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Desi Paparazzi.

As we are well aware of the fact that the entertainment industry has flourished in Pakistan over the recent years. Call it enlightened moderation or general acceptance or even the ignorant mullah regime but we have seen tonnes of talent come up and do wonders for the country (Of course in ways both good and bad). But what I’ve noticed and observed is that there are city biases when it comes to entertainment. The Lahore and the Karachi “party” takes the cake home and the Islamabad people are left to scratch on the leftovers. I still haven’t come to grips with the fact that a so called “Izloo-ite” has to fly all the way to Karachi to make it big when talent-wise the “izloo-ites” can kick the “karachi-ites” or the “lahoris” in their bum.

What is it then? Politics DOES play a very major and massive role in the entertainment industry. Contacts, money flowing right left and forward, other acts of kindness (all pun intended) are just a few of the keys that the a person can get hold of to make it big.

The reason for this series of articles is to showcase what Islamabad has to offer when it comes to entertainment. Whether it is models, photographers, musicians, artists, writers etc.


(A scene from a short film called ” My November in Chains” )

One such person that I would like to introduce is Fatima Salim. Fatima is in her last year of a bachelors degree in marketing from the American University in Dubai and is a true “Islamabadi”. (Whatever that word means to all of you). A 22 year old who believes that every individual should work towards their goals. Something she realized when she was away from home in Dubai trying to study and work at the same time. Fatima is an aspiring model/actress who has had a fair bit of experience when it comes to both modeling and acting. She has acted in numerous plays in her school life and has done a few shoots here and there.

She recently got approached by the Makeup mogul Tariq Amin to do a show with him but due to some unforeseen circumstances she had to turn it down. She has had to face the big fist of the “big fish” in the industry because for her it seems impossible to make it through the swampy modeling business in Islamabad. And to be honest, according to me all it takes is “one” break. But that one “break” comes at a point when either the person in question has given up. Fatima has a very solid career waiting for her in the field of Marketing but it is the dream that keeps her wanting to do something.

I think being from Islamabad, Fatima deserves the chance to showcase her talent and be appreciated in this field which is Governed by the heiresses of the Karachi/Lahore union.

Viva la revolucion :)

Intro to Google Business Solutions

About the Presentation/Talk:
NUST SEECS Social Entrepreneurship club (NSEC) is arranging Intro to Google Business Solutions a talk by Badar Khushnood, Google Pakistan Country Consultant and a local Google evangelist.
Although Google is generally known as a web search engine, it has many business products in various categories including internet advertising, communication & publishing, development, geo, search, statistics, etc. The idea behind this talk is to introduce these products to SMEs, corporate & professionals so that they can make the most out of Google business solutions and increase their efficiency & productivity with these cutting edge tools.

5:30 ~ 6:00pm : Registration
6:00 ~ 6:15pm : Prayer Break
6:15 ~ 7:35pm : Presentation / Talk by Badar Khushnood [ ]
7:40 ~ 8:00pm : Q&A Session
8:00 ~ 8:30pm : Refreshments

Monday, Feb 09, 2009 (6~8pm)

Organized by: NUST SEECS [ ]
Venue: SEECS Seminar Hall [ ; Login with ur Gmail to see the street map ]

Registration (Mandatory):
We have limited seats so please register here: OR

Event Page:

1- Registration will close on Friday, Feb 06 at 3pm
2- Only pre-registered participants will be allowed to enter NUST-SEECS campus
–> (as per university security protocol)
3- Please DO NOT forget to bring your ID card with you

Supporting Bodies:
1- CIO Pakistan [ ]
2- Cogilent Solutions [ ]
3- Brightspyre [ ]

5000 Minutes, Rs 199 and PTCL

PTCL, in wake of its recent offerings, has come up with another interesting and seemingly no-catch package, Pakistan Package.

Pakistan Package Includes:

    Free NWD calling, PTCL to PTCL and (PTCL to Vfone) pre-activated for all PTCL fixed line subscribers 24/7 and throughout the month.
    Fixed monthly fee of Rs. 199 + tax (in addition to the monthly line rent)
    Fair usage policy to deter over use. Ceiling minutes of use is 5,000 minutes /billing cycle.

For details of package, Click Here.

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