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Eid Milad un Nabbi & Us

Kamran Channa shared this picture on TrekEarth. Citing:

My wife and I were visiting the National Monument at Shakarparian in Islamabad. Just as it was time for the ‘Maghrib’ prayer and we could hear the Adhan (call for prayer), this gentleman who was previously sitting on the bench and enjoying the lights at the monument, got up and started saying his prayer on the bench while facing west.

I was quite amazed by the devotion of that man. Hope you like the shot.

Today the sun to 12th Rabbi ul Awal dawns (aka Eid Milad u Nabbi). The day … Hadhrat Muhammad SAWW arrived in this world. The day the cause of this world’s creation arrived. Apart from the usual festivities and lightened up buildings … How far are we going to follow his Sunnah; the path to righteous peace!

Should be a day of thinking and prayers … May we stay put on right path in our doings. Day to day doings.

And Happy Good Friday, Holi and Probably Nauroze to our Christian, Hindu and Parsi brethern.



Metroblogging Experience

As mansoor already announced about the New Look. I’d like to mention a few more things here :-)

1. You need to log in to comment. So hurry up make an account with us. This account will be valid to comment on all metroblogging sites.

2. Plz report any bugs you encounter. Share user experience in this post.

3. Links in old posts are currently broken. Its a known issue and we are working on it :-)

About the new look, LA says.

ps: Due to DNS propagation, you may have difficulties in seeing updated MBs of some cities.

Humaray Paas No 1 Police Station hay, Aapkay Paas Kiya Hay?

Read this newspiece in Daily Times and I almost laughed :-)

Well, nothing to laugh actually – Bad Bad ME !!

For the first time in Pakistan, National Police Bureau (NPB) commemorated the “Police Station Visitors Week” . Ours, Shalimar Police Station, scored highest among the twelve participating stations of Pakistan in this organised globally by Altus Global Alliance.

Baghdad-ul-Jadeed and Cantt police stations from Bahawalpur got second and third positions respectively. They winners were awarded shields later on.

The visitors filled in individual questionnaires. They discussed their perceptions of the five categories, which were: community orientation, physical conditions, equitable treatment of the public, transparency and accountability, and detention conditions.

The 12 participating police stations in Pakistan received an aggregate score of 57.64 out of 100. The visitors rated the police stations as adequate in the category of community orientation (62.84), transparency and accountability (61.672) and physical conditions (49.66). However, detention conditions were considered inadequate.

Boosting step taken … hoping that it goes on and the circle increases …!

Begging or Art?

I’ve seen this man plenty of times enthralling (and annoying a few too*) by playing harmonium in Islamabad. He has an art and he want to live by playing his art for people around. Can you guess the place??

It’s the corridor adjacent to MCB in Melody Market. I saw the picture and liked it instantly … for many amongst us, it’s just another begging tactic … but he plays well and you can feel the purity of his skills deeply if you stand for a few minutes and listen to what he has to offer. Begging, may be, but I personally feel he’s better off than those who’ll roam around and will annoy you so much that you hand over few coins just to shun them off – give something and here comes another. Poverty is prevalent, I know, but not once or twice many a time, I’ve felt that for road beggars it’s more about asking and not doing any physical work at all. Offer them work they’ll move to next person.

The asterisked annoying in first line is for people who think he’s just another beggar.

What do you think?? Is he just another beggar?? Or you see him in different light??


We hit the 1000’s

And it's still growing

Almost 1 year and 4 months since we kicked off with Islamabad Metroblogging and here goes the first landmark in our history – the 1000th Post :-)

Thanks to all the frivolous authors here and not to forget the participations from YOUR side :> It’s something that’s keeping us alive and it’s something that’ll push us to achieve other landmarks in future too, Inshah Allah.

Keep coming from across the globe — we’re counting you and we’re cherishing every move of yours :>

If you’ve certain ideas and suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by following this link or clicking Suggest a story in the Sidebar.

And further, if you are interested in writing for us and you reside in Islamabad, essentially. Please follow the same links to contact us ((It’s appreciated if you’re a blogger and you are updating your blog regularly for at least 2-3 months time))

Ciao and Congratulations IMB – once again.

/* Emotional Scene Ends Now */

Nominating Abdus Satar Edhi For Noble Prize

Details on how to …

Islamabad’s 1st Gift: The Metamorphosis

This post is about Islamabad’s first gift to the world. For all other gifts posted, check out here. For an aggregation of world’s gifts to the world, check out here.

