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Zaid Hamid hates you.. Or vice versa?

One fine night, the best defense analyst in the world aka Zaid Hamid pondered over where his life was and where it is now ( ofcourse every news channel is marred by him cussing at the Indian Zionists, Israeli Zionists, Pakistani Zionists, Super Zionists with no real identity, so he must be doing something right, or is it?)... He decided that he would go public, and this time not refrain to cursing the zionists, the army, the dhobi who ruined his prized red hat or the local grocery store, this time he thought he’d write a few verses in English to show the world that he can write, and write he did and what he came up with, in his opinion would win him literary accolades (but the darn jews get them every time don’t they? )..

I hate the way you’re not fond of me,
and the way you mock my hair,
I hate the way you call me khwar,
I hate it when I’m here.

I hate your big dumb Zionist roots,
and the way you kick my behind,
I hate you so much it makes me a chick,
and forces me to commit this crime.

I hate the way I cry at night,
I hate how I’m so shy,
I hate it how I have no staff,
even worse when I can’t eat paye.

I hate the way I’m always found,
and the fact that I can only crawl,
but mostly I hate the way I can’t save you,
not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.


Who deserves what?

Confusion is the prime of sorrow and everything that has been happening in the land of the green and the pure for the better half of the last decade can briefly be summarized as a confused view point following an even more confusing ideology. Everyone has a brief stint of identity crisis where the greener pastures seem blue if focused on properly but even more daunting than this is the global rejection of the green.

“We deserve it; it’s just God’s way of telling us that we aren’t good people”

This is something that I get to hear very often and it just makes me sad thinking how people can so aptly point this out without paying heed to the fact that the law and order lapses and the massive failure of infrastructure is a direct consequence of the short-term thinking of everyone who has been in power for the last six decades. It has all been due to the cat and mouse game that the honchos in big government establishments play when they could have diminished their differences and given more attention to both economic and environmental sustainability.

Why sit back silently and accept this as an order from the heavens and not ask questions? Why do we always give into dogma and refuse to question anything because either it is the ultimate word or it won’t make a difference if we ask questions. We know there was a flood, we know people are dying of hunger and disease, we know it’s the worst disaster of this century; we know it will take years to get everything back to the way it was. But isn’t it about time we start pruning every little detail and make amends so that it doesn’t happen again, isn’t it time we finally stop blaming it on some sect that doesn’t go to the same place to worship as you?

Acts of barbaric undertones have been happening for as long as I can remember. There have been public beheadings, little girls have been raped, people have been tortured and the recent incident in Sialkot is no less. It did not happen because we “deserve it”. It happened because people are afraid to raise a voice against anything that goes against their confused ideologies. It happened because at the end of the day every act of heinous malicious intent is justifiable using means ranging from scriptures to principles to how it’s a religious thing and no one should question it. It’s sad, really sad.

Tell this to a mother who lost her children or a kid who can’t ever have his parents sing lullabies again, tell them that they have been isolated in this world because “we as a nation” don’t deserve anything good. It’s about time we stop fighting over personal lives on national television, it’s about time we stop joining social networking sites to enhance a political image and it’s about time we start thinking about sustainability and a long-term view because you can have the best leader who can get people together but what direction to steer them is of utmost importance.

To think nine out of ten people that I asked about the recent catastrophe and what the solution to it post-rehab could be replied:-

“It’s happening because we aren’t good Muslims and we should hit the government with “a-shoe”.
Bless you I say, bless you.

(Picture taken by me)

Youtube and Flickr- Need lube and a kick-er?

Life restricted? Everyone committed? details omitted and every fucked up thought in the world remitted. Welcome to Pakistan. Welcome to the land of the free and green. Welcome to the den of the Holy. Welcome to the Mecca of corruption and welcome to a place where you’re an asshole and the Government is holy and doing stuff like this will stop the Zionists from ruining our life. SOS ZAID HAMID YOU WERE RIGHT… fucking hell.. *shoots himself*

Picture of the Day: Our Children …!

Our Children - Do I deserve Worries only and NO happiness?

At this very age … all we ever thought about was which cartoons are IN et al. with our BIG WORRIES only encircling the tests and home works … we spent our childhood like this … why can’t this child ??? Any of our personal contributions in the way we live our lives or is it like blessings bestowed on us and we are still un-thankful to Allah …!

This lil’ beautiful kid’s face is telling stories … stories heart can feel … and sorrowfully can forget too … we may think for a moment and then we go along our way forgetting hundreds of such real-stories around us ….!

People are taking steps in right direction … like the Zindagi Trust by Shezad Roy (the singer) … who is like paying the children to study … fulfilling the study purpose as well as social needs … let us pray that every child of our pak-land be blessed with Happiness and all the Rights he deserve … Amen … words are not needed here I guess !!!

Shaukat : Our very Own

Shaukat.JPGMeet Shaukat: an eight year old who comes all the way from Rawat to Islamabad, to sell some flowers and to win bread for his family. Going to school is not an option for him “I have to work 8 hours a day to earn some money, so do not have the time for school” he says. Asked if he would like to go to school to study “Sure, I would love to” was his reply with sparkle in his eyes.

Charles and Camilla Arrives

Britain’s Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, arrived late Sunday night on their first visit to Pakistan amid tight security.

Charles and CamillaOn arrival at the Chaklala Airbase the royal couple was received by various officials from Govt.

From the airport the royal couple was driven off straight to the Punjab House where they will be lodging during their stay in the capital. Later, they will also be going to Peshawar, Lahore and visit an earthquake affected area.

Hands without Henna and Bangles

With only a week to go before Eid, shopping of traditional bangles and henna is yet to gather pace and stallholder are still waiting for customers.

The distribution of bangles and henna as gifts among the girls on Eids, especially on Eidul Fitr, is an old tradition of the sub-continent. Capitalising on this tradition, shopkeepers set up stalls outside their shops in markets to attract more and more customers in the mid of Ramazan. This time too, many shopkeepers have set up stalls in the main markets like Super, Jinnah Super, Aabpara and Karachi Company markets.

Shelters for Earthquake Affectees

A friend of mine, based in Karachi, Unaiza Nasim isworking these days to raise funds for the creating shelters for homeless in Earth Quake affected areas. I’m pasting the requirements here, would be glad if you can help in this direction. Donating few bucks may lead to few people under a roof … few children saved from fears of insecurity … from dearths of life … !

I am positive to collect and provide shelter to the maximum we can before winter starts in.
Im planning to go to the areas, have not finalized yet where there are most shelterless people and make sure to have them have a home of their own.

A Tin sheet costs around 600-700 Rs and 9 tin sheets are required for a house.I have asked all my friends to help. (my email: )

That’s a humble request to all Pakistani fellows, to help your country build up. Less hope do the natives have in government and so do we.The point is not to criticize anyone, but to do maximum help that we can.

Those who have been there know, and, I tell you how hard it is to survive in winters. The tents become deep freezers. And we do not have many NGO’s working like last year to save people.

Let it be a rupee but pour in and Allah would enlighten your soul and pour your hearts and fill your pockets inshaAllah.

“United should we stand for the cause of humanity”

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