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The euphoria collection.

“Classy, Confident and Beautiful… The euphoria woman has it all”..


Come see the first ever exhibit of the euphoria collection clothing line at:-

House # 4-A. Street # 55, F-7/4, Islamabad on the 9th of January’10

Time:- 1 pm-10pm

Both pret a porter and haute couture available.

In and around Super

I usually take the van to go to the F-6 ‘Super’ Market, the place where I like to walk around for a couple of hours at night aimlessly, looking at people walking, talking, and shopping. Sometimes I choose my ‘victim’ from the crowd of walkers, and follow the unwary person around the market, observing what he (or she) is doing. But that happens sometimes, mind you, and calling me a public stalker would be an insult to a very interesting urban art form just like the more risky sport of parkour. I wonder how it would be like to be doing parkour in Islamabad though… jumping around garbage cans and lamp posts and those newly erected fancy bus stops. The city is crying out for some kind of urban sport to take over its streets, and the post-taliban era (if the army manages to beat the pulp out of those miscreants) would be the perfect time to encourage these activities, and other arts. But if we do turn into bearded buffoons and get our barbers shops and massage parlors closed in the near future, it still wouldn’t hurt to have some kind of urban sport to keep us entertained now would it? Or maybe they would accuse someone of flashing his ‘naala’ while jumping around garbage cans and cars in a parking area.

Best Price

So, when I reach the ‘Super’ market, I go to the supermarket called Best Price to replenish my supply of cereal and frozen goods, a majority of bachelors means of survival. This is one of those places where you can get all the stuff you need at a reasonable price. They do get unfriendly with their vegetables and fruits prices sometimes, but their buy-one-get-one free type offers are usually quite tempting. Plus their clever strategy of deploying pretty young women in-front of popular brands like Olper’s milk and the new Flora margarine usually fool gullible and easily persuaded men like yours truly into buying their product. And to top it off, they get your cellphone number too, leaving you wondering if the pretty young lady would call you later for a little tête-à-tête in the middle of the night, only to disappoint you later by having her ‘boss’ call you up for other so-called unbelievable offers of the same product.

Now this particular supermarket has an upper floor which has tons of plastic goods, crockery and utensils, bed sheets and other stuff. This was the first place where I came to shop for all my kitchen utensils when I first came to Islamabad, and I wasn’t disappointed. I did, however, want a nice little bowl for pouring in milk and food for cats which I was unable to find in this supermarket. Funny though that they’ve got a huge stock of dog and cat food but no stuff to put it all in! Their kitchen utensils section seems to be aptly stocked too, with items ranging from a variety of knives and forks to all sorts of cooking pots and pans.

To cut a long story short, it’s a good place to shop for everyday stuff.

The Walk

One of the activities I enjoy doing at Super, as mentioned above, is walking around for hours (well not actually ‘hours’ but half and quarter hours… lots of quarter hours!). The route I like to follow starts from the Servis outlet where the van drops me off. From there I walk towards that book and stationary store on the main road side which has rows of magazines outside up for sale, and an old tattered banner advertising the availability of the much coveted Brasstacks CD (which, in my opinion, is all a load of bull to get people’s attention). I cross the Levi’s store and turn right to get ‘inside’ the market. Here’s where I am welcomed by the fragrance of serrated edged potatoes made by a short squinty eyed Afghani, who is usually found surrounded by a few ladies wanting to replenish their energy with those chunks of carbohydrate after their endless rounds of shopping for women’s accessories.

My feet then lead me to the Illusions store, where I usually stop by to have a look around, check if the price of the new gaming consoles have reduced or not, and of course, to buy a DVD or two to watch on the weekend. Why do I like to buy DVD’s from Illusions and not from any small DVD outlet in the corner of the market? Well, I like to give my movie watching experience some more respect, and by not buying the DVD from a measly CD outlet somewhere next to a men’s underwear shop where a semi-naked man wearing a p-cap chewing a ciggie stub is sitting in front of his collection of CD’s wrapped in polythene, I am in a way making my experience more pleasurable.

I then walk out into the open and into the small sitting area with concrete (or was it wood?) benches on a nicely paved ground. You can see people sitting there, chatting, playing cards, smoking, making future plans, discussing issues, eating, etc. etc. It’s one of those places where a terrorist is most likely to strike if his objective was to discourage people from coming to the marketplace (oops!). If only they had a few low street lamps sort of lighting there… nice orange colored lights… they would have made the ‘sitting’ experience more pleasurable. And of course if the CDA wants to do that they should do so without making it look too showy and obvious. Just a few nice orange lights in the background to make the place more cosy…

From here I either go to Best Price to buy my stuff, or walk towards the pharmacies and then to the United Bakery near the KFC outlet to replenish my supply of bakery items. I love buying bakery items, even if most of them would not have the pleasure of dissolution in my gastric juices and would rot and turn green after lying for weeks unattended in the refrigerator. The items I usually pick off the shelves from this bakery are those stick thingies with sesame seeds on them,  and some nice garlic bread, although it is a bit too oily and not as good as the ones served as appetizers at Pappasallis. Somehow I feel that the United Bakery has lost its standard and doesn’t make the kind of stuff it used to before.