Since the topic is haphazard, so will the post as it is – the combined efforts of all the [busy] authors :), please excuse that.

Jaded share her passions:

Through my age of living here, and with all the things I’ve taken for granted I’ve never been able to quite understand what it is about Islamabad that makes it home. If I was a person of fancy, (And I am) I would say there is something in the air, a magic or a spell that seems to weave an aura of ever-change, never constant in the city.

But maybe you will see it only if you’ve lived here. There are still time zones here; past, present and future, each holding its own remarkable view. The lush greens, and large organized blocks of residence that still hold the quiet secrets of an era of security and calm that became the identifying feature of the city as we know it. Come forward to the areas that have grown in front of you and me, to see roads meandering past homes that resemble the Roman Forum or abode of the Greek Pantheon that signal the new beginnings of Islamabad architecture complemented by the splendor of buildings going mile high along the wide Quaid-e-Azam Avenue leading now to what is being projected as the face of the new futuristic Islamabad, the Centaurus.

All debates aside, the point remains that Islamabad in its own way is in perpetual motion. See its beautiful face and you will see contradictions within it even in terms of the people and the place it identifies. It is the crossroads where you will see people coming in from rural and urban centers around the country with their own cultures, languages and lifestyles and notice them amalgamate into the uniqueness that is Islamabad alone.

For me, there is no other city that holds within it so much and yet, continues to have room for more, opening its heart and mind to change, to new things and new people and still hug its own delicious secrets to itself.

The most beautiful thing about Islamabad is that it most beautifully amalgmates the eastern values alongwith the western corporate culture. The city has changed a lot in the last forty years, of which the last 20 years I have witnessed myself. Islamabad, what once was what could be quoted as Oscar Wilde’s heavenly crave for nature, with soundless yet full-of-nature natural life is now the combined

Moods of Islamabad - I

Backpacker count Islamabad’s assets rationally:

Islamabad is “Intriguing” in many ways from the moment you step into the city. The city is known for its “Serene” atmosphere. However contrary to many myths, it is always bustling with “Life”. For a person like me it offers a lot of opportunities for “Adventure” sports. Besides having a great outback it also has the “Magic” of a cosmopolitam city. Being the Captial of Pakistan it’s an “Abode” to a large number of expatriate population, and not to forget the “Basecamp” of all foriegn expeditions comming to Pakistan. Due to its distinct “Aura” as compared to other cities, living in Islamabad is a “Dream” for many.

Phil says with a witty touch:

With the winters coming in Gas heaters are the soul of Islamabad ; )

… Gas Heater’s are not only the ‘joy’ of winter’s in Islamabad, but they add to the subtle uniqueness of the city which can only glorify these ingenious ‘contraptions’. They are so to say, the inspiration of life in a few cases too :)

Moods of Islamabad - 2

A for Apple goes all emotional:

Islamabad is a city of dead for people coming in from Lahore and Karachi … for a bred-in soul like me it’s more than home to me – it’s an un-detachable part of my life …!

I strongly believe that the soul of this city is totally unmatchable … this is one city where you can find a spot to cater every mood of yours … this city has the quality to reflect moods and feelings of real human beings not the cars and machines … even the seasons echo emotions … winters (nostalgia strikes) … autumns (tranquility stays) … summers (dreams nourish)… springs (life blooms) … every season giving way to live your life …!

Whenever I’m out of the city and return to my home … words of “Islamabad – The Beautiful” and “Welcome to Islamabad” gives an untold pleasure and it’s an always feeling …!

It’s a city that has grown and lived to 40 yrs mark … becoming mature with every passing day … offering more than serenity and tranquility … offering REAL LIFE that only a true Islooitte can understand … there’s some magic in this city … it makes you addicted to its charms and you never want to leave … it’s not a city to me … it’s my home … my addiction (apart from Tea ;-)) … whether it be the mountains … skies … lake … flowers or even roads of this city … they call on me … and I’m becoming more and more addicted to it … with every passing day … An year back when tragedy hit the city … and beloved Pakistan … it shook us all … and I wish and pray that the love and passion I saw in people, in those days stay for you Islamabad and for Pakistan and for every city and town of Pakistan …I Love You Islamabad … May you stay Green … Beautiful … Progressive … Happy … Blooming … Amen!

Update: Thanks to A for Apple for compiling the pictures.

