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Long March Approaches: In Pictures & Questions

Long MarchWe are out to save the judiciary. We are out to save the country.

Lawyers country-wide are approaching Islamabad, alongwith political leaders like Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan, to stage anti-Musharaf protests and reinstating of CJ and SC judges.

Musharaf’s entrapment is increasing day-by-day BUT don’t you think the judiciary is going political too. In present circumstances what do you think is good for Pakistan?

  • Musharaf leaving his seat?
  • CJ and other judges reinstated.
  • Zardari’s CO-PM status.
  • Nawaz Sharif coming in Parliament and a to-be PM.
  • “Azaaad Adliya” or Free Judiciary.

Do you think like shedding of uniform … Musharaf’s leaving the seat will bing any good to the nation and country?

Do you think reinstatement of judiciary is a bigger problem for awaam of Pakistan (a common Pakistani) or is it price hikes in daily commodities, Fuel, loadsheddings, etc.?

Who do you see as the perfect leader from the present clan of leaders?

The freedom of judiciary will ever be able to bring us free and fast judiciary too? Dowe have men of faith and just in abundance now?

I hope the answers to all these queries are not just rants of me and you. I hope that they be heard. In present circumstances I’m not very hopeful.

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Political Idol: Start Voting

Or just forget it.

simon-cowell.jpgIn what looks like Time Magazine’s attempt at mimicking reality TV shows like American Idol or those talent shows, they invite readers and users to vote amongst 200 candidates that should make it into the Top 100 Most Influential People in the World.

Pakistan had/has four candidates. Three of them live inside or in the vicinity of Islamabad. They are Pervez Musharraf, PM Gilani, Gen. Ashfaq Kiyani, and Bilawal Bhutto (Bilawal beats Bush?). Motivated by the recent acclaim received by a Lahori born photographer, I thought this too would be a fun way of doing some national international PR. Sadly, the real goings on are much more grim and need taken care of immediately.

The poll results are based on two values. One being the average rating, and the other just being a simple vote count. Both of these combined form the real ranking value of the candidate. A little fudged, as some would say, but our PM sahib Mr. Yusuf Raza Gilani has the second lowest votes but a much higher ranking due to a higher average ranking he received. And obviously, the higher the number of voters, the more converged (stable) the ranking of the candidate will be.

I don’t really know if the polling is still open or closed, but I have this gut feeling that with in a few years we will have candidates doing their gigs on stand and Simon Cowell taking a piss at them. Now that would be entertainment!

BTW, just so know, Stephen Colbert wins (or is winning) the poll, lol.

[Image Courtesy: ShowBizSpy]

Pakistan day Parade

While the nation was(barely celebrating) the Pakistan’s day this last Sunday, I for the first time in my life got a chance to see the Parade live ( although I lived in the air force community for over 20 years now).
For the past several years I had started to get disinterested in the show but theres always something about this showcasing of the ceremonial aspect of this military which is very inspiring and brings out the patriotic spirit in almost everyone, including me.
I had wished to see the parade live for several years and it was this year that my wish was granted.The president of Pakistan himself invited me to the Parade so I just had to go!!! :P (See pic below).


The whole ceremony was just awesome from the entrance of the president, the fly past of the Air Chief with afterburners on his F-16, to the skydiving and then the folding of the flag.
Although many of us may not like the military but you cant deny that they are the most disciplined unit in the country. And discipline is what we need the most in our chaotic lives. The aircraft acrobatic team of T-37 Shirdils displayed some awesome skill on their aircraft while working as a team and performing each move with accuracy and to perfection.
The parade not only shows the military might of the country but it also shows that we are becoming self-reliant and are making advanced military products. Which not only serve our purpose but can also help us in earning foreign exchange.
Missiles like Shaheen II, Tanks like Babar and the newly developed aircraft JF-17 clearly shows the forward thinking of the country and its quest for making its self stand on its own feet.

Happy Pakistan Day


It was the decisive day of March 23, 1940, when Pakistan Resolution (Lahore Resolution originally) was passed in general session of Muslim League at Iqbal Park (Manto Park originally), Lahore. It was this day that provided a direction to thousands of Muslims of sub-continent to move into. And it was this resolution that translated into creation of Pakistan on August 14, 1947.

Keeping the current state of affairs in our beloved country in view, the day happens to be a saddening one. What it was meant to be, and what we have got it into?


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