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PTCL launches new packages OR finds a new way to rip us off!

PTCL recently launched three brand new packages for its consumers. But where every other telco in the country is slashing its call rates and finding other ways to make money, PTCL has actually increased its rates! While almost brilliant in their design, the new packages can and will inflate your telephone bill quite a bit so be prepared for a hefty setback at the end of this month if you use your PTCL line at all.

Here’s how.

Before, each call used to cost Rs. 2. Even now, each call costs Rs. 2. But before, one call used to be for 5 minutes, before you were charged for another call. They have conveniently taken the call duration down to 2 minutes. Meaning that call charges per minute have increased by almost 150%! from 40 paisa’s per minute to 1 rupee.
And that’s not all. Sometime ago, off peak calls were metered at 1 hour! Meaning that you could talk for an hour for just Rs. 4. This went into effect after 4 PM all the way upto 7 AM. They’ve changed that, and now off peak calls are charged Rs. 2 again… but now only for 4 minutes and only between 9 PM to 8 AM.

This means an increase of 400% in per minute call charges, up from 0.06 paisa’s per minute to 0.25 paisas.

How’s that for a punch in the face? With electricity, wheat, oil and gas prices going up so.. basic telephony now follows suit.

By the way, the much criticized Pakistan package also got a little revamp, with its 5000 minutes monthly limit cut down down to 2500 minutes, essentially making these calls 100% more expensive. (You get half the value in Rs. 200 now than you did before).

Does this mean a new trend will start emerging in the telecom industry? Leading to higher call charges in the name of new packages?


All existing users have again been ’shifted’ to the new packages automatically. So much for having a say in how we want to be served…

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By Mansoor

Power Breakdown Hits

According to news sources:
A 500 KV power transmission line has been tripped in Gati area of Muzzafargarh this morning. Resulting in shut down of Tarbela, Mangla and Ghazi Brotha power houses. Power supply to several cities of Punjab and Islamabad has been suspended.

Wapda says they are trying to resolve this breakdown in few hours time.

Aur bhi Gham hain zamanay may ….


I was going through my picture archives when I stumbled upon this one^^. Taken on the Valentine’s day (as the picture suggests itself). Ironically, the long queue of people are not stuck by Cupid’s arrow. It’s the subsidized flour and oil, from utility store, they are after.

What a Contrast ….!

It’s taken in one of those posh localities of Islamabad where people to this side of board had to be queued up for basic food necessities of life and on the other side of shaped board they were enjoying luxurious food … spending thousands with no fear of tomorrow.

Reminds me of this I read couple of years back …

ہم  کو  میسر   نہیں    مٹی   کا   دیا     بھی

گھر پیرکا بجلی کے چراغوں سے ہے روشن

Lahore Bleeds … Pakistan Bleeds

FIA building in Lahore Islamabad is equally sad at the suicide bombings and turbulent unrest in Lahore today. Lahore is the heart of Pakistan and at its bleeding … I’ve no words to express my sorrow …!

May Allah bless the souls who had to leave the world this way … and the many (150+ today) be brave enough to cope with life from this day onwards.

At the same time when I’m beaten at this … least to mention the usual outcries.

Where’s the war on terror?

More on BBC.

Picture courtesy BBC.

Awaam aur Hakoomat – Expense Sheet

Expenses of awaam and Hakoomat in pakistan

Analyze yourself … the ground realities and the all-promising economic progressive trends we are being shown on different tv channels everyday.

Kaheen duur jab din dhal jaayay ….

Sky splashed with color,
At dusk.
Soft hues blend together
To create a silent painting.
A crescendo of golden rays
Sweep the sky.
Subtle expressions;
Fade behind the distant clouds.
Nature holds its breath,
As the sun,
Slowly and silently,
Slinks below the horizon,
And the sky is left;
Featureless and dark.

Isn’t it so …!

One-Wheelers – Thrill or Invitation to Doom?

One wheeling Thrill

At night, roads of Islamabad buzz-up with sounds of one-wheeling. Though this is a day capture where the youth, oblivious of dangers, tries his hands on pulling the bike up; mocking at the face of Life (and authorities).

How do you see these adventures in life?? Have you ever done so?? If you get a chance of one-wheeling on a bike or zig-zagging the path on a car – would you be a part of it??

Image Courtesy: Dawn

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