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Watch It

and isn’t it a COOL car?


coRveTTe, originally uploaded by *ayesha*.

Yellows, Reds and Blues around!

Just light night I saw a yellow one.

few days back a red one.

And here goes the blue one.

Ah ha.

Double Park – Think Again


Spotted at blue area, just outside BankAl- Islami.

Every shopping area and road in Islamabad is crutinzed by a car lifter (exact term, anyone?) these days … so if you care to double park, think again =))

Picture/Post Courtesy: Mansoor (ex-IMB/KMB author)

Car Grafiti

car Grafiti captured in Islamabad

” My Friends Think That I’m Their ATM”

Captured in Monal … Your friends think so too ;-)

Or is it just you :-)

Spotting Funkiness

Customizing the drive :-)

Visit Illusions @ Jinnah Super and you’ll get to meet her :-)

I’ve noticed in each visit to JS of mine, one or two striking cars you can spot down around the gol market.

Shut Up & Drive!

Shut Up & Drive
Shut Up – Get Off The Phone & Drive
Now I call this an Idea … !!

Do you think anyone would pay heed to this or will laugh over it only???

Image Courtesy: Amir Wasim (Dawn)

Why Corolla Drivers are such Bad drivers…

After living in Islamabad for a good while now, the one thing that really irks me is why everyone insists on driving around at break-neck speed and taking dodgy manouveres when there is,in my humble view, no reason to do it….
Let me single out my number one hated motorist – the Toyota Corolla driver. Firstly, why did Toyota put such a huge set of headlights in this car? i think the sole purpose was for corolla drivers to creep up and flash other unsuspecting motorists in a strobe-light fashion just when there is a queue of cars in front of them and nowhere to move.

Secondly, why have so many people found it aesthetically pleasing to garnish their cars with loads of fake chrome.. it looks unbelievably tacky and adds no beauty to the factory standard… i guess some Corolla drivers have got too much spare Rupees to blow on things like that.

All in all, i have seen too many cars involved in accidents and 8/10 times its a corolla parked on the side looking like the one in the picture. I’m all for everyone having a car, but with the sudden burst of cars on our roads in the twin cities, we need better educated drivers who actually pass a test (not the go-cart test that the Islamabad Traffic Police have setup) but a proper test to weed out bad drivers.


A friend fowarded this few days back, what a compact beauty!!!

A bi-seater luxury, more commonly known as Smart Cars. Do we need smart drivers too??

Any ideas on exact make, price?? Anyone?

Gaari ko Chalana Babuu …

…zarra Halkay Halkay :-)

Image Courtesy: Mafimushkula on Flickr.

Can you Recognize the Car???

Can you identify the origin, name, model or anything about this car??

I’m not disclosing the identity of photographer for time being … oil yuor brains now :-)


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