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Whats is going on around us?


In today’s unprecedented times when the world’s attention is focused on Copenhagen’s Climate Change Conference and its outcome, we in Pakistan, whether in safe havens of our drawing-rooms or online social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, are discussing bomb blasts which took place on Monday in Peshawar, Quetta and Lahore; provincial capitals of NWFP, Balochistan and Punjab respectively.  Many more such blasts have already occurred during the last few months and many more are yet to come. Being exposed to the danger to the maximum we are left alone to deal with the biggest catastrophe of our times: Terrorism as the world calls it. Undoubtedly, Pakistani people are terrorized and paranoid by the an increase in the number of blasts taking place around them to such an extent that they have started fearing that the next blast will kill anyone of their dear family members or friends. Confirming with friends and relatives whether they are safe after every bomb blast is becoming a norm. And, why people should not be worried particularly when the Military’s Headquarter of the country, police stations, check posts, mosques, a university, the UN WFP office and various market places have been targeted for the past two and a half years killing more than 2,600 people.

Paranoid by the current security situation, a number of people are seriously considering the option of migrating abroad in order to provide their kids with a safe environment. “We have a particular life style in Pakistan. However, the present scenario in Pakistan has made our mobility very limited and the place has been transformed into a living hell. We are unable to provide our children a safe and healthy environment for their personal growth. Therefore, the best available option in given circumstances is of moving abroad “, said Faiqa who works as a school administrator in Islamabad.

Nevertheless, there are people who are of the opinion that the situation needs to be fixed because not everyone has the necessary resources in order to migrate to another country. Nevertheless, who is ready to deal with this monster of widespread terrorism? After every blast, we hear nothing from our President, Prime Minister and other elected leaders other than ‘condemnation’. The leadership of the country is busy in deciding the fate of other more “pressing” issues such as the National Reconciliation Ordinance because their fate is dependent on NRO. The woes and sufferings of the electorate have been ignored because politicians do not need people’s vote and there is still time left till next elections.

The prevailing security situation in the country has not only resulted in killing scores of people but even it has worsening impact on livelihood of people. ‘Laying off’ of staff is a common complaint in the private sector these days because the investor is not willing to invest in Pakistan. The country’s economy is sinking with ever passing day and we have seen an incredible devaluation of Pakistani currency that was not witnessed before.  This dismal sate of affairs has led many foreign policy experts calling Pakistan “as the most dangerous country in the world”. This week the Foreign policy Magazine in a recent survey has also enlisted Pakistan as an option to choose as answer to the question “What is the most dangerous country in the world? The global hegemonic America has decided to deal with this “most dangerous country” by authorizing an expansion of the C.I.A.’s drone program in Pakistan despite the fact that such strikes have also caused hundreds of civilian casualties. We cry, we die but there is nobody to pay a heed to our sufferings, We, The Living of this “most dangerous country” do not know what is going to happen to us and our friends and families in coming days .  But, do we matter ? The International Human Rights Day is approaching and I wonder if we are entitled to all those rights as enshrined in Universal Declaration of Human Rights and  do our rights really matter ?

Honey, Sugar Sugar

Breaking News! After hitting the domestic users hard, the sugar crisis has now hit the non-confectionery corporate sectors of Islamabad as well. Many offices have started serving sugar-less tea to their employees. The effected beings are in severe pain as their taste buds are howling and bawling for sweetness. It is only a matter of time till the effected, sugar-deprived tongues will remain silent over this issue. Soon there will be a huge protest that will eat up anything salty or sweet that comes in its way. “The petition to make sugary tea available is scheduled to be put forward to the CEOs of the companies.”, said an insider source. Stay tuned for updates on this issue.

Tip: Get the quantity of “Everyday” in your tea increased to make up for the missing sugar. *giggles*

Title of this post inspired by the lyrics of “Sugar Sugar” by The Archies.

Public display of PPP’s flags in Islamabad – Is it a democratic action by an elected government?

