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New Year Resolution of “Paper Mulberry”!


Dinosaurs, whale, pelicans, etc…Some are already extinct and some are endangered species. But interestingly, when listing them, no one names me! I am especially very much angry at the people of Islamabad.

I am the Paper Mulberry tree.

The people of Islamabad planted me in Islamabad heavily and now I am almost extinct because they have linked me as the main cause behind most of the allergies in Islamabad.

Resistance has always been given a bad name! What most people don’t realize the fact is that resistance is the only thing that promotes growth.

“To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”

Ok, it might be true that I was a source of allergies, but why don’t you -Islooites- realize that I also helped prosper your sense of realization of health?

As I am dying here in Islamabad at the hands of those who planted me, I pray and cry out my new year’s resolution…and that is for Islooites to properly value the importance of mild resistance in the growth of anything positive!

May they learn to see the glass half-full instead of half-empty!!!

New Year Resolution of “The Sacrifice”!

The new year resolution of the Goat/Lamb/Cow to be slaughtered this Eid.


The New Year is approaching so very fast. Interestingly, it’s coinciding with the date that I shall be slaughtered in the name of the Lord, and for the betterment of humanity.

But I think sometimes.

Yes, the baaaa that may sound like an idiotic expression of chaos to you humans is actually an encoded voice of multiple emotions. Yes, we have emotions as well.

My New Year resolution does not make sense for myself, so it is for my fellows and my fore [be] coming consumers.

Slaughtering me to keep the tradition alive, the great tradition that was the sacrifice at the order of the Lord, sacrificing what is the dearest to you, you Humans. Are you really following the tradition or are you merely cherishing the delicacy of the ever-changing gourmet recipes that you invent every now and then. Am I being the subject of hungry stomachs, for filling of lust-full-bellies or is there still any Abrahim-ic sacrificial emotion left in you, you mere humans! You, the proud representatives of your Lord, our Lord. Are you really following the real purpose, the real spirit…or are you just playing along?

My this years resolution is to shake up the sleeping beauty, the real spirit behind the festivity that is celebrated on Eid-El-Azha in you, consumers…humans.

And I remain…yours deliciously!

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