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Youtube and Flickr- Need lube and a kick-er?

Life restricted? Everyone committed? details omitted and every fucked up thought in the world remitted. Welcome to Pakistan. Welcome to the land of the free and green. Welcome to the den of the Holy. Welcome to the Mecca of corruption and welcome to a place where you’re an asshole and the Government is holy and doing stuff like this will stop the Zionists from ruining our life. SOS ZAID HAMID YOU WERE RIGHT… fucking hell.. *shoots himself*

Of dinners, idiots and laughter.

I had the fortune of going to the National Library Auditorium to see the new play that is running these days called “Dinner with an Idiot”. I don’t claim to be a huge play buff and the only reason I “did” go was because a college fellow was acting in it and we were all invited. But I suppose change is great. At times that is. It was an amazing play.

I thought that I would write a proper review on the play but then I read the handout and it had a summary of the play and one has to see it to enjoy it fully so I took the liberty of “copy/paste” typing the handout summary =D :-

“Inspired by the well known French comedy Le diner de cons (dinner of idiots) known as The Dinner Game, is a theatrical comedy which has been praised by viewers all over the world.

Hassan is a bored, arrogant music producer who livens up his upper class existence by attending “idiot dinners” hosted by his friends. For these evening parties, each attendee is required to bring along a guest who embodies some aspect of human stupidity. The oblivious idiots, not understanding that they are the butt of a private joke, are flattered, and their sponsors enjoy the competition of trying to outdo each other by bringing the dimmest bulb in the lot.

Then, one day, Hassan meets Ashraf, a self promoting talkative person who wants to become a singer. In Ashraf, Hassan believes he has found the perfect idiot for th enext dinner. Unfortunately, on the night of the event, Hassan throws out his back and is unable to attend. His newfound friend, however, insists on staying around to “help” him, resulting in a series of mini disasters that leave Hassan’s comfortable life in ruins. Call it the idiots revenge.”


I specially loved a few characters which were brilliantly presented. The Doctor, the Tax officer, the self proclaimed singer. All was done with ease. Not to mention it was a flawless performance with everything in the right place. Except for say 2% of the play, the rest was fast moving and totally not boring with good jokes that would make you laugh.


The slogan of the play was ” The play will end, but your laughter won’t” . And even now I’m laughing at a few scenes which in my view were very well presented and actually funny.


This was just a brief overview so that all you can go and watch it because I think everyone should go, buy a ticket and go see the play because as mentioned by the Director at the end, economic crisis and political crisis are major factors because of which sponsors don’t invest in such activities. Channel 7 did and they were rightly thanked.

Much Recommended :)

Oh and the play is in URDU :). Which makes it funnier because you can actually relate to the jokes.

Auditions for the Living Picture’s New Production

In case those numbers have become unclear in the resizing of this poster, they are:


For more information, check out the Living Picture’s official blog or Facebook community.

‘Superstar Avatār’ Starts Tomorrow!


Osman Khalid Butt has promised to redefine the term ‘summer blockbuster’ with his latest theatre production, Superstar Avatār, ‘a tale of passion, obsession, dance, drama…and a little bit of insanity.’ So far, we know at least two really exciting things about this new play. One, it’s not an adaptation – the script is a completely original work, written by Osman himself. In the past four years, Islamabad’s theatre scene has been built around wonderful adaptations of films, novels or other plays. We are now seeing our first major original theatre production in Islamabad, and I think this is a giant progressive leap in this new, modern wave of Pakistani theatre – it could just be to Islamabad theatre what The Lion King and Toy Story were to Disney after its long line of animated adaptations. The theatre community ought to be proud that their field has come so far.

The second really exciting thing is that this new play is bilingual! The characters will speak in the same everyday mix of Urdu and English that we are all familiar with, and that is probably going to make this play so much more relatable for a lot of people – especially those who have been worried in recent years about the place of Urdu and other Pakistani languages in our theatre plays.

So that’s two giant progressive leaps for Osman and his company, The Living Picture Productions (which by the way is used to making progressive leaps – to name one, its first play, the wildly successful Some Like It Hot, was staged entirely without corporate sponsorship.) But what is this revolutionary new play going to be about? The synopsis hasn’t been revealed thus far – but at the CDA’s Theatre Awards at the Islamabad Club on June 24,  the Living Picture did unveil its first teaser trailer for Superstar Avatār, making a massive impact. This was soon followed by a second teaser trailer. Both can be viewed on YouTube as well:

Osman also revealed in a recent press conference that over a hundred costumes would be showcased within a span of two and a half hours – the first time such lavish and detailed attention will be focused on costumes in a theatre play in Islamabad.