Public display of PPP’s flags in Islamabad - Is it a democratic action by an elected government?

Hoisted on the birth anniversary of Benazir Bhutto, yes, PPP’s flags are still ton display in the heart of Islamabad . Some 18 days have already but nobody knows how long these flags  will remian hoisted in the capital city.  These flags are giving Islamabad a look of PPP’s own capital rather than Pakistan’s capital . I wonder if this public display of PPP’s flags is the decision of some bureaucratic ‘chamcha’ who is trying to please our accidental-president Mr Zardari for some monetary gains or is it the decision of the federal government itself ? Well, whatever it is, this is a non-democratic action and could lead to political confrontation. Democracies do not behave in such a manner but such an attitude could be observed in countries where authoritarian rule is in place . Last year, we  have gone through a transition from an authoritarian system of governance to a democrtic system of governance.  Our elected government should at least show some democratic norms if they consider themselves ‘democratic’ or they should stop claiming to be a ‘democratic’ government.

Of the Zoo and care.

I’m sure all of you must have had the chance to drive by the Marghazar Zoo on your way to either having sheesha at “Jungle Spot” or going for a nice meal up on Peer Sohawa. The other day, I along with my camera decided to pay visit to the once coveted Japanese Park and the Zoo. Now If you’ve grown up in Islamabad, you must have fond memories of school trips to the Japanese parks, the new portal of “weird” and “interesting” jhoolas, the canteens, the frost juices and what not. Everything changes, and it has too. In a good way or a bad way, that I’m not sure of.


Landscaped, more flowers, more shades, but that feeling just wasn’t there. I guess it comes with age. But as it stood, it was a very safe haven, for people expressing their wishful thinking and unprecedented love for one another. Hallelujah. Merry making has taken a whole new twist, but then again so has the whole city so it wasn’t a surprise. But a public children park? really? *shakes head*

On to the real intention of this post, I went to the zoo hoping to see animals having “fun” or maybe that’s what I thought happens in a zoo but the animals are trapped and caged but they can be taken care of. Which is one tenet that the administration does NOT follow. The animals looked half dead, there was no one around them, people were throwing stuff inside their cages, throwing water. This one trip from some out-station university even had the guts to throw ALL their garbage inside one of the cages because they thought it was funny. I mean how is that even remotely funny? Maybe the 30 odd girls with amazing “poise” and utmost “beauty” thought it was, but it was rather sad to see them doing it. I bet they wouldn’t be this happy if they were in the cage.


Look at this elegant work of nature. An elegant bird. It should be free, but then again so should the rest of the animals be but the point is, they’re not being taken care of. It’s sad that they can work on the “outlook” of the place but not feed these poor animals properly? Or perhaps stop stupid people coming and harassing the animals. You thought outstation universities were through with harassing local people, specially women. Well guess what their new mission in life is.

Very sad state of affairs and to top it, when I went to the man apparently in charge inquiring as to why there was “no” water in the pelican place he said “Pani jaisay he aiga dalaingay”. I was baffled, and well, speechless.

*shakes head again*..

Islamabad the Educated

Dead or alive, I’ve always loved Islamabad for what it is. I love the greens of the city (which are not to green now). The clean roads, the Clouds Mountains, people who would go by if your tire is busted (unless you’re from the fair gender). So like little things you know, how we like to drive real fast near a pool of water with people passing by, how everyone think he’s royalty in front of every other  person, how much we love to tell the cop who our father/uncle is,  it’s all the little sweet things that make Islamabad Islamabad.

Like the other day my mom was coming back from dropping my sister to school (yes I don’t wake up and drop and I’m a lousy son) on her way back (near 9th avenue, H-8 parallel road). There was a kid around 8 years old with a donkey cart when the donkey slipped and fell and the stuff on the cart fell over it, keeping the poor thing down. If that wasn’t enough the ‘nakel’ was strangling the little fellow. The kid was screaming and asking out for everyone to help him and crying on the top of his voice. The things were too heavy for him to lift them alone, while the poor creature struggled to breath. Mom dropped to help the child but just couldn’t while everyone just passed by late for work I presume.

