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Should Musharraf Resign?

Musharaf’s Address Today & Resignation(?)

News are Musharaf will address nation at 1 PM today and MAY announce his resignation. End of 9 years reign. Before the impeachment process begins.

Do you think he should step down? But then does his presence makes any difference? or his absence for that matter?

Who would YOU prefer as your next president? Zardari, nawaz Sharif? or some other newly transformed hunk (sigh).

Please tell why you say Musharraf should resign and why not.

ps: For some weird reason the poll i created is not getting embed in.

Flowers or books?

So, are you happy that the girl is not begging or are you sad that the girl doesn’t have books in hand instead of flowers to sell?

P.S. This is an old picture in case you realized it’s not the season for these flowers :) but I took the picture myself!!!

Political Idol: Start Voting

Or just forget it.

simon-cowell.jpgIn what looks like Time Magazine’s attempt at mimicking reality TV shows like American Idol or those talent shows, they invite readers and users to vote amongst 200 candidates that should make it into the Top 100 Most Influential People in the World.

Pakistan had/has four candidates. Three of them live inside or in the vicinity of Islamabad. They are Pervez Musharraf, PM Gilani, Gen. Ashfaq Kiyani, and Bilawal Bhutto (Bilawal beats Bush?). Motivated by the recent acclaim received by a Lahori born photographer, I thought this too would be a fun way of doing some national international PR. Sadly, the real goings on are much more grim and need taken care of immediately.

The poll results are based on two values. One being the average rating, and the other just being a simple vote count. Both of these combined form the real ranking value of the candidate. A little fudged, as some would say, but our PM sahib Mr. Yusuf Raza Gilani has the second lowest votes but a much higher ranking due to a higher average ranking he received. And obviously, the higher the number of voters, the more converged (stable) the ranking of the candidate will be.

I don’t really know if the polling is still open or closed, but I have this gut feeling that with in a few years we will have candidates doing their gigs on stand and Simon Cowell taking a piss at them. Now that would be entertainment!

BTW, just so know, Stephen Colbert wins (or is winning) the poll, lol.

[Image Courtesy: ShowBizSpy]

Suicide Bomber Detection Kits – Will they be any good?

Pakistan to Buy Suicide Bomber Detection Equipment From China

Your thoughts?

POLL: Islamabad, Crises & 2007

2007 has been an eventful year, which would not go down unnoticed in the annals of the capital’s history. This poll is about having opinions on what our readers think was the biggest crises faced by Islamabad in 2007

POLL: Lal Masjid Combat

Poll Results:

Total votes cast (to the moment): 552

Opinions & Percentages:

Yes, I was waiting for a quick action. 22.5 %
No, they should have tried to do professional negotioations. 21.4 %
I thought it has to be done fast but now I’m not sure if it was justified. 9.4 %
Govt. went crazy.18.3 %
Lal masjid clerics deserved this. 28.3 %
We can’t kill our own people like this. 31.0 %

Though, You can see the results yourself … but officially they’ll be announced on Sunday.

Lal Masjid: The Opinion Pool

Picture courtesy AP, via BBC News

OK, lets try to gather all the opinions on the issue at one place, as best as we can.

There are some of us that are of the thought that what is going is was inevitable, and OK considering the Red Mosque (RM) or Lal Masjid (LM) was too much for anyone to bear. Adding to that people say that they were hijacking Islam, and with that Islamabad and Pakistan also.

Then there are some of us who say that this is a puppet show put on by the agencies. Well, considering the technology and techniques developed to date, its quite plausible. But in a broader scope, no one has a pinch of clue whether it’s true or not.

Some say this is totally wrong and the Government is to be blamed. All the blood shed is due to the mis-doings of the current regime. But then again, who has clean hands these days? Had Lal Masjid not attacked civilians that the Islamabad Police serves so poorly, this would not have happened. But one can only speculate.

Then there is a pool of people who say a more diplomatic approach to the matter would have been more appropriate. Like me. But as I see it, the fist fight with a Ranger broke out into a massive mosh-pit of sorts and people on both sides got gang banged. What was to follow is quite understandably a path of violence. And with the restraint the government is showing with the issue, there are people who are complaining they are doing too less in too much time.

Take it as a part of an evolution or a revolution, I understand that either of those have ever been without the company of anger, hate, resentment and bloodshed. There is no need for people like me and others to get hot headed all of a sudden. We should only thank God that we are not one of those 30 people killed, or even those 140 injured. These are the stats according to the current reports.

Things like these do not end in one night. If it did, it would be a miracle. But one can easily estimate that more innocent people will die, more soldiers and taleban would be martyred. I however do not wish that.

Lets keep discussing as to what the next best course of action could be, or you could just head on to the post by FaKeera earlier yesterday and continue the discussion there.

I am sorry I couldn’t do any of this earlier, I was a little busy at my office.

How much PAKISTANI are you??

Arey, you are 63% Pakistani!


Shabash puut, your score puts you in the ranks of the REAL Pakistanis! Have some lassi to celebrate – maybe it’ll encourage your true character to come out more often.

How Pakistani are you? (first class number one!)
Create a Quiz

I was 63 percent *sigh* … how about rest of the gang :-)

Delurke ISB

It’s Delurking Week! and LA MB are celeberating it already

To celebrate, I ask readers to share a little bit about themselves. You may share whatever you like, but there are a few things I’d especially like to know:

Do you live in Islamabad or an expat visiting this blog?
If yes, what neighborhood?
If no, where do you live?
Are you from Islamabad originally?
What is your relationship with Islamabad? (e.g. you have a child living here)

ISB MB team will have another set of questions tomorrow. I encourage readers to email me with suggestions of things they’d like to know about each other

your mind type, answers!










mine is lazy mind:309 :) hee hee hee

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