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Hail Inzi

iInzi Bhai's last ODI appearance Today We waited for Inzi’s resignation from captaincy and the Retirement from Cricket … it’s at last here — it happened suddenly and tragicly But HEY whatever come stoday – Shouldn’t we be all up as a nation to hail the last ODI of our very own INZI BHAI :-)

He’s no doubt a cricketng GIANT — he gave us amazing shots and innings for past 15+ yeas — we Wish you luck and best wishes ahead (though, I’m sorry you dont have much of luck in Modelling).

we’ll still love you — wins and defeats are part of game and now THAT YOUR MUSTAKBIL IS IN SAFE HANDS (as an insurance advertisement says ;-)) we wish it real;ly would be.

Go Pakistan Go … we’ll wait for you this week back with us too ;-)

Islamabad’s 1st Gift: The Metamorphosis

This post is about Islamabad’s first gift to the world. For all other gifts posted, check out here. For an aggregation of world’s gifts to the world, check out here.

Since the topic is haphazard, so will the post as it is – the combined efforts of all the [busy] authors :), please excuse that.

Jaded share her passions:

Through my age of living here, and with all the things I’ve taken for granted I’ve never been able to quite understand what it is about Islamabad that makes it home. If I was a person of fancy, (And I am) I would say there is something in the air, a magic or a spell that seems to weave an aura of ever-change, never constant in the city.

But maybe you will see it only if you’ve lived here. There are still time zones here; past, present and future, each holding its own remarkable view. The lush greens, and large organized blocks of residence that still hold the quiet secrets of an era of security and calm that became the identifying feature of the city as we know it. Come forward to the areas that have grown in front of you and me, to see roads meandering past homes that resemble the Roman Forum or abode of the Greek Pantheon that signal the new beginnings of Islamabad architecture complemented by the splendor of buildings going mile high along the wide Quaid-e-Azam Avenue leading now to what is being projected as the face of the new futuristic Islamabad, the Centaurus.

All debates aside, the point remains that Islamabad in its own way is in perpetual motion. See its beautiful face and you will see contradictions within it even in terms of the people and the place it identifies. It is the crossroads where you will see people coming in from rural and urban centers around the country with their own cultures, languages and lifestyles and notice them amalgamate into the uniqueness that is Islamabad alone.

For me, there is no other city that holds within it so much and yet, continues to have room for more, opening its heart and mind to change, to new things and new people and still hug its own delicious secrets to itself.

The most beautiful thing about Islamabad is that it most beautifully amalgmates the eastern values alongwith the western corporate culture. The city has changed a lot in the last forty years, of which the last 20 years I have witnessed myself. Islamabad, what once was what could be quoted as Oscar Wilde’s heavenly crave for nature, with soundless yet full-of-nature natural life is now the combined

Moods of Islamabad - I

Backpacker count Islamabad’s assets rationally:

Islamabad is “Intriguing” in many ways from the moment you step into the city. The city is known for its “Serene” atmosphere. However contrary to many myths, it is always bustling with “Life”. For a person like me it offers a lot of opportunities for “Adventure” sports. Besides having a great outback it also has the “Magic” of a cosmopolitam city. Being the Captial of Pakistan it’s an “Abode” to a large number of expatriate population, and not to forget the “Basecamp” of all foriegn expeditions comming to Pakistan. Due to its distinct “Aura” as compared to other cities, living in Islamabad is a “Dream” for many.

Phil says with a witty touch:

With the winters coming in Gas heaters are the soul of Islamabad ; )

… Gas Heater’s are not only the ‘joy’ of winter’s in Islamabad, but they add to the subtle uniqueness of the city which can only glorify these ingenious ‘contraptions’. They are so to say, the inspiration of life in a few cases too :)

Moods of Islamabad - 2

A for Apple goes all emotional:

Islamabad is a city of dead for people coming in from Lahore and Karachi … for a bred-in soul like me it’s more than home to me – it’s an un-detachable part of my life …!

I strongly believe that the soul of this city is totally unmatchable … this is one city where you can find a spot to cater every mood of yours … this city has the quality to reflect moods and feelings of real human beings not the cars and machines … even the seasons echo emotions … winters (nostalgia strikes) … autumns (tranquility stays) … summers (dreams nourish)… springs (life blooms) … every season giving way to live your life …!