So ya, I just love Islamabad for its fancy schools and its fancy education, let’s bring justice walks and save the world parades. So welcome all, to Islamabad the Educated!

Tree-t me nicely.















“Hello, I am an ordinary tree. You use me to put up banners, you sit in my shade, you throw banana peels all around me but I don’t complain. You use knives to cut me, so your lover can come see and be “oh so happy”. You pick up stones and throw them at me so your aim can be perfect. But I never say a thing. I protect you from the sun, I take all dust on me so you don’t get any nasal infections. I am green, green means peace, I am peace.

“Yet when you feel the need, you cut me, turn me into furniture and sit on me. Yet when you feel the need you cut off my leaves and there I am, standing stark naked, but you don’t see that do you?. You never think twice that I live, I breathe, and I feel. Fine I know my folks were cut because they were old, but hey, don’t burn me to feel warm. Don’t cut me for the sake of making a road to facilitate some important persons security. Don’t cut me and throw me away. I am me. TREE-T ME NICELY”



Sensational Reporting


Now that’s something I call reporting. Sensationalizing the whole experience.

Sleepy nights of  Isloo turns into coma.


Courtesy: Khabrain

Siyasi Eid Mubarak

So the Ruyete Halal Committee at last announce that the Shawaal moon’s been sighted and It’s eid here in Pakistan, all over Pakistan, on 1st October. The announcement came at around 11 PM.

The possibilities of moon sighting were near to zero. Saudi Arabia announced the moon sighting yesterday and it was Eid in middle east. A minister in Frontier announced that there are 15 witnesses of moon sighting with him and he announced Eid without Ruyete Halal Committee’s consent. In my opinion, to erase the conflict the Committe decided to have Eid in Pakistan unanimously. Hence it’s tomorrow.

Eid Mubarak!

May the day brings lots of happiness for Pakistan and us all!

9/20: Lets Get Safe Ourselves!

Not 18 hours completed and what do we see here? The Prime Minister and President of Pakistan desserts the capital city, Islamabad, for safe waters. At times like this when elsewhere premier of countries cancel their trips and return home. Ours thought the catastrophe done is normal. So, why fuss over a thing that’s not going to stop? So lets visit USA and meet Mr. Bush!

Blackness everywhere!Well actually its all normal, isn’t it? When things happen daily … it comes in normal range, No? Be it Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Bajaur, Anguur Ada or any place else. … after yet again few promises of we are with you sir in YOUR War Against Terrorism. Even if we’ll have to risk Pakistan (and that we’re doing) … we won’t stray away from our promises. Though promises are not hadith or quran. But a promise with Uncle Sam can’t be compromised on. We’ll sacrifice our kids, our men, our women. Let’s make the whole world a 9/11 … to fight thy war of terrorism.

The president who claims, during his fumbled up speech, god-knows-what … must be happily flying in a plane right now. He couldn’t bother paying the site a visit or sympathizing with the poor – common Pakistanis suffering in hospitals. And for our dear Prime Minister … attending a iftaar party in Lahore was much much important.

We are a proud nation! We bicker a lot and we blame each other. We can’t even think straight … act is a totally different story.

Isn’t it high time, govt show some steel in their necks? Take some stern decisions and ACT. Fight the war … but protect your own territories. If I and You can tell who did this … why can’t the govt? FGS. Take your own people into confidence. Stop war on your own people. Start digging for facts please … and Seriously … act before its too late. Though I’m not too sure if its already late or not.

But then these are my opinions … you are free to share your own. Your own theories … and some plan of action if you can suggest would be highly welcome.

I DID whine here … but I know whining would yield nothing. Its time to act.

ps: In case you haven’t watched the CCTV footage earlier released … clickety. Seemingly there was lot of time … but nothing could be done to save this huge terrorist attack.

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