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Oooooh, We are Walking

Mood moood ki baaat hay =))

They have feelings too … they want to have a stroll on  the constituion avenue’s green belt too.

Smelling some blooms.

What a beautiful sight.

Masha Allah~

Image Courtesy: Dawn

The Inner Child Comes Out to Play


Children’s Resources International is conducting its annual teacher-training workshop on interactive teaching and learning methodologies, which kicked off on July 14. The first week of training was for kindergarten teachers, and I happened to be at the Islamabad Model School G-9/3 session, recording minutes. And what a colourful week indeed. The participants of the workshop were introduced to innovative ways to improve the quality of elementary education and to make learning fun for kindergarten children in a friendly and inclusive classroom environment. This involved getting the teachers to actually do all sorts of activities designed for kindergarteners. So throughout the workshop, the participants were ‘kacchi jamaat kay bacchay’ and the workshop instructors were their ‘madams.’ As you might imagine, the teachers had a blast. Elderly gentlemen fingerpainting, matronly principals playing with brightly-coloured blocks, young ladies trying to better one another in the art of making popup storybooks out of A4 paper. For one week, these teachers all became kids. What was really interesting was that whenever the instructors had trouble getting the participants to hear them out, they would end up saying: “See how hard it is to sit still and be quiet? Can you blame the kids?” This was a running theme throughout the workshop: teachers putting themselves in their students’ little shoes. They experienced firsthand the creative learning materials provided by CRI and the many fun ways they could be used to learn math or languages. They felt the satisfaction of having their work appreciated by the instructors and displayed on the walls. All in all, I felt it was a promising way to improve teaching skills. Next week, the workshop will train Class 1 teachers.

Click on the thumbnails to see more photos from kindergarten week.

n821915570_3576352_9981.jpg n821915570_3576550_8813.jpg n821915570_3576554_5600.jpg n821915570_3576543_1080.jpg

n821915570_3576355_68071.jpg n821915570_3576646_153.jpg n821915570_3576358_66921.jpg n821915570_3576484_550.jpg

Monsoons: Caption It

Cuteness =))

Yeah Monsoons are here …  its raining raining raining some humidity and then again raining :)

I found this cute shot having five policemen under one umbrella :~)

Caption it please !


Meet Mr. Sharky

Like dinosaurs, when it comes to Marine life … the only thing that sounds ferociously appealing to me is SHARK. And I definitely never thought that I’ll buy 1 kg of shark for Rs. 195 ;-)

Well not so fast we can now. Metro (yup Metro fever’s now down yet :~)) is letting you do that. last weekend when I went there the fish standing lying tall on the ice was definitely not Shark. When I passed the Marine corner today, wooohooo… Shark … a big big  shark was so aesthetically displayed. I  almost jumped at the sight and a pic of him (or her :D) with the kids was inevitable…. !

So here’s it for ya ….

Meet Mr. Shark and His Kids 




I hope selling Sharks is not violating any rules … shark’s a shark … I dont think its a FARM FISH … any idea if its selling is legally just?

Hidden Treasures

Bamyans in Golra

Flickring through Islamabad MB group on Flickr, I ended up looking at the serene beauty of Golra’s century old Bamyans Banyans (aka bargad ~ century old is purely my own assumption).

Have you been tO Golra Railway Station ever? If no ~ wake up, pack up and get going. Its a MUST visit. The picture above seems familiar? If you closely watched vital Signs singing their tunes in early 90’s … you can recognize it :) Remember Islamabad’s 5th gift to world?

The News published a fine article almost an year back on Golra Railways station and it’s heritage museum … citing:

… All said and done, it is a gem of a museum and well worth a visit, especially if you remember the good old days Golra's Treasureswhen traveling by train was an exciting prospect — something to look forward to as you packed your bags; a hamper with food and books and magazines to read when it became too dark to look outside. A paratha and an omelet never tasted as good as when you had them cold with a nice hot cup of tea bought from the vendor on the platform. The strident voices of other vendors as they called out their wares — most of these to titillate pangs of hunger that are somehow intensified during travel — each trying to outdo the other so he could be heard and be the one to make the first sale, the thrill of travelling on a ‘choo-choo’; or ‘chook chook’, as we say in this part of the world; the clouds of hissing steam coming out of the wood and coal fired engine; the hustle bustle of passengers and porters and the “All aboard”, call of the guard as he waved his green flag, are all part of childhood memories a visit to Golra Station brings back — a nostalgic hour or two well spent!

Car Grafiti

car Grafiti captured in Islamabad

” My Friends Think That I’m Their ATM”

Captured in Monal … Your friends think so too ;-)

Or is it just you :-)

Spotting Funkiness

Customizing the drive :-)

Visit Illusions @ Jinnah Super and you’ll get to meet her :-)

I’ve noticed in each visit to JS of mine, one or two striking cars you can spot down around the gol market.

King of His Own World

Brings a smile but comes with thoughts you can’t easily push off from your mind. Image Courtesy:I M R A N

Its Coming ….

Cupid’s arrows are growing in abundance in Pakistan lately. Don’t you feel so?? Even PTV‘s going to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day all day long tomorrow. Almost every shop and restaurant is painted RED in Islamabad for this day. *Sigh* Some glimpses later tonight =)

= ?

Toon Courtesy: Today’s News

Yah Dil Maangay More

Abhi piyaaas baaqi hay ….. =D

Picture Courtesy: M Bukhari

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