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Are you Ready for the REVOLUTION today??


Are you ready?? Are You afraid?? Or you are willing to go for solving your probs to our new judges??

Interestingly is OUT too (not to forget Dawn (inspired by us ;-) ???) posted an article/review on site yesterday in its metropolitan section too) … So sadly you cant get any gossips on Upcoming events from there.


Swimming Pool For All

Interested in Swimming

Islamabad seldom looks like a swimming pool – Today it was one of those days.

This pool of brown water looks inviting, naah, OK just the colour’s a bit muddy but then do yu think all pools in Pakistan consist of Crystal Clear water, some are for sure like this.

I was thinking if such thing persists (thanks to Construction) people can start thinking to buy boats – In coming Barsaat (few months to go) We’ll be needing them – we’ll have two underpasses ready by then too :-)

Women’s Day – where are we ACTUALLY standing??

8th March is celebrated worldwide as International Women’s Day – It’s history dates back to 1910 when this day was first celebrated for this very cause – Celebrating Women … Celebrating Women’s rights and what not.

Pakistani Women 1

What will happen today (and for past few days and few days to come) – unlimited walks , marches, parades to let the world know THAT WE REALY CARE ABOUT THIS FAIRER SEX … many women clad in diamonds and chic wear would address to many women of their status and class signifying that we are doing a lot already and a lot is needed to be done for the poor woman living in a state of misery in Pakistan – so lets wake up and do this and that …. BUT what really it’ll bring??

Pakistani Women 2

NOTHING – is the answer.


This fashion will grow and progress I the same manner today and in the days to come, our generations will witness the same miserable fashions … the khabarnamas today would be filled with president sahib going there and pm sahib going there (our dear railway minister would be going somewhere too).

Our Pakistani Men would keep on harassing women whenever they’ll get a chance … refer to this post too in KMB …

So here goes another 8th march —- and we are still standing in VOID …. !

Spring arrives in Mood

*Blink Blink*

The spring arrives and Birds are in Mood

I opened the paper and I was Like uhh – what the …. heck – Lolz – and then I was like wow what an eye and what a moment caught by the photographer.

These birds seem to be warming up for the glorious spring which is just round the corner – what if they’re a bit more glorified here :P

Security for Whom

We are Security Providers

After series of suicide bombings, the ccassional bomb blasts on the gas pipelne near and around Quetta, attack and murder of an MNA, killings, and what not – what’s gone in abundance in Islamabad.

Yes the security tightening – though I wonder if they can really hunt or catch soem suicide bomber but still we used to listen by some “Daana” that Prevention is better than cure.

So wherever you go – You’ll see police these days in abunance in Islamabad. With a Punjab Police bus a permanenet fixture on the chowk near demised Margalla Towers.

Who’s in danger here – and who’s is to be protected here – that question remains unanswered!

Intellectual Beings

Just last week, when the weather became finer and I was out to up in Margallas … Monkeys welcomed us and not one or two monkeys — there were families of them enjoying themselves and probably sun bathing too :>

On our way back, we stopped our car along the path (though unfortunately my cam’s batteries got exhausted after 2-3 pix) so I couldnt take many pix but the monkeys were so cute … and gosh their eyes were so beautiful too .. lolz … really look at the eyes of the ones here below.

And their were so many babies too … they were equally adorable … and while looking at them – I was thinking (loudly) that there’s a certain feel of intellectuality in them … even in their eyes … NO?? They were in playfull mood and were cashing their charms ;-) in form of corns, bananas and what not — oh yah everyone was shooting them too.

BTW, most of them were brown – only one monkey I saw was gray coloured.

I'm shoo cute

Change In The Wind

ISB_%20SPRING.jpgThe recent rains have brought about a welcome change in Islamabad’s landscape. Blooming flowers and sprouting trees herald spring.

It Rained at last !!!

YES … winters are not just gone as yet!!!

It rained tonight … its raining at the moment … Thanks to Allah Almighty – much needed and much awaited rain !

I’m a winter lover and rain loving person … so evey drop seems to be a blessing … !

Wishing & Praying that winter stays a bit more … hopefully!

Just Chilling

Who am I?

First Boars were back in action and now another rare sightdo you know the name of this animal???
Let’s see how far you can guess …!

Details laters on !

Roses Are Red, So Is Blood….

Red_Red_Rose.JPGAlthough flower-sellers, bookshops and gift stores have begun to prepare for Valentine’s Day, the occasion this time may not provide all the romantic flavour that it brings along each year.

With the town being in a state of uncertainty following two suicide attacks one outside a hotel, the second at the airport, and the on-going controversy over two demolished mosques, the event on February 14 is unlikely to be celebrated with the usual zeal.. Or will it be?

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