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Rain Spell Continues

View From Rawal Lake.jpgThe current spell of rain that has lashed Islamabad and Rawalpindi since Friday is unlikely to be broken for another 48 hours, a Met official said on Sunday.

The residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad have had to cope with pouring rain for almost three days now and because of this most of them had to remain indoors. But those who did venture out were not troubled by traffic, which remained particularly thin. The maximum rainfall recorded in Rawalpindi was 100mm while in Islamabad it was measured at 50mm. There were reports of snowfall on Murree Hills and adjoining areas that blocked roads at several places.

The Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) deployed two mobile units to help people in trouble because of the rain so if someones vehicle breaks down they can call them for assistance.

Don’t Put Your Raincoats Away, Yet

The weather here in Islamabad has been unusually warm during the last week. Although it can’t be called hot compared to what will follow in a few months, yet it has been slightly more temperate. Mets around the world are predicting warmer summers and cooler winters this year.

However the recent wave of pleasent weather is finaly expected to come to an end soon till February 10. It’s expected that rains will follow. After two to three days the weather will become cloudy and the temperatures will drop. Rain will persist intermittently for next three to four days. So much for the sun.

White Christmas and Eid

With many events approaching fast …. 25th would be quaid day and Christmas … 29th dec is Hajj …then 1st Jan would be Eid ul Adh’aa as well as New year … so what would be teh colour of these events This Year ???

It’s all WHITE ….!!!!!!

Here’s what MET office tells about it …!

On Christmas day, a strong system of cold, westerly winds will cause rainfall over wide areas of Pakistan and snowfall in mountainous regions, including Murree.

“A westerly system is approaching Pakistan on December 25, which will bring rain in upper Punjab, Kashmir, parts of Balochistan, Quetta division and the mountains in the north,” a forecasting officer at the Met Office told. He said the rain and snow would continue for two days, which would further lower the temperature by at least two degrees. On Thursday, a weak westerly disturbance over Rawalpindi-Islamabad and adjoining areas of Kashmir and parts of NWFP caused some rain and light snow in Murree.

“There were only traces of rain recorded in the twin cities, but Murree had one inch of snow, while major towns in Kashmir had some rain,” the Met Office said.

So grab your coats and wools and enjoy the holidays :>

Islamabad – At the Moment

Islamabad - The Beautiful ... The Enchanting!

Since early morning, Islamabad is looking all lovely … misty with light drizzle … fog hiding the Margalla hills … and Islamabad more or less looking like Nathia Gali or Khanaspur …!

it’s all appealing and attractive at the moment … I wonder if there’s some other city in this whole world equally enchanting ;-)

Drive safely … don’t indulge much in its beauty that you hit your machine :>

Image Courtesy: Ahsan Rashid – Flickr

The future of our cricket players!


Nightingale at Day Time … :)

Nightingale ....

A nightingale fluffs up its feathers after rains gave a shower to the city and brought down the temperature

Looking lovely n’ beautiful …!

As Winter Knocks In …

A couple selects warm caps for their children at a roadside stall as rains on Saturday and Sunday turned the weather cold … Chilly … :>

Chilling ....

Rainy season ;~)

Three foreigners seen at Daman-i-Koh fully prepared to enjoy the scenic spot and the view of rain-washed Islamabad from there… Coool …!

مٹی کی خوشبو ۔۔۔ … Weekend Delights

اسلام ٰآباد کی مٹی اس وقت، دھیمے سے تیز ہوتی، پھوار کے زیرِ اثر مہک رہی ہے ۔۔۔ بادلوں کی گھن گرج یکبارگی سے دلوں کو سہما رہی ہے تو کبھی آہستہ آہستہ اپنی موجودگی کا یقین دے رہی ہے ۔۔۔ بارش بھی دھیرج اور تیزی کے بیچ ڈول رہی ہے ۔۔۔

صبح یقیناً تازگی ۔۔۔ اور ٹھنڈک لئیے ہوگی ۔۔۔ اس سے بہتر کسی بھی ہفتے کا اختتام کیا ہوسکتا ہے ۔۔ میں تو جارہی ہوں مٹی کو اس خوشبو کو اپنے اندر مدغم کرنے ۔۔۔ آپ بھی جائیں اور کچھ لمحے خدا کی صناعی کی تعریف میں گزاریں ۔۔۔۔

In short I’ve written here that the weather is lovely at the moment in Islamabad … the sweet scent of soil after rain droplets fall on it … is alluring you like something … clouds roaring …

What one can wish for when such a weekend is here … go plan some hang out … take your family out … have some lunch or dinner out … go to Lok Virsa … Play cool and chill … don’t forget to praise Allah and thank him for such small but beautiful delights that he pours into our lives so often … Alhamdolillah :)

Naan Tale

Uff yah Naan

Naanbai at work in Sitara Market as the price of Naan has been increased arbitrarily by Tandoorwalas here …!

And not to mention the size and quality has largely suffered … for teh same price in Lahore you can get a very well-made … well-sized Naan … even with a heavy amount of Tills (Sesame Seeds) on them … but here … don’t ask :/

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