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Budget Banao – Tax Looto – 2007

Budget announcement is now very near and so are the promises of a strong and tax free budget.

Just few days back our Acting Prime Minister was seen inspecting the utility stores and price of daily commodities. Don’t you think its routine ki karwaayi before Budget and Eid ul Fitr?

This time an interesting hoarding near Airport on Islamabad Highway was seen …stating AAP BUDGET MEIN KYA CHAHTAY HAIN ? Yes, AAP yaani HUM!

Buzzvines says:

An interesting It is probably the latest incidents happening in Pakistani political scene that has induced the government for the first time to have people’s opinion in the budget. The interesting thing is that the government thought of asking this question at a time when it is so obvious that it is not going to fetch anything. I mean how much do we have till the budget to be announced and suddenly Ministry of Finance thought of asking us, The Public of our inputs. Since when have we become so democratic – Anyways, for those of you who are interested in chipping in, the e-mail address is

And I couldn’t agree less :>

Happy new fiscal year, soon!

World Environment Day

Its about time Pakistan realized that the Himalayan mountain ranges that serve as a natural source of fresh water for the entire country are under a severe threat from global Carbon emissions and consequent global warming. Well, fear not as the people at the Environment Ministry and it’s international affiliates do know about the importance of these reserves for a nation which has a major chunk of it’s economy depending upon it’s agricultural produce every year. Without fresh water, there is a huge chance and a threat that we might not be able to meet the demands of our agricultural lands solely through rain water.

Vintage Ride

I’m a lover of things time rusts off whether they be trees, machines, cars or people … In islamabad every year the vintage car society organizes a Vintage Ride festival at F-9 park …

Wait a minute – This post is not about any classy vintage car as it sounds … it’s a totally different story.

Come to you courtesy Daily Times

Weddings, Litter & Our Sahab Bahadurs

People living around, or the ones who pass through the main double road from F-10 to Blue area, must have witnessed the setting up of huge canopies (though marquees’ a better word) on Friday, at exactly in the green belt in front of the F-9 Park’s gate (towards G-9).

Since, it was one of the huge setups I, for one, have ever seen in open air in Islamabad (it would’ve easily accommodated 3000+ people) – so my own presumption was that it must be some governmental kind of function – you know inauguration of this or that – But I was wrong.

Spoiled 100 Rp Note

What Happened to Me

I couldn’t grasp the idea that why journalists are so fond of noting such spoiled pieces — they are usually one in lacs — but once in a while such things you’ll come to see in papers.

The caption says ” the citizen who got this spoiled 100 rupee note is at a loss how and where to get its worth” – I guess no one would even bother and why AT LOSS — Bhai go to any bank (or maybe Govt. Banks) – Have it changed … Grow up :)

Thanksfully, orders have arrived to REVISE the COLOURS of currency and to re-issue 5 Rp Note — I just hate this PINKISH (feminine kinda note – Maybe it has some relation to the ALL-FAMOUS Tahafuz e Niswaa’n Bill) … THERE are thousands of Colors existent — why cant SBP Currency Designers cannot Think beyond REDS and PINKS …!

Merci …!

Winter Obsessions

Dry Fruits

When winter arrives in Islamabad, the cravings for nuts start right away … But with every passing year the prices of dry fruits are going high and high – almost beyond the reach of a common Pakistani.

The dry fruits specially loved by us, the Pakistanis, are pine nuts [chalghoza] , peanuts [Mongh Phalli], Walnuts [Akhrot], Almonds [Badaam] Amlok and few of us (like ME) love dried apricots as well … This year you can get pine nuts per kg at a cost of round about Rs. 1000-1200 … I don’t like them anyways … so best of luck to everyone who likes them :>

Bus Service – For how long?

CNG Buses At Last ....!

The newly-inaugurated CNG buses come with a bang in the twin cities … Let’s see how long they go – islamabad DO need a good bus service desperately … Let’s hope for the best :)

ATMs and weekends

In case you are [sadly] foolish enough like me to roam around markets without carrying money and just the poor ATM card … Don’t rely on the ATM’s – especially from friday nights till Monday mornings …!

I inserted my card in one machine at F-10 markaz … it said your card’s nt in right condition (the message was something like this) — I was like what the hell…? inserted in adjacent machine and it said … The machine is out of money … oh bhai, it’s still 9 PM and it’s just a friday … was what I exclaimed …!

Then I tried another ATM – that was out of money too … !

I dont know why they dont put enough cash in the machines for weekends :-(

Tip of the week[ends]: Never ever rely on ATMs in your life …!


The good thing was – no cash no spending ;-) bacchat hii bacchat ;-)

Rare Sight

I'm Relaxing on a cart

Rickshaw in Islamabad is a rare sight … and Rickshaw on a cart is even rarer … He must be on his way to our twin sister, Rawalpindi.

Rickshaw in actual should be the mean of comfort (read Hiccup-ing discomfort) for this cart-pusher … instead it becomes a burden …!

What do you really expect?

With the temperature consistently staying in negatives every night and it’s literally shiveringly chilly in evenings and nights … What do YOU really expect from Islooittes … they feel like taking shelter in arms of peanuts and hot-ni-a-hot Soup … I’m completely obsessed with these two ESSENTIAL items … !

” src=”” width=”450″ height=”337″ />

I love watching this handi cum heater that works … not only towards roasting the peanuts but also providing some warmth to the Mong Phalli wala in the otherwise bitter bone biting coldness …. !

Soup Wala

As in summers, the lemon soda ppl comes out from their hibernation … winters is all about Soup Business … and I must say they do some really good business … and what could be better than this … gulping warm soup to your throat while enjoying the chilly air … Gosh … its lovely and just in 20-25 Rupees … well this particular soup wala in Karachi Company is offering soemthing more too … With every 6 bowls of soup you get ONE free ;-) (he sure knows about business tactics then ;-) )

So What are you doing this evening ….???

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