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Blast in Islamic university…

How sad.


Asma – the persistent fuel and the captain of Islamabad metblogs – got married on the 31st of January 2009.

Apart from being a totally passionate and an enthusiastic blogger, she’s one of the finest person I’ve ever come across.

May Almighty bless her and help her in this new journey of life.


3 Years of Metroblogging

Islamabad MB is 3 years Old

The baby who ventured off in 2005’s one cold morning has already started kicking arms and legs now. Yup the baby is old enough to give you a severe headache ;)

Islamabad Meblogs is celebrating Third Birthday.

Oh my gosh … time is flying real fast.

Wishing you a long long post-ful journey ahead.

Keep Kicking.

We love all of you who keep on making us post more and more.


Islamabad MB’s authors

My Life Journey:

Earthquake Relief for Balochistan

A powerful earthquake has hit different parts of Balochistan this morning. The current confirmed death toll is 165 and thousands of people have been injured who have been shifted to local hospitals. Thousands of homes have been completely destroyed leaving at least 15,000 people homeless in extremely harsh cold weather.

According to Ziarat’s mayor:

“There is great destruction. Not a single house is intact.”

Our duty to our brothers and sisters in Balochistan calls us. We did whatever we could for the victims of October 08, 2005 Earthquake and our efforts didn’t go in waste. We make an appeal to unite again and show a greater level of unity, enthusiasm and love for our Muslim brothers and sisters in pain.

Karachi’s FAST come up with instant plan for relief. You can view details here to be a part of the relief program.

Image Courtesy: Dawn

Post Text courtesy: Pakistaniat

Blast near Police Lines

Islamabad Police Complex

An explosives-laden vehicle blew up an anti-terrorist squad building and injured at least four people on Thursday in a heavily guarded police complex in Pakistan’s capital, officials and a witness said.
‘It seems to be a suicide attack,’ said Islamabad police official Mohammed Sadiq.
The incident occurred as lawmakers gathered for a security briefing. Islamabad has been under tight security because of the private session.
Ambulances streamed into the smoke-filled Police Lines neighborhood after the blast.
The front section of the three-story, red-brick building was destroyed and a staircase had collapsed. Shoes were strewn among the rubble. Police officer Suhail Iqbal said the building housed an anti-terror squad. It stood fairly deep inside the complex.
Police commando Gulshan Iqbal told The Associated Press he was sitting at a nearby barrack when a ‘Suzuki car hit the anti-terror squad barrack and exploded with a big bang.’
He said because many officers were guarding the parliament building and other areas of Islamabad, the main building was largely empty. ‘About 10 people were inside at the time, and we saw six or seven injured,’ he said.
Concrete barriers and barbed wire ringed a wide perimeter around Parliament. Members of the media were not allowed in.

Courtesy: Dawn

Massive Explosion at Marriott

According to TV reports, a hug explosion at Marriott (F-5) Islamabad is heard and seen. Causing fatalities and injuries.

A second blast in Marriott in an years time.

Its a “High Security” area.

Update 1: 10-15 killed and many injured.

Gas pipeline exploded as well causing more damage.

Gulshan e Jinnah (living flats for federal govt employees) is affected badly as well. Its just at the back of mariott (almost).

According to TV reports, a hug explosion at Marriott (F-5) Islamabad is heard and seen. Causing fatalities and injuries.

Ironically, its a “High Security” area.

Update 2:

The entire front section of the Marriott Hotel has been blown out and wreckage is everywhere.

Reports are that it could be the biggest explosion – terrorist attack – in Pakistan’s history. Among dead,  drivers out in parking area and the security guards mostly included (Geo and Aaj tv reports).

Update 3:

Blood needed in hospitals.

Image Courtesy: Aaj TV

For more videos and Pictures, also visit All Things Pakistan.

So we get a new President

Asif Ali Zardari …. Argh ...

He just have to shift from PM House to Presidency now.

Wonder if the nation would be doing what he’s doing in the picture? =\

So, jiyyay Bhutto? Allah save te country now … I wonder how many months it’ll take to have the whole country sold .. you think it can be done in Days?

We get what we deserved. But I hope our doings dont wipe the efforts of our forefathers.

Ramadhan Mubarak

Ramadhan MubarakRamadhan moon’s been sighted in Pakistan and on 2nd we’ll have our first fast. May the month of Ramadhan brings to us Allah Almighty’s countless blessings and bounties. In faith.

Please remember us in your special prayers. And do pray for Pakistan too ~ Ramadhan commences in Pakistan the same day after years. I hope this proves to be a good sign in the bigger picture.

ps: In case you cant comprehend my post .. ramadhan = Ramzan.



So Musharaf resigned.

Explosions Heard

Reasons Unknown

As Dawn reports:

An explosion was heard in Islamabad Monday, residents said. The cause of the blast was not clear. Police in Islamabad said they had no immediate information about it. A private television channel reported two explosions were heard in the nearby city of Rawalpindi, about seven miles from Islamabad. It was not clear if the report related to the same incident. 

Still no idea what’s happening in here.

The explosion that I heard was HUGE even miles and miles away from Airport :S

Still no updates from any front :S Things going fishy :S

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