We are a proud nation! We bicker a lot and we blame each other. We can’t even think straight … act is a totally different story.

Isn’t it high time, govt show some steel in their necks? Take some stern decisions and ACT. Fight the war … but protect your own territories. If I and You can tell who did this … why can’t the govt? FGS. Take your own people into confidence. Stop war on your own people. Start digging for facts please … and Seriously … act before its too late. Though I’m not too sure if its already late or not.

But then these are my opinions … you are free to share your own. Your own theories … and some plan of action if you can suggest would be highly welcome.

I DID whine here … but I know whining would yield nothing. Its time to act.

ps: In case you haven’t watched the CCTV footage earlier released … clickety. Seemingly there was lot of time … but nothing could be done to save this huge terrorist attack.

I am Tired of Brown Islamabad

As if all those fluyovers and under-passes were not enough.

A few of them totally useless, needless to say now.

Instead of spending billions on Faisal Chowk flyover, I’m quite sure a roundabout would’ve done the job. I dont see a signal-free zone still.

I’m really tired of this brownish muddy face of islamabad. I want the green lush isloo back.

And yeah, Zero point’s interchange is on its way to some dig-dig already.

So we get a new President

Asif Ali Zardari …. Argh ...

He just have to shift from PM House to Presidency now.

Wonder if the nation would be doing what he’s doing in the picture? =\

So, jiyyay Bhutto? Allah save te country now … I wonder how many months it’ll take to have the whole country sold .. you think it can be done in Days?

We get what we deserved. But I hope our doings dont wipe the efforts of our forefathers.

Is this My Pakistan?

It was a blissful thought since past few months when no explosions (major ones  and consecutive at least) were heard of. But not any longer. The war on innocents is back. Bloodshed begun. Its becoming harder day-by-day to think that its the same peaceful surroundings where I opened my eyes and lived through all these year.


The larger target in Islamabad was the security forces. But they (the unknown) are not ready to forgive the innocent either (children including) as seen in Karachi’s furious 7 blasts.


 What makes me even more furious is when our leaders and government officials come on-air, show their grievances by issuing petty statements as:

 “Mulziman ko kefar e kirdar tak pohnchaya jayega” .

“Hum in bomb dhamakon ki Muzamat kartay hain” .

Oh hello, we are here waiting for some POSITIVE RESULT-BEARING solutions to be implemented. So that a common Pakistani can feel secure and at peace. Sadly, a Pakistani has enough crises and economical burdens to worry about.

Omer on LMB has a story to tell of an expat who survived by fate in Islamabad’s Melody center bomb blast. Karachi Metblogs briefs on 7/7 and the 7 explosions :<


Renaming: Pakistani Culture

When someone dies, someone important actually I and you are of no value, what is the first step taken??


Almost there – yes rename some famous place in honour of that Martyred (by no means I’m trying to ridicule someone who is dead but Get Some Life, No?). Here the Govt is hers truly too … I wonder why they waited for 21st june (Pinky’s bday to do this mass-scale renamings).

Benazir BhuttoSo to date the order of lord is to rename Islamabad Airport, Rawalpindi general Hospital (RGH)  and the-oh-so-famous-and-pindi’s Murree road after Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto.

You may be thinking why am I having problems on this decision. To me its kind of obscene to change the decades old names to suddenly a new name. Well, we are in the process of building new roads and avenues … why not name them after her or anyone of your choice?? Huh? You say what?

I wonder how long it’d take the next govt to take these orders back….!

Read more on BBC and DT.

The New Era: Light Age

thank you iesco, originally uploaded by tango 48.


The fight continues.

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