Whenever I’m out of the city and return to my home … words of “Islamabad – The Beautiful” and “Welcome to Islamabad” gives an untold pleasure and it’s an always feeling …!

It’s a city that has grown and lived to 40 yrs mark … becoming mature with every passing day … offering more than serenity and tranquility … offering REAL LIFE that only a true Islooitte can understand … there’s some magic in this city … it makes you addicted to its charms and you never want to leave … it’s not a city to me … it’s my home … my addiction (apart from Tea ;-)) … whether it be the mountains … skies … lake … flowers or even roads of this city … they call on me … and I’m becoming more and more addicted to it … with every passing day … An year back when tragedy hit the city … and beloved Pakistan … it shook us all … and I wish and pray that the love and passion I saw in people, in those days stay for you Islamabad and for Pakistan and for every city and town of Pakistan …I Love You Islamabad … May you stay Green … Beautiful … Progressive … Happy … Blooming … Amen!

Update: Thanks to A for Apple for compiling the pictures.

Winters are HERE

Go Birdy It's Rain coming ... Fly home ...!

So with the recent (and ONGOING) rains, the season, finally, took a leap into winters and it’s completely Chilly here in Islamabad now … Saturday ended with drizzle and all sunday Islooittes enjoyed even more drizzling and showers … Murree got the first Snow Fall of this winter’06 …!

Freshness Prevails ...!

Aaaah … the mountains in the evening (near maghrib time) were looking beyond lovely with clouds hovering all over them … well that’s Islamabad then … rains make you feel fresh and nostalgic at the same time … with beauty spread all around you … sadness may spread its wings too … !!!!

Stay Beautiful Islamabad … Just like that … all fresh … blooming … and staying green ;)

Islamabad’s 5th Gift: Vital Signs “POP Gurus”

“In the spirit of all the holiday gift giving that will be taking place over the next couple of months, all the Metroblogging cities are giving 7 gifts to the world throughout the week of NOV 26th – DEC 2.”

Vital Signs, POP gurus of 80’s and 90’s stand as 5th Gift to the world from Islamabad

vital_signs.jpgIn the shadowy days of 80’s … four youths hailed from this city to form the musical Band, Vital Signs, that later became the Passion of Young Blood of that era. Nazia & Zoheb, the two siblings, were already rocking the sub-continent with their sweet … melodious … uniquely new … groovy tunes while Alamgir, Rushdi and Roona Layla already gave way to POP sounds in Pakistan, earlier. But Vital Signs can be remembered as the first sole successful POP Band of Pakistan … hence the Pioneers of POP Music bands in Pakistan.

Departed but Not Forgotten

New GraveYard Site

The shed built at the new graveyard developed in H-11 sector, where funeral prayers would be held for the dead. The other picture shows residences built for the undertakers.

This is built just very near to the new FAST building and IIUI …. easily reachable ….!

مٹی کی خوشبو ۔۔۔ … Weekend Delights

اسلام ٰآباد کی مٹی اس وقت، دھیمے سے تیز ہوتی، پھوار کے زیرِ اثر مہک رہی ہے ۔۔۔ بادلوں کی گھن گرج یکبارگی سے دلوں کو سہما رہی ہے تو کبھی آہستہ آہستہ اپنی موجودگی کا یقین دے رہی ہے ۔۔۔ بارش بھی دھیرج اور تیزی کے بیچ ڈول رہی ہے ۔۔۔

صبح یقیناً تازگی ۔۔۔ اور ٹھنڈک لئیے ہوگی ۔۔۔ اس سے بہتر کسی بھی ہفتے کا اختتام کیا ہوسکتا ہے ۔۔ میں تو جارہی ہوں مٹی کو اس خوشبو کو اپنے اندر مدغم کرنے ۔۔۔ آپ بھی جائیں اور کچھ لمحے خدا کی صناعی کی تعریف میں گزاریں ۔۔۔۔

In short I’ve written here that the weather is lovely at the moment in Islamabad … the sweet scent of soil after rain droplets fall on it … is alluring you like something … clouds roaring …

What one can wish for when such a weekend is here … go plan some hang out … take your family out … have some lunch or dinner out … go to Lok Virsa … Play cool and chill … don’t forget to praise Allah and thank him for such small but beautiful delights that he pours into our lives so often … Alhamdolillah :)

Autumn Arrives!

A burst of colour heralds arrival of autumn in green Islamabad!

Beautiful Colours of Islamabad's Autumn

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