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Traffic Signal: Smashed or Perhaps Thrashed Too

Smashed and thrashed kind of traffic signals can be witnessed even in the Capital City of Pakistan. Looking at this signal pole and broken lights brought thoughts of a horror movie to my mind. I imagined a horrifying, drooling, beastly creature whose eye had popped out. Instead of falling to the ground, and getting squashed under the mighty feet of the following fellow beast, the eye is still hanging there from the tiny tissue fragments. And as the creature moves the hanging eye dangles. (… think i am getting carried away.)

The broken signal was still functional. It stood with its head held high and kept serving the people passing by it. I wonder how it turned into its shabby broken self. My first guess was rioting people who kinda enjoy thrashing anything that comes in their way. Or it could also have been an enthusiast practicing stone throwing while keeping the signal as target. Perhaps some “angry birds” took their anger out on the poor signal they used a a pedestal.

I just wish the repair works would be on their way soon.

Traffic Signal: Smashed or Perhaps Thrashed Too

Traffic Signal: Smashed or Perhaps Thrashed Too

Tale of FBISE and the Online Result Inquiry

The result if Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Part I of Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) is out. It means that the tense wait for the class ninth students, who had appeared in their final exams under the flag of Federal Board, is now over. Their result is out and their fates that whether they passed or not are written.

The good thing is that FBISE has a web site from where the kids (and their parents and relatives and all) can check the result. The web site is The result can be searched out based on the Roll Number, Student’s Full Name or through the name of the institution. This can save everybody time and hassle of waiting in physical queues in the markets or at the school premises.

Thinking all this I also happily accessed the web site to look for the result of an acquaintance. The ordeal I had to go through in doing this was tremendous. The first was the “Server is too busy” blow that I got on my initial access. I kept getting this for quite some time. When the page with a field to enter in a Roll Number along with a Submit button appeared, I forgot all my troubles and considered the worst to be over. I entered in the Roll Number and hit the Submit button, only to be put through the torture of witnessing an “in progress” cursor which eventually ended on a “run time error”. Darn web site!

I did not lose hope and kept on receiving the “busy server” and “run time errors” for more than an hour. During that time I had tried all my options of searching the result; i.e. via the Full Name, the Roll Number and even the name of the institute. Alas! I failed again and again and AGAIN.

Just when I was about to pull out my hair, scream and punch the monitor, I was greeted by a surprise. The result page of that kid had mysteriously appeared on my screen without any errors. I thanked my stars, noted down the result and hurried away from the horrid web site.

I request the FBISE personnel to kindly take notice of this and get the web site upgraded so that people can actually benefit from it without going bonkers.

Youtube and Flickr- Need lube and a kick-er?

Life restricted? Everyone committed? details omitted and every fucked up thought in the world remitted. Welcome to Pakistan. Welcome to the land of the free and green. Welcome to the den of the Holy. Welcome to the Mecca of corruption and welcome to a place where you’re an asshole and the Government is holy and doing stuff like this will stop the Zionists from ruining our life. SOS ZAID HAMID YOU WERE RIGHT… fucking hell.. *shoots himself*

Honey, Sugar Sugar

Breaking News! After hitting the domestic users hard, the sugar crisis has now hit the non-confectionery corporate sectors of Islamabad as well. Many offices have started serving sugar-less tea to their employees. The effected beings are in severe pain as their taste buds are howling and bawling for sweetness. It is only a matter of time till the effected, sugar-deprived tongues will remain silent over this issue. Soon there will be a huge protest that will eat up anything salty or sweet that comes in its way. “The petition to make sugary tea available is scheduled to be put forward to the CEOs of the companies.”, said an insider source. Stay tuned for updates on this issue.

Tip: Get the quantity of “Everyday” in your tea increased to make up for the missing sugar. *giggles*

Title of this post inspired by the lyrics of “Sugar Sugar” by The Archies.

Water theft?

If you go walking down the path that leads to the Haunted Hill (the park with that little ice cream khokha called Hotspot) you will see this to your left:



What you see all wrapped up in a plastic cover in the first picture is a donkey pump, and that donkey pump is connected to a yellow flexible pipe, which in turn is connected to a steel pipe which goes under the footpath you are treading on. Now the following picture was taken a few months later:


The donkey pump now seems to be covered with a metal shed and is hidden with the help of branches. The yellow pipe leading to the main underground pipe is still visible though. Here’s a satellite image of the location. The large white building is the Marriott hotel, and the yellow box in the upper left corner indicates the place where this contraption is located (you need a keen eye to find the yellow box!):


What do you make of this? I say this is theft! Why would a rich man living in a huge bungalow would want to steal water from the main pipeline? Do they have a swimming pool in their for their cows? Does the owner own a Jacuzzi and spends a large part of his day floating in a gigantic steaming and bubbling pool with his trusty rubber ducky? Or did they forget to make a water tank and are now extracting water directly from the main pipeline?


No Left Turn, originally uploaded by SajidIqbal.

Die with care ;-)

Monsoons: Caption It

Cuteness =))

Yeah Monsoons are here …  its raining raining raining some humidity and then again raining :)

I found this cute shot having five policemen under one umbrella :~)

Caption it please !


Shauq Da Koi Mol Nayii’n

Crowd at Long March

The much fussed Long March to Islamabad ended without any concrete changes. Though it left behind many speculations, good, bad and a few worst.
I was flickring through pictures when this picture sent me in a fit of laughter. Irony and Spirit: All Together.

Apart from the brilliant idea to get a clear and uninterrupted view of the dais/stage, I wonder how they managed to climb the huge signboard – that too with flags.

Waqayi: “Shauq daa koi mol nayii’n.”

Image Credits: Sajjad Ali Qureshi

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Business Ideas – This Summer ;-)

Malik Juice Center, F-11, Islamabad, originally uploaded by pkspare.

New Trends


In Islamabad a shopkeeper has unique way to shun borrowers off … we all don’t see restoration of judiciary any time soon. The crisis is still on =\

Image Courtesy: Khabrain

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