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Eid Mubarak

Heartiest Eid Mubarak from Islamabad Metblogs team !!

If you have done qurbani please maintain a check in your surroundings. We neglect the needy unconsciously at time and keep on shuffling meat from one home to other. In present situation of country, it is not a difficult task to find families around who haven’t even tasted some mutton since months. There may be some security guards around on duty … probably a home-cooked plate of good meal they are looking forward to … at least today. Such people should be foremost in your list. May Allah reward you for the humblest of deeds with His abundant bounties. Probably in present day, in our part of the world …. the mass sacrifices done this day are to cater many mouths around us. A thought.

Live from Bakra Mandii

Post made originally on December 28, 2006. Re-published :)


This Sunday I made a trip to the “Mandi Maweshia” also known as Bakra Mandi that is being placed in H-11 this year – yes you are right the same ground where last year earthquake affectees were placed.

Bakra Mandi - A view

I don’t know if it’s large place that’s making the number of sacrificial animals lesser than every year or what … but I guess it’s enough to cater the needs of Islooittes.

Islamabad - Bakra mandi in H-11

Just step in the locality and a very familiar “Goaty smell” or as I normally say “the feeling of Bakriat” is what you’ll feel. Don’t worry move on. To be honest, this was the first time after so many years that I actually stepped inside the bakra mandi … face to face with all bakras and dunbas and gayays. So it was interesting too and incidentally I was the only girl in whole Bakra mandi at that time taking portraits of bakras aka goats and stylish “phedoos” aka sheep with utmost tries to stay as far as possible.

Few tips for newbie who may go out to look for animals just for fun with their parents, or maybe friends …. Few terms that are associated with Goats are:

Kheera: It’s the animal that is of 1.5 – 2 years old.

Donda: This animal is of 2+ age and usually have 4 teeth in front.

Choga: This is of around 4 years of age and is considered a bit older with not very good quality meat.

Please correct me if I’m wrong or any additions to this “knowledge-base”

The range of goats (sorry we didn’t asked for Bulls or camel :>) would go from 7K to 20+ for an average to a very good piece. Do take tips on your way to buying a sacrificial animal for differentiating between a healthy and sick animal … and do look thoroughly if the animal is hurt from somewhere.

Qasayi Mil Gaya?

Yes, this is going to be the question of day on phone calls and Eid meet ups. Happens every eid. With dads and uncles looking around for a sahee waala qasayi and not the Eid-kay-Eid peda honay walay qasayi.

As I was reading Daily Times this morning, I come to know through a report of theirs that butchers have set their asking prices already.

Rs 1,500-1,800 for slaughtering goat,
Rs 5,000-7,000 for bull,
Rs 9,000-10,000 for camel


I’ve seen many households where they just give the asking price without any bargaining and then later cry over the meat being ruined by these seasonal butchers. If you haven’t advanced booked one, thoroughly inspect the chosen butcher candidate. Check the utensils he’s carrying, if it’s an axe (kulhari), bid him farewell right there, on the spot. He’s not meant for your cutie lil animal.

If you’ve enough manpower at home, follow the footsteps of Hadhrat Muhammad Mustapha SAWW. Gain extra sawaaab. If you are feeble-heart kind … stay indoors please.

Message for Eid:

Before keeping the legs aside … do remember the families around who haven’t tasted seen mutton/lamb/Beef since months. Probably it was last eid they saw it.

Image Courtsy: Sbmoot

OMG, they are here!

Pretty Ladies and Beau Guys

Pretty Ladies and Beau Guys

You been to the bakra mandi yet? What are the prices this year?

I’ll visit in a day, Inshah Allah ;o)

Siyasi Eid Mubarak

So the Ruyete Halal Committee at last announce that the Shawaal moon’s been sighted and It’s eid here in Pakistan, all over Pakistan, on 1st October. The announcement came at around 11 PM.

The possibilities of moon sighting were near to zero. Saudi Arabia announced the moon sighting yesterday and it was Eid in middle east. A minister in Frontier announced that there are 15 witnesses of moon sighting with him and he announced Eid without Ruyete Halal Committee’s consent. In my opinion, to erase the conflict the Committe decided to have Eid in Pakistan unanimously. Hence it’s tomorrow.

Eid Mubarak!

May the day brings lots of happiness for Pakistan and us all!

Eid Celebrations: Pre-Eid

Despite the very recent Marriott bomb blast, the maddening rush is no less than all the previous pre-eid days. Markets are humming with people as usual. Whether it be Jinnah Super or Karachi Company or even the boring F-10 Markaz … the Eid hustle bustle actually looks good. Choori Stalls being set up in all major markets. Girls and women shopping as there’s no tomorrow (in these circumstances .. who knows actually).

Just yesterday I went to a market and got the chance to take some quick snaps. For all those who are missing the glitz of Eid and Ramadhan away from Pakistan. And all those colors. Dont forget to pray for Pakistan.

A quick excerpt from Daily Times:

Glass bangles and Hena are the first things women, old or young, look for at roadside stalls or Eid Bazaars. The more variety of bangles and latest patterns of Hena you have, the more chances you have of attracting large crowds. In this time of cutthroat competition, lights and music are the new attractions for female Eid shoppers. Mostly, young boys run these stalls and women don’t mind getting served by them. However, some stalls offer services of women.

Perhaps, it’s the best thing of Chand Raat.

Eid Mubarak & Geo Mubarak

Geo TV and AAG TV back on cable in Islamabad but Geo News and Geo super still at large, any way I believe this is a positive step form government side and hope in future they will be more tolerant about media

Eid Kay Rang: Men & Women

For men on eid

Where men are busy in animal selection, buying, feeding, and slaughtering chores ….

Women are selecting chooriyaan, mehndi, and dresses for the whole family.

Bakra Byte-by-Byte

hassle%20free%20bakra.JPG As Eid-ul-Adhaa is approaching, bakra mandi is becoming more and more inacessible ~ thanks to the heavy traffic. If you are not a big fan of going and selecting the animal yourself, you can always book it online. Remember its E-Bakra Era …!

Unfortunately, couldn’t find any Online Bakra delivery service in Islamabad but I found Online Qurbani. The site’s has some interesting FAQs that can arm you with the right questions to ask from a bakray wala during selection and bargain.

The price range is as usual HIGH as we noticed last year. You’ll go prepared but beware of pickpockets too … !!

I’m pasting below a few Bakra-related terms I learnt last year. May help you :)

Give it away, on this Eid


This image was published in Jang sometime one-week after last Eid-ul-Azha, carrying the caption:


Don’t you find it quite strange the way people stiff the meat into their freezing machines, on Eid-ul-Azha, every year. I mean its good to eat meat, and at times its good to eat a lot of it, but we should always make room for those who don’t happen to have a glimpse of it, not even on Eid, let alone for the rest of the year.

After all, its not all about eating meat.

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