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How the Bakras Got Lucky in Morocco


Now, I’ve always known about the pre-Eid livestock price hike. What I didn’t know was that there are goats out there that are actually being sold at prices as high as Rs. 100,000. And the fact has left me stunned. I still can’t get over it. Rs. 100,000 for a goat! My friends assure me though that these are ‘very special’ goats – super-bakras, so to speak – huge animals born and bred specifically for the purpose of being sacrificed on Eid-ul-Azha. I have never seen a super-bakra myself. But then I haven’t seen many things yet and the world surprises me quite frequently, so I’m sure these 100,000-rupee goats must really be something.

But forget the super-bakras – it’s the normal-sized goats that should concern most of us. According to this article in The News, prices for sacrificial animals in general have really gone up this year. The average goat costs more than Rs 10,000 and the average cow can set you back Rs. 40,000 or more. Most Pakistani families can’t afford to pay figures like those, and that’s sad because for most people, Bakra Eid is all about the bakra. Of course, it doesn’t have to be about the bakra at all if you can’t afford it – me, I’d prefer a butcher-free festival altogether, thank you very much. But I’m sure it means a lot to most people.

Anyway, so we were talking about this issue last night, when my grandfather mentioned an interesting bit of trivia. On at least one Eid-ul-Azha many years ago, the King of Morocco asked his people not to sacrifice any animals because there was a dearth of livestock in the country and the economy was a mess. Instead the King declared that he himself would offer two animals in sacrifice: one of his own, and one on behalf of all his people.

I thought that was a pretty nice thing to do. And it was also just as good of the Moroccan people to accept the gesture. =)

Here‘s an article about this year’s Eid-ul-Azha in Morocco.

Beggars are Scary

Since the start of Ramdhan, the very first thing that you’ll notice “en abundance” in Islamabad roads and markets are beggars. A day before Eid I had the chance to visit Jinnah Super. Even before the car is parked, beggars in all sizes are already by the window. Not only the sizes vary, the tactics and begging techniques are different too. The most common are the white-collared beggars (no offence; white-collar is an act that they play); dressed nicely and asking for some financial “help” after a long narration of sufferings.

Anyhow, I experienced a completely new thing in the world of begging on Saturday. In the Chen One enclosure of Jinnah, a woman clad in a malang-ish dress, with lots of beaded strings around her neck … acting as if mute and dribbling a lot too, was literally clutching every passer-by’s arm. If not that, she would just enter in a shop, supposedly asking for money through her gestures. The sketch of her appearance may sound not-so-bad, but she certainly had some scary aura.

Raunaqein Chaand Raat ki …

Revisiting the Chaand Raat … !

No matter what happens, Jinnah Super will remain the Hub of Chaand Raat activities in Islamabad. On the eve of 29th rauza, I still remember people out enjoying and shopping and waiting for Eid’s cofirmation the next day. One generation gone, another is here … charms stay the same.

On IMB’s Flickr pool, someone shard these beautiful snaps … I’m sharing them with our readers too …. !

As the night looks young, alive, and kicking – the morning was silent and calm.

Jewelry in high demand always … !

Chooriyaaaaan :-)

BTW, the screen in backdrop is showing that fawad and ainee’s Pepsi commercial, in case someone asks :)

Eid Ka Chaand Mubarak

A very delicate Eid ka chand I captured this evening

With the sighting of Eid’s chand, the first thing that happens is sudden buzzing of your mobile and the rush-in of messages. Some filled with wishes and prayers for Eid; some so funny and witty that you can’t stop laughing.

Sharing some with our readers here :-)

“Beware of other Duplicate Eid Wishers”

I”m the ONLY Authorized ISO 2007 Certified Dealer in Eid Wishes.

I wish you an Originally Sweet Eid Mubarak.

No network Coverage, Battery Low, Lien Busy, No Credit, Switch off …

Koi bhi problem ho sakta hay isiliyay in advance

HappPppPY Eid Mubarak ;-)

A GOOD NewS foR you …

I’m Coming to meet you today in the evening …

Please welcome me with Open Arms & Smiling Face …!

Only Yours

Eid ka Chand

So, wishing you all a very happy eid …!

Eid Ka Chaand ;-)

What unique messages You got this chaand Raat??

Calmness arrives …

This morning when I left home for office, Islamabad was a lot more calm and peaceful. No rush and hustle bustle of morning hours. A mark difference in the number of cars stopping at signals.

Islamabad was surrounded in a feel of peace and tranquility that I adore about my city, just like old days’. Most of the people in the city took off on friday and fled off to subsequent cities and towns they come from. For a long and joyfull week in view. Interestingly, I noticed some 4-5 families carrying the cases to their cars at different places in the wee hours.

Islamabad’s known to be a “Dead City” specially on eids, though the trend has hugely changed in past few years. It’s not dead any more … it may be to YOU, if you haven’t yet understood the soul of this serene city.

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