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Color Game

Lal is lal

Woohoo ... paint it white

Is it all about the color only?? Riots can be initiated, innocents can be killed, vehicles can be burnt, public property can be damaged, police can be beaten, sign boards can be uprooted … Eeman (faith) demands a bit more or is it just me??

Tragic in the name of Islam!!

Islamabad the red zone area!

Islamabad is facing a lot of controversial statements from around the world, due to the ongoing situation of Lal Masjid and then the judicial crisis.

My friends abroad ask me what it is all about. They are scared and anxious to know about all the facts and figures, but what to tell them as we ourselves do not know what the true picture is. Who is behind the scene and what conspiracy theory is taking place.

One of my friend who is visiting Pakistan asked me, before arriving, that will we be able to hangout in Islamabad or this trip of mine will be restricted just to Pindi? I tell her that there is nothing as such the only place which is under curfew and surveillance is G-6 and the linked areas. The life in other parts is going along normally.

Now as the time passes by the situation is getting worse, no one knows where the next bomb blast take place and who could be the target.

Islamabad, once a city of peace and prosperity is now under a great threat. And it is all happening under the nose of Mr. Musharaf, President of Pakistan.

Talking about the lives of common people of Islamabad; it is not that much affected, as they are living their routine life as before but just with a little fear and eye on the current situation.

Talking to a shopkeeper in blue area I asked if the business is affected by the current scenario of Lal Masjid and he said those who buy are still coming and business is not that much affected. It shows that now people are not that much concerned about their security as they know Government do such dramas once in a while or that they can not stop living their lives, just because such threats are so common in Pakistan within the time spam of 3,4 years.

A part from that we should try to take extra precautionary steps because prevention is better than cure. Try not to indulge in such activities which keep you away from home till late night. Do not visit crowded places so often, especially concerts and etc.


“The government has decided to deploy Rangers in the federal capital permanently due to the deteriorating security situation, Online reported. The government has also decided to keep Punjab police personnel in Islamabad for an indefinite period. Senior Islamabad police officer Shahid Nadeem Baloch told AFP that the police had set up extra pickets at all entry and exit points of the capital. Scanners and video cameras were also being installed at markets and other public places, Baloch said. He said no arrest had been made so far in the ongoing investigation. He added that there was a likelihood of more suicide attacks to come”. Daily Times.july 29, 2007

Lal Masjid Opens For Friday Prayers

redmosque_ap.jpgAfter Operation Silence on 10th July 2007, this is the first time the Lal Masjid has been opened for Juma prayers.

Photo Credit : AP

Latest!-27th July 08:00 PM
According to the recent updates 13 people are so far dead in the blast. 43 injured. Mostly among dead are the police constables.

Latest!-27th July 05:15 PM

A huge bomb blast near Lal Masjid has just killed several people. Riots broke out outside Lal masjid with people throwing stones on security personal. Severe tear gas shelling in the area. Makings of another showdown in progress. More updates comming in.


Latest!-27th July 02:30 PM
People finally offered prayers on the road behind Maulana Altaf, a student of Jamia Fareedia. According to unconfirmed estimate, approximately 5000 people were present onsite

Latest!-27th July 01:30 PM

Maulana Ashfaq Madni to lead the juma prayers.Students of Maulana Gazi who was killed in action on 10th July are protesting inside the Mosque and not allowing Ashfaq to lead the prayers. They demad Ghazi’s brother Abdul Aziz to be brought to the mosque to lead prayers. Security forces have been moved out of the area and there are only civilians there at the scene. The number of people at the scene is in thousands. However people are protesting inside the mosque playing Jihadi songs, chanting slogans against the government. In an exchange of punches and kicks some people had to flee the scene, when the crowd fell out in a row. Heavy exchange of bows, shoes and chappals. Jumma prayer already delayed.

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POLL: Lal Masjid Combat

Poll Results:

Total votes cast (to the moment): 552

Opinions & Percentages:

Yes, I was waiting for a quick action. 22.5 %
No, they should have tried to do professional negotioations. 21.4 %
I thought it has to be done fast but now I’m not sure if it was justified. 9.4 %
Govt. went crazy.18.3 %
Lal masjid clerics deserved this. 28.3 %
We can’t kill our own people like this. 31.0 %

Though, You can see the results yourself … but officially they’ll be announced on Sunday.

Jameya Hafsa’s side of story

Circulating around is this article by Dr. Shahid Masood printed in today’s Jang.

You can read it following this link too ..!

there are times when you can’t just take sides … mind says something else and heart tells an altogether different story …!