Rains, Clouds & You

Oh for almost two days, Its raining cats and dogs – Islamabad is even more chillier now … with fantastic views to witness … clouds hovering not only at the mount tops but it’s an all-sky-cloudy- haven … !

View D' Islamabad in rainSince, morning I was wishing that be it Saturday I’d have enjoyed fully … but nevertheless at office I started off with Parathas with Tea breakfast from back khokha : ) Apart from abundant oil … it was yummy but it makes you sluggish too – so never eat parathas if you’ve office to go and most importantly work to do ;)

Though, now by Lunch time I want to go to Pir Sohawa to enjoy the feeling of cloudiness with Halwa Purri … Lolz … In the morning as I stepped out of my home – I was in full mood to do some photography (my newest craze) but then in a hurry I forgot the cam … and now I’m wishing and wishing …!

Isloo Mounts covered avec Clouds

If I sum up … This is the right season and day to enjoy all desi delights as parathas, halwa puurri … blah blah … to hike around (beware of mud) … to enjoy the soul of Islamabad …!

What About You … How’d You Want To Enjoy this Rainy Winters Season … (even if you are in other parts of Pakistan or even far away in world)???


Weekly Overview (28th Nov ~ 4th Dec)

This past week was eventful, not only for Islamabad, but for the complete Metroblogging Bunch … Many cities participated enthusiastically in this idea to present the world with 7 GIFTS the CITY has in offering.

Islamabad had already presented 2 gifts last week, this week, A for apple came up with the 5th Gift: Vital Signs – Pop Muzic Gurus of Pakistan, 4th Gift was presented by Talha and it was the architectural and mystic marvels of Faisal Mosque, 3rd Gift was the Rich Historic Background of this region offered to the world by backpacker … Ustad Rustam came up with an interesting gift too as a 2nd offering … it was the all-seasonal delights of Islamabadfirst GIFT is yet to be offered … so STAY TUNED !!!!

Apart from the gifts tale, Backpacker came up with such an interesting post on Moonlit Nights (if I’m not mistaken he asked us all to stay tuned for 5th December Moon … I wonder if amidst heavy non-stop rains we’d be able to see that moon) … he also mentioned about an upcoming Hot Air Ballooning event … if you are interested then hook up for this one …!

Ustad Rustam was gone crazy after Audi’s and Lotuses this week … and Gosh amazing captures he took … you can have a quick glance too (in case you have missed them moving around on Isloo roads – BTW do they ; > ) … Audi RoadsterLotus … and in this passion he won this where’s this Road # 2 quiz too – Bravo :>

Phil came up with his Gig Idea he got some real nice suggestions let’s see if he’s the next Big Show-Man : ) … and this lovely introduction to Ronald and Co.’s arrival in F-9 Park (debatable though ; ))

A for apple briefed the viewers into how Islamabad looked when honourable Hu Jintao came to meet us then she took us all to Pakistan Horticulture Society’s arranged Autumn Flowers and Chrysanthemum Exhibition … the start of winters was shouted out by her too … Let the Blessed Rains come in : )

So this is for this week – See ya next week again – stay tuned … same time … same channel … eeeps … blog ; ) – I hope my Weekly overviews are not TOO LONG – If they’re point me out

Weekly Overview

OK this review should’ve come earlier today but does it harm if you’ll get this one a bit late on Monday :~)

This week we saw some real thrilling pieces on Metroblog Islamabad … Go Grab the world just like that :)

Jaded put forward Islooittes’ reservations over Dignitary encounters in her Of Premiers, Horses and Men post

Then, came backpacker with his Romantic Avenue overview and showed shoppers coming to city the marvel of G-9 Markaz aka Karachi Company …!

Phil told us about this 3-4-5 event while Talha reminded Islooitte’s of 3-4-5 start up which later Fuzz reviewed nicely …!

Ustad Rustam came up with very valid points regarding essentiality of Counseling in youngster years …! While Ghalia is on look for courageous souls in Islamabad :) OK she had to suffer from Ill-ness at hospital too …

A for Apple had a picturesque insight into Rif’s cafĂ© while Jaded joined me in Thai Yums Yums to share eating experiences … while she went ahead on finding this road in Islamabad too …!

From Sunday Islamabad joined in the Metroblogging gang in showing the world 7 Gifts it can offer … 7th Gift by Islamabad to the world was given by Jaded while backpacker gave the world the key to Paradise through his 6th gift More will come this week … Stay Tuned all this week …!

You can keep track of GIFTS by other cities worldwide through Markland’sthis post too …!

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