These glimpses into the mystical, glamorous, mad world of Superstar Avatār are enough to convince theatregoers that this is a show not to be missed. So book your tickets now! Official dates for the show are July 10 to July 26, 2008, at the Islamabad Club Auditiorium.

A Promise of Manoranjan Unlimited


Behold: the first teaser poster for the Living Picture’s latest theatrical production, coming to the Islamabad Club this July!

Chim Chim-ree

Mary PoppinsI always wanted to fly like Mary Poppins in my childhood (probably the desire still lies deep inside me :~))

I was truly truly happy to see an advert of Mary Poppins in The News yesterday… Yipeee!

As the Event on Facebook suggests:

Now for the audiences in Pakistan, Mary poppins’ is all set and flying her way to Islamabad club from 29th May to 10th of June. Be ready to be entertained with MAGIC, MUSIC, and DANCE. A story meant for old and young alike whether you are 5 or 85, it sends out a strong message to the spectators. It promises to be like none other, from fascinating sets to flying thrills. From totally expected to unexpected things happening around, expect to see it all.

If you’ve tried to fly like Mary Poppins too … then hook onto the event.

Watch Chim Chim-ree here :~)


Immortal Beloved: Auditions Tomorrow


Shah Sharabeel hits the city again, this time with a musical tale to tell. The city has seen Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge, You only Merry Twice , and Bombay dreams.

The group on Facebook reveals:

A love story which will sweep you of your feet… you will remember it not for days, weeks or months you will remember it for ages.. A grand Musical directed by SHAH SHARAHBEEL.

A musical you must not miss, It will lift the art of Entertainment to new Heights.

So if you feel you can act, dance, choreograph, design sets, costumes, direct … probably you can jump in to Islamabad Club at 1600 on May 11 for auditions.

More Info.

For Auditions call Tepu: 0345 589 6070

ps: Nay I wasnt paid for this post =\  If you are thinking about that … see if shah sharabeel is reading :~)

Shali – Aseer Shahzadi: Comes to Town

SHANAAKHT – A Nomad Forum for the Arts brings you SHALI a telefilm from the powerful series Aseer Shahzadi produced by HUM Television.
Written by Attiya Dawood, well knownwriter, activist and poet, SHALI will move your hearts and make you think and hopefully do something for these distressed and troubled souls.

A touching story pertaining to abuse against women in our male dominated society with regard to child marriages. The issues presented in these plays are of universal concern, with women being the victims of these evil practices. Sensitive issues are brought forward to make people realize the severity of the prevailing injustices to females. Shali, the 14 year old protagonist, a mere child living in the city’s slums, has no clue what it entails to be married.

Cast includes Suhaee Abro, Shazia Qamar, Rashida Yaqub, and Aslam Shaikh. Directed by Danish Nawaz.


Date: Tuesday, March 25 – 2008
Time: 6.30pm (doors will close at 6.15 sharp)
Duration: 50 minutes
Donation: Rs. 100 (Shanaakht members) Rs. 200 (non-members)
Venue: Nomad Gallery – 383, 8th Avenue, F-8/3, Islamabad

Note: There are a limited number of seats available…kindly call/ mail or visit to book your seat.

Nomad timing: 10am – 6pm (Monday closed)

Shanaakht membership is open, contact the Nomad reception for details.

Nageen Hyat
Director, Nomad Gallery
# 383, Eighth Avenue, F-8/3, Islamabad. Tel: 051 – 2262502

Shali in Islamabad on 25/3/08 @ NOMAD, originally uploaded by *abro*.

Refer to the original picture for more by the print media.

Immortal Beloved: Auditions in May

Shah Sharabeel’s getting ready for his next theatrical venture. If you are interested – start preparing :)

Auditions in May – June 2008.

Ajoka comes to town

If you rely on IMB to give you news and you plan your weekends and weekdays then sowieee we are let :\ If not, does being late affects, NO ;-)

A bit late in reporting (two days late – to be exact) that AJOKA Theatre of Lahore is in town to entertain you all.
BTW, I’ve always been in awe how to pronounce AJOKA, is it AJOKA or Ajoo Ka?? Any ideas??

Khair, cutting the story short, the venue is our very own newly built, PNCA Hall at National Art Gallery. Supposed to be from December 8 to 11.

Seats can be booked at PNCA NAG reception from 1100 to 1600. Every drama will be staged at 6:00 pm onwards.

Today they must be showing Kala Mainda Bhains – a very interesting story as I read on Ajoka’s site.

Tomorrow is booked for Toba Tek Singh and on Tuesday, 11th December Bullah will be played again (was played on 8th).

So if you are into serious URDU theatre … dont miss your chance :-)


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