Will we ever learn to follow the mid-path?? the path taught by Islam??

I’m very confused … are you??

Praying that Allah keep us on straight path … and a blessed one. And praying for all those Pakistanis we lost in lal masjid finale on 10th july.

Right Click, Rename, ‘Sunrise.’

Yesterday I read the news paper and came across a weird revelation. The ISPR (Interservices Public Relations) office I think has tried to rename the operation, or was it miscommunication on the news media’s end? I don’t know, but it goes to show how serious we can been when looking at the details of an operation of such magnitude.

When governmental and military activism started it was named ‘Lal Deen’, then it came out in the shape of ‘Silence’, now it is being called ‘Sunrise’. An allusive point being made here?

ISPR clarifies operation’s name

7-3-2007_25358_l.gif.jpgISLAMABAD, July 12: The ISPR on Thursday clarified that the operation conducted in Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid had no particular name.

A spokesman said it had been referred to as operation ‘Sunrise’ inadvertently. “This name had been given by one of the unit participating in operation,” the spokesman added.–APP [Link]

I know, I know, some of us will only take this opportunity to point fingers at the army guys, like I did, but then they should also realize that English nomenclature is not their forte. Have a blast calling it Operation Sunrise…! The image however has quite a bad relation.

Going Back – 10th July 2007

10th July 2007 passed marking a huge spot not only in Islamabad’s history, but in Pakistan’s too. The year 2007 remained eventful throughout, till now and it’s just the seventh month. Giving no margins and no breaks to anyone.

What happened during lal masjid siege and the whole saga was something that will should leave us thinking of where things went wrong, how this extremism started, and well if it’s extremism at all?? Stance may have been right but implementation was wrong. Stance may have been right but how can you justify the many strings attached to the whole scene and were “reported” now and then??

On this I want to quote Hafiz saying these wonderful words … centuries back

Candle’s story how can I tell?
Of the broken heart’s living hell?
My sorrow is in how I can find
Another who knows these sorrows well.

نی قصه آن شمع چگل بتوان گفـت
نی حال دل سوخته دل بتوان گفـت
غم در دل تنگ من از آن است که نیست
یک دوست که با او غم دل بتوان گفت

Taking a picturesque review (courtesy Dawn, DT, Khabrain) of the events we went through just in one day. Correction: We only saw and opinionated en rage … and people suffered.

Operation Silence – Final Showdown

An old man cries for his son trapped inside the Jamia Hafsa Complex – Photo Credit :AP

Ghazi Abdur Rasheed, Deputy Cleric Of Lal Masjid Killed in Crossfire.According to the latest information, Abdur Rasheed Ghazi, who was leading the militant resistance from within the Lal Masjid after the capture of his brother Abdul Aziz, has been killed in cross fire. He was asked to surrender out of his bunker after being hit in the leg, but he could not come out after 4 hours of siege of his bunker. Later he was killed in exchange of fire.

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First Reports
Talks between the government and Lal masjid have failed. The religous leaders from the government side came back dissappointed, and shut off their mobiles. Final operation given a go ahead. Operation started at 4.30 am, after a government’s press conference. Severe fighting going on since 4:45 am. Commandoes have entered the complex. More than 70 big explosions. 2 ellite force officers dead. 8 severely injured. The whole of Islamabad is rocking with mega explosions, and intense firing. More than 30 ambulances deployed and in action. According to the reports by Ghazi Abdul-ur-Rasheed his mother died during the assault. A significant number of dead bodies inside the complex. According to the military spokesman, the millitants are using rocket launchers, gernades, and heavy arms. Meanwhile when the operation started, 20 children were safely recovered. DG ISPR has reported that the operation will be completed in 3 hours, and currently militants are present in the basement of the complex. Some militants are showing resistance from the top of the complex. Clouds of heavy smoke rising from the complex. Islamabad has been sealed off from all directions so people comming to the capital from outside should take appropriate measures.

Latest!-11th July 01:30 PM
Reports from last night indicate 3 more militants were killed in exchange of fire, and another secuirty force official was also killed in cross fire. Operation is almost complete, with the clean up second phase already in progress in some parts of the complex. Media personal are told to be taken into the complex sometime later in the afternoon. According to government officials all illegal structures in the Lal Masjid compound which were established on illegally occupied state land would be demolished after the operation is complete. Meanwhile the city is slowly returning back to routine life, however at this time there were no confrimed reports of relaxation in curfew in the affected areas of G-6 sector where the complex is situated. Citizens are advised to take caution travelling in eastern parts of Bluearea, and sectors G-7 and G-5.

