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Winter Chill, Nights & Peanuts

The best part about winters in here is the munching of roasted peanuts when light is gone, heaters blazing full and the chill’s increasing outside :-)

Ain’t aye??

Let the heat come in :-)

Bakra Byte-by-Byte

hassle%20free%20bakra.JPG As Eid-ul-Adhaa is approaching, bakra mandi is becoming more and more inacessible ~ thanks to the heavy traffic. If you are not a big fan of going and selecting the animal yourself, you can always book it online. Remember its E-Bakra Era …!

Unfortunately, couldn’t find any Online Bakra delivery service in Islamabad but I found Online Qurbani. The site’s has some interesting FAQs that can arm you with the right questions to ask from a bakray wala during selection and bargain.

The price range is as usual HIGH as we noticed last year. You’ll go prepared but beware of pickpockets too … !!

I’m pasting below a few Bakra-related terms I learnt last year. May help you :)

Faisal Mosque again…

Earlier I gave you Faisal Mosque, and Apple gave you rain.

I now give you Faisal Mosque in rain.[Click on the photo to get to more pictures]



Humaray Paas No 1 Police Station hay, Aapkay Paas Kiya Hay?

Read this newspiece in Daily Times and I almost laughed :-)

Well, nothing to laugh actually – Bad Bad ME !!

For the first time in Pakistan, National Police Bureau (NPB) commemorated the “Police Station Visitors Week” . Ours, Shalimar Police Station, scored highest among the twelve participating stations of Pakistan in this organised globally by Altus Global Alliance.

Baghdad-ul-Jadeed and Cantt police stations from Bahawalpur got second and third positions respectively. They winners were awarded shields later on.

The visitors filled in individual questionnaires. They discussed their perceptions of the five categories, which were: community orientation, physical conditions, equitable treatment of the public, transparency and accountability, and detention conditions.

The 12 participating police stations in Pakistan received an aggregate score of 57.64 out of 100. The visitors rated the police stations as adequate in the category of community orientation (62.84), transparency and accountability (61.672) and physical conditions (49.66). However, detention conditions were considered inadequate.

Boosting step taken … hoping that it goes on and the circle increases …!

Pampered Food ;-)

An archaic definition of Pampered is indulging in rich food … so do you really want to indulge in rich food served like this??? ;-)

Taken at Jinnah Super – Though it’s just the carton of Pampers being utilized but STILL the yucky feeling can stay. Next time see and ensure what you are eating in :>

Image courtesy: Awahid

PS: For details on Nawaz Sharif’s Return, Stay tuned to Lahore Metroblog.

IMB in Urdu too ;-)

V posted on LMB, LMB in Urdu, and its so funny I couldn’t resist posting it here.

There’s this website,, enter a website address and view it all in Urdu (unicode). I did so with Islamabad Metroblog and here are a few things it came up with …. Click here to view Islamabad Metroblog in Urdu. ((For some fun into Authors profile :>))

_____>>> More bad news = مزید گھٹیا خبر

_____>>> I am a Pakistani = میں ایک پاکستان کا باشندہ ہوں

_____>>> Enlightened City (:P) = ہدایات دیا شہر

_____>>> A for [pine] Apple (a hit to my ego) = ایک کیلئے[بیماری سے گھل]سیب :

Go Figure :-P

Centre of Attraction: PTV

I’ve realized in these two days life sucks without any News Channel on your television set. Reminds me of early 90’s and late 80’s, days before NTM. When Life used to revolve around 8 PM drama (always a quality one), 9 PM Khabaranama (stays the same, even the script is remarkably same), and the post-10 PM Senate ki Kaarwayi, Raag rung and Farmaan e Illahi. Thanks God, I’ve outlived those years of my life.

Going through the same experience is not easy. Plain Torture. How much of movies, songs, cooking programs can you see when News in town is HOT?

On top of all this, read this news-piece in today’s Dawn. Sharing the joke here to share a smile :-)

PTV Becomes Center of Attraction

PTV became the sole information provider in the city after cable operators blocked private local and foreign news channels in the wake of emergency.

The blockade of the private channels caused suspicions among people, but the PTV prevented rumor-mongering after announcement of imposition of emergency in the country was made.

Lahore Metroblog shared this Live Audio Stream of Geo (8 kbps only so easy on dial-ups), Media Player will be launched.

May be it is PTV’s time to shine!!

Yunhii Chalaa Chal Rahii

I’d love to cuddle the cute blondie kiddo …. !!

The picture reminds me of words like caring, hard work, cuteness, life … what words strike the chords of your mind??

El Captain gets Interviewed :-D

Kaptaan sahab got interviewed by Pakistan Spectator a few days back. I thought to share it with our readers at IMB too. You can always pour in your suggestions he can use to make himself a better person (alas!!) Just kidding ;-)

So here it goes … !

Talha Masood is the blood and sweat behind Islamabad Metroblog. He has been blogging for quite a long time and his blogging style has got the lushness of Margalla hills of Islamabad. He has done his schooling from Froebels International School, Islamabad. He did his bachelors from NUST Institute of Information Technology and currently he is working in the Data warehouse department of Ufone.

Could you tell us what made you decide to blog?
My first letter to the editor got published when I was in seventh grade. I have always been interested in the idea of interactive journalism. When I first heard of blogging, I made an account on blogspot in 2004, but it wasn’t until 2005 that I actually started to put it on. You guys can catch me on Thandak and Islamabad Metroblog .

What do you think sets your blogging style apart from other bloggers?
As far as my personal blog is concerned, I believe I am less into quoting other people and more into writing about my thoughts about life – its absurdness
and its bounties. So, that only sets me apart.

If you could choose one characteristic you have that brought you success, what would it be?
Success is a relative term. I don’t believe in ideals, anymore.

If you could pick a travel destination, anywhere in the world, with no worries about how it’s paid for – what would your top 3 choices be?
1) Malaysia
2) Egypt
3) Maldives

What is your favorite book and why?
I am not an avid reader, but I really liked “White Light” by Rudy Rucker. I enjoyed it because firstly it is quite an “out of the box” book.

And secondly it quoted a quote that said something like “There are a thousand death masks lying one atop on another, leading straight to heaven”.


Viking comes …

Viking of our Era

As the elders enjoy their meal at back drop of this picture … the kid takes the liberty to try the beautiful artifacts spread on the tables …!

Isn’t it cute?? Slap yourself if NO comes out :-\

Image Courtesy: Daily Times

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