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Youtube and Flickr- Need lube and a kick-er?

Life restricted? Everyone committed? details omitted and every fucked up thought in the world remitted. Welcome to Pakistan. Welcome to the land of the free and green. Welcome to the den of the Holy. Welcome to the Mecca of corruption and welcome to a place where you’re an asshole and the Government is holy and doing stuff like this will stop the Zionists from ruining our life. SOS ZAID HAMID YOU WERE RIGHT… fucking hell.. *shoots himself*

3 Years of Metroblogging

Islamabad MB is 3 years Old

The baby who ventured off in 2005’s one cold morning has already started kicking arms and legs now. Yup the baby is old enough to give you a severe headache ;)

Islamabad Meblogs is celebrating Third Birthday.

Oh my gosh … time is flying real fast.

Wishing you a long long post-ful journey ahead.

Keep Kicking.

We love all of you who keep on making us post more and more.


Islamabad MB’s authors

My Life Journey:

Awe-Inspiring Tale

Few months back, I saw a wonderful insightful post on Social Bridges. I immediately thought to share it on Islamabad Metroblog as well but thanks to my short-term memory retention, I forgot. Thanks to my link saving habit though ;) I remember now.

Quoting what Osama wrote:

When I was visiting Quaid-e-Azam university a month ago for a seminar, I stopped in my tracks to notice this very interesting custom-modified motorcycle parked in the garage. The students with me started telling me the story of this gentleman who drives this highly modified vehicle that helps him overcome his physical challenges.

I think this is a highly inspiring example of overcoming any personal challenge with innovation, even if it doesn’t relate to physical disability. I also think this vehicles like these can tap into an amazing new niche market.

Atlas Honda – why are you guys missing this opportunity? It just requires one new mechanical harness at the back and you can create these niche bikes and make good money selling them. We wont blame you for earning profits from your product, rather we’ll recognize you for your socially aware product design.

I was genuinely happy to read this. Do you know of any such examples nearby?

The Dove is Back!

Every morning when I used to enter Islamabad, I was greeted by the symbol of peace, the dove. But for the past many days I was missing seeing the ‘dove’ monument that is situated on Zero Point. It seemed that ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ people had paid a hefty (advertisement) sum to the authorities (or maybe the poor drama people were not involved in this crime), that is why they had placed a big banner ad in front of the poor helpless dove. I didn’t mind the drama being advertised all over the place, but I sure was annoyed at this placement of the ad.

Today was different from the past couple of days. Today when I reached Zero Point and glanced up from my seat to find the same ad shrouding the monument, I was surprised. There was no ad but the same old dove standing tall in its place. It was maybe not a big thing but it truly filled my heart with joy.

So I think it is safe for me to say, “The dove is back!” Hope it remains in its place and the authorities do not blindly (and mercilessly) cover it up again yet for another ad.

Ramadhan Mubarak

Ramadhan MubarakRamadhan moon’s been sighted in Pakistan and on 2nd we’ll have our first fast. May the month of Ramadhan brings to us Allah Almighty’s countless blessings and bounties. In faith.

Please remember us in your special prayers. And do pray for Pakistan too ~ Ramadhan commences in Pakistan the same day after years. I hope this proves to be a good sign in the bigger picture.

ps: In case you cant comprehend my post .. ramadhan = Ramzan.



So Musharaf resigned.

The Ride

Pakistan Day Biker, originally uploaded by go2net.

See the Mickey Mouse on our flag… Sigh.

Its interesting, nevertheless :)

Qismat Apnay Hath May, Le Lo

I’m currently listening to the newly released album of Shezad Roy, Qismat Apnay Haath May.

Qismat Apnay Haath May
Mind blowing songs. Impressive lyrics. Songs like Lage raho, qismat apnay haath may, Quaid e azam, Zindagi Feat Abida Parveen, Baro chal are the ones you may want to listen to again and again.

The title song starts like:

(A girl in oh-I-Be-So-Attitude says):
Main mulk se bahar parhne jana chahti hoon
takay wapis akay ghareeb logon ki..
You know jo ghareeb hotay hain..
You know jo thoray say woh hotay hain..
You know ghareeb say?
You know what I mean?
Unki madad karna chahti hoon

Shehzad Roy:
*cough cough*

What happened?

I am allergic to bullshit

The video of Lagga Rahay is already screening. Watch it here.

In today’s political chaos … this is a perfect treat. Time when we are left of past glories and mistakes … wary of the tomorrow. Pakistan ka kiya hoggga. The statements we make on and off and well…. forget everything in little luxuries available to us. Time for some waking up to do~

Ahh the words.

The uniqueness of this album is its release ceremony too. Karachi’s Juvenile jail was the opening venue. ATP reports on the album too.

The message works? In your opinion? At least I’m listening to a song that voices my doubts and worries.

GO HURRY …. grab your cassette/CD now :)

Allah o Akbar: The Memories


The lights on Chaghi’s model near Faizabad fluover commemorating this day when Pakistan became nuclear power.

A decade down the lane already. I remember when the news arrived that Pakistan has successfully tested Nuclear Bombs; people were of two views. Happier lot and the ones fretting over deteriorating economy and condition of awaam.  Still, at large we were hopeful and happy. The next year Nawaz Sharif, the then prime minister, asked Pakistanis to take part in naming the day. Since online option existed too (and there was a good good prize money :~) ), I particpated too. Didnt get the prize, still got Nawaz Sharif’s signed letter of thanks. He was not in my good books then. Yaum e takbeer, it was named.

A decade gone and we haven’t moved much. Forward not at all; backward probably yes. When I look around I see frustration. People cannot feed their kids milk, eggs, meat, pulses, fruits and even vegetables. Wheat is already short. And in these circumstances if I get to read family suicidal news, I’m not shocked. Suicide is haraam in Islam. But Islam lead towards a welfare state … that is far-fetched dream still. And when I look further, I see on roads of Islamabad young boys holding cigars and cigarettes, thumping deck of their Porsche and Convertible BMWs. Obviously hard-earned by their fathers … the stark comparison STUNS me.  I can whine at heart; in act probably I’m part of this corrupt tale.

I hope teh end I’m seeing is not a dead-end. Inshah Allah!

Glimpses into Olympic Torch’s Visit

….. After 44 years :)


Preparations amidst security

A Pakistani soldier and a police officer stand guard as Pakistani athletes take part in a rehearsal for the upcoming Olympic torch greeting ceremony at Pakistan Sport Complex, in Islamabad, Pakistan on Tuesday, April 15, 2008. The Olympic torch will arrive in Pakistan on April 16 on its 20-country, 137,000-kilometer (85,100-mile), global journey. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti) …Courtesy

Dhol Tamashay ;-)



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