Latest!-10th July 11:00 PM
Ghazi Abdur Rasheed’s body has been taken out of the Jamia Hafsa Complex. Meanwhile three loud explosions have been heard from Lal Masjid over here. Operation still going on. Bodies being sent to I-8 morge. Reports of taking media to have a round of Lal masjid complex tomorrow. Musharraf will address the nation tomorrow evening.

Latest!-10th July 08:45 PM
Islamabad is under red alert and a sensitive security zone right now. Security forces are on a look out for mysterious figures, and spot checking being done on any suspicous people. Military forces are securing different sectors for fear of any possible repurcussion and backlash of this event as riots have already broken out in other parts of the country including Swat and Kohistan area. Meanwhile operation still going on in Lal Masjid against hand full of militants who are showing resistance. Once the area has been cleared and sanatized, cleaning forces would move in to secure the area. Reports confirm cousins of Ghazi’ have also been killed in the operation. Ghazi’s aunts and sisters have requested the government official to hand over ghazi’s body to the relatives for proper burial. Security personals are doing spot checks for any suspicious people. Residents of G-6,-G-7,-Bluearea,F-6,F-7 and Diplomatic enclave are advised to take appropriate caution while travelling.

Latest!-10th July 06:45 PM
Ghazi Abdur Rasheed, Deputy Cleric Of Lal Masjid Killed in Crossfire. According to the latest information, Abdur Rasheed Ghazi, who was leading the militant resistance from within the Lal Masjid after the capture of his brother Abdul Aziz, has been killed in cross fire. He was asked to surrender out of his bunker after being hit in the leg, but he could not come out after 4 hours of siege of his bunker. Later he was killed in exchange of fire. His body is still inside the facility and has not been recovered yet. Security forces are continuing operations in other part of the area and trying to free any additional hostages.

The Siege of Lal Masjid: Day 6 of Operation Silence

LiveBlog documenting Day 6 of the crack down on Lal Masjid in Islamabad. Keep posting your Comments. You can read another of our earlier posts about Operation Silence (Days 1-3, Day 4, and Day 5) on Lal Masjid!

Dear Readers, while this highly controversial issue has engulfed us all and a lot of emotion, sentiment, and passion is involved, please refrain from deluging the comments area with personal slander and allusive slurs, Thanks a lot.

IMB Team

9th July 10:25 PM
An awesome Ayaath from Surrah Tauba (9) was shared on PTV:
Have a read at the translation if not the Arabic.

9th July 9:22 PM
So a lot happened in the last 24 hours, but I am sorry that we could not keep this updated as life has to go on. Your comments and emotions tell me that we still have conscience.

From UAVs to more sporadic firing to Ulema and Politicians along with renowned social workers heading to the Lal Masjid to make a final plea to Maulana Sahib to let the authorities in and let go of the children and women inside, there still seems to be some stalemate between the two sides. And yes, not to forget the rotting corpses inside! God! The inhumanity! What was left was for the District Session Judge to arrive at the scene and make a ‘request’ to the criminals inside to give up. I certainly hope these are the last formalities that the government is undertaking, this is way beyond challenging the writ of the government. Maulana Sahib come out!

Both the sides had agreed that they would be no further dialog, but it seems they are pussy-footing on both ends. The pro-government elements have a clear stance. Law and order, safety of children and women, and elderly as one has already committed suicide, and putting an end to the defamation of Islam, Mosques, and Muslims!

Innocents do not need to hide from the law, the LAW, as it was made, was made to protect the innocent, right Maulana Sahib? So here they are! Bad boys, bad boys, watchya gonna do?… and so on.

There have been reports from inside that they have already distributed 15 jackets amongst themselves. These are suicide jackets. Reverse creativity in Pakistan is very common, where nations try to prefect ‘life jackets’, these madmen have developed ‘suicide jackets’… When is the summer sale, God damn it!? One cannot stop short of recognizing this as a suicide cult.

Till any further development ladies and gentlemen, we wait and see, as this whole episode enters its 2nd week tomorrow while slowly eating away at any braincells that are left. Enjoy, with utter distaste I say!


Lal Masjid Funders – Names Disclosed

Abdul Aziz, in due course of his judicial remand, discloses the names of few who used to fund Cause of lal Masjid.

Details can be seen in the image pasted below, taken from Jang, (courtesy a Reader Usman)

Abdul Aziz discloses names of people who funded lal mosque

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