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Vintage Ride

I’m a lover of things time rusts off whether they be trees, machines, cars or people … In islamabad every year the vintage car society organizes a Vintage Ride festival at F-9 park …

Wait a minute – This post is not about any classy vintage car as it sounds … it’s a totally different story.

Come to you courtesy Daily Times

APL – AFR – 07 – II

Few days back, backpacker posted about number plates … and just few days back I found this car roaming around in F-10.

I'm a SENATOR - I've GREEN number plate & I've APPLIED FOR

The picture is blur as the car and us were going to move in opposite directions and both of us were in hurry :)

We Dont Have Rickshaws but We have MEN & WOMEN

Well, Islamabad is thanksfully one city with no Rickshaw or Qinqi (pronounced Chingh-Chi) allowed inside … so we cant post some thing like Lahoris do or even Karachiites posted this too … I saw it first here , then here and now here and WOW even here too …. !

Isn’t this Hudood Ordinance appeal for MEN getting popular amongst Pakistanis as a whole ??? Let’s see if our dear Mushy gets air of it ;-)

On serious notes … a noteworthy thing


Rev It Up

Honda_Shadow.JPGI guess this post should have been done earlier, but I totally forgot about the pictures, and just transferred them today. A couple of weeks ago there was a great bike show with a few bikes on display at Jinnah Super F-7. It also included an SUV on display parked right in the middle of the bikes. Being a biker myself and an avid fan of sports bike I could not help but take some quick snaps of the show. Chopper handle bikes are not that common in Islamabad, although I have seen many sports types. Some of them have great engine sounds that makes great music, and are a breeze to ride (especially with your girlfriend on the back seat). Having said that, some of them drivers are not careful with their driving and pose great danger to themselves and others while they drive rashly on the roads. Riding without a helmet is suicide. However, I have normally seen sports bike and heavy bike drivers being usually more careful in their driving than the smaller ones.

Islamabad also has its own bikers club, with expat population joining the ranks of the indigenous. On weekends, they usually get together, and exchange ideas on latest gadgets, and expert advice how to squeeze out that extra pinch of bhp.

Shadow.JPGIslamabad’s roads are ideal for bikers. Deep into the night you can listen to the isolated sounds of power engines blasting off into the distance on the Margalla road, and the Constitution Avenue. For me the sound of the acceleration stretch is pure music to the ear, that I can enjoy with a hot mug of coffee anytime. If you go at a nominal speed, especially during rush hours, you actually enjoy the ride. With the spring season approaching in the Capital, you will see even greater number of these on the roads. I can’t wait to get mine out. From personal experience, children are the ones who get the most excited on spotting a heavy bike. The first question that these cute little kids ask with enthusiasm, excitement, crunched teeth and clinched fists always is “How fast does it go”?

Keep vehicle papers with you

Ashura’s just around the corner and with TIGHT security due to recent Suicide Bombings tooo …. It’s advised:

** To Drivers to essentially keep registration documents of their vehicles and their identity cards with them.
** To rest of people to keep their identities with you while roaming around – Just in case you never know when the need arises :)


Bus Service – For how long?

CNG Buses At Last ....!

The newly-inaugurated CNG buses come with a bang in the twin cities … Let’s see how long they go – islamabad DO need a good bus service desperately … Let’s hope for the best :)

Accidents & Desi Driving

Later in the evening today, at around 9:15, I accompanied by my dad were driving along the I & T center of G-8/1 & G-8/4 (I guses that chowk is named as Sarrya Chowk) the roads were literally empty with no vehicle in sight, even not one soul you could witness with the extreme cold. The signals became red and we stopped – I was like chalein – koi nahiii – there’s not even one single car you an see … but my dad was like Red means you have to stop, car or no car … and then the signal turned green – we slowly initiated the moving – when suddenly a Suzuki pick up from the left side of the road came – his signal was red and he thought I’ll make it – he must be driving at 90 km/hr – from our back a public van at the very moment crossed us – the van was in full speed too (I’m sure if the signals would not have been green – the driver would have crossed anyways) and in a split second it was a LOUD THUD … the van hit the rare part of pickup – both were in full speed – the Suzuki swirled and the van turned down on its left side -Alhamdolillah, Allah saved us from this with a fraction of second.

We just stopped – my father went ahead towards the accident scene – and suddenly from no-where people came all running – few cries were coming from the van since it was a public van – I saw the driver coming out of the Suzuki pick up and he ran away leaving his pick-up behind. The people who came to rescue shouted loudly “Allah o Akbar” and the van was straightened up – Though the van was badly bruised but Alhamdolillah, it was a blessing that not severe casualties were recorded – a few bruises here and there otherwise what we witnessed could have been utterly bad … God, I was a bit shaken .. when my dad came back he gave me a look as if saying “Now you know what I was saying” – and I was like “I’d have crossed this crossing ages ago” … very bad asma :$

So few lessons that I’ve learnt tonight (luckily not the hard way but you never know):

* Never violate laws – no matter how much persuasion you see around. It’s same as “Taqwaa” – when the full persuasion is there, its then that you have to control and refrain yourself – what’s the fun in following without any urges …!

* It’s Pakistan where we take privilege in breaking laws – so next time you feel like blessing yourself with such a luxury – do look around to see if someone like-mind is taking the same privilege …!

* Always look around when you are on a intersection/crossing – you never know from where suddenly a vehicle come in right for ya …!

* The taxi waalaas, van waalas of Islamabad (add rickshaws elsewhere) love to break signals, can overtake from wrong side or even they can brake-off at any instant almost anywhere – so maintain the braking distance when you have any such vehicle around your car or bike or whatever …!

Drive safely – for yourself and if you don’t care for yourself – do some care for others at least .. maybe someone is waiting back at home …!

Rare Sight

I'm Relaxing on a cart

Rickshaw in Islamabad is a rare sight … and Rickshaw on a cart is even rarer … He must be on his way to our twin sister, Rawalpindi.

Rickshaw in actual should be the mean of comfort (read Hiccup-ing discomfort) for this cart-pusher … instead it becomes a burden …!

Limousine, in Islamabad ?!

Recently, a limo was spotted in Lahore, but today i saw one in Islambad too. A white long car with black windows in Blue Area near Mohd. Ali Jinnah University. Too bad i couldnt take a pic :(

But who owns this thing ?!

Underground Racing in Islamabad

GOSH ! Look at the beauties. *drools*
Did’nt know motorway was used for drag racing too, but what nice cars they have. I think this type of event happens alot. The site its taken from, shows alot more. There’s ‘Dodge Viper‘ too, what else can you ask for.

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