So here’s where it ends, and here’s where I stand for 10 minutes wondering if I should walk back home or take the cab. The cabbies here usually charge and exorbitant amount after seeing that you have tons of shopping bags in your hand and have no other choice but to hire a cab. But at least they’re not as crazy as the cabbies or rickshaw drivers in Lahore.

If anyone asked me where I would like to hangout in Islamabad for the weekend, I’d say that it would be the Super market (hint hint).

Live from Bakra Mandii

Post made originally on December 28, 2006. Re-published :)


This Sunday I made a trip to the “Mandi Maweshia” also known as Bakra Mandi that is being placed in H-11 this year – yes you are right the same ground where last year earthquake affectees were placed.

Bakra Mandi - A view

I don’t know if it’s large place that’s making the number of sacrificial animals lesser than every year or what … but I guess it’s enough to cater the needs of Islooittes.

Islamabad - Bakra mandi in H-11

Just step in the locality and a very familiar “Goaty smell” or as I normally say “the feeling of Bakriat” is what you’ll feel. Don’t worry move on. To be honest, this was the first time after so many years that I actually stepped inside the bakra mandi … face to face with all bakras and dunbas and gayays. So it was interesting too and incidentally I was the only girl in whole Bakra mandi at that time taking portraits of bakras aka goats and stylish “phedoos” aka sheep with utmost tries to stay as far as possible.

Few tips for newbie who may go out to look for animals just for fun with their parents, or maybe friends …. Few terms that are associated with Goats are:

Kheera: It’s the animal that is of 1.5 – 2 years old.

Donda: This animal is of 2+ age and usually have 4 teeth in front.

Choga: This is of around 4 years of age and is considered a bit older with not very good quality meat.

Please correct me if I’m wrong or any additions to this “knowledge-base”

The range of goats (sorry we didn’t asked for Bulls or camel :>) would go from 7K to 20+ for an average to a very good piece. Do take tips on your way to buying a sacrificial animal for differentiating between a healthy and sick animal … and do look thoroughly if the animal is hurt from somewhere.

Eid Celebrations: Pre-Eid

Despite the very recent Marriott bomb blast, the maddening rush is no less than all the previous pre-eid days. Markets are humming with people as usual. Whether it be Jinnah Super or Karachi Company or even the boring F-10 Markaz … the Eid hustle bustle actually looks good. Choori Stalls being set up in all major markets. Girls and women shopping as there’s no tomorrow (in these circumstances .. who knows actually).

Just yesterday I went to a market and got the chance to take some quick snaps. For all those who are missing the glitz of Eid and Ramadhan away from Pakistan. And all those colors. Dont forget to pray for Pakistan.

A quick excerpt from Daily Times:

Glass bangles and Hena are the first things women, old or young, look for at roadside stalls or Eid Bazaars. The more variety of bangles and latest patterns of Hena you have, the more chances you have of attracting large crowds. In this time of cutthroat competition, lights and music are the new attractions for female Eid shoppers. Mostly, young boys run these stalls and women don’t mind getting served by them. However, some stalls offer services of women.

Perhaps, it’s the best thing of Chand Raat.

Metro Comes to Isloo

Metro Comes to Isloo METRO Cash & Carry comes to Islamabad today in I-11/4. Opens at 2 PM …!

METRO is an international modern wholesaler offering a mix of food and non-food products to its registered card-holding customers through a national network of cash and carry outlets. This concept offers a wholesale solution to professional business needs. For more …!

Exact Location.

It’s all about the ShoeS…

There is an upto 51% discount on all shoes at STylo in the month of February.

Shop till you drop, that’s what they say?

Go girls, go go go…

Funny Chicken


I was in Jinnah the other evening and there was this man going around with a board in his hand and – did my eyes decieve me – a little yellow chick hopping on it like mad. Quite a head-turner, the sight. Upon my second glance, I realized that it was actually a toy chick. (It took a second glance for me to realize this, yes – such is the wishful thinking of a child with an overactive imagination stuck in a 22-year-old’s body.)

Covered … No More

Siraj market, commonly known as Covered Market, in G-6 is no more. A unique and exciting place aboding small art galleries, haven to picture framing in Islamabad, grocery shopping and a few handicraft shops. One of the oldest markets that cater to artistic minds needful is eliminated now, after much hue and cry, to build a Shopping Complex.

Covered Market Before and Now


Though it was not as huge and classy as Oxford’s Covered Market, nevertheless islooites treasured the idea of this market. Always flooded with gorasfor a peek into paintings and sketches, largely on display, in the various art shops.

I always loved visiting it … where will I go for picture framing now :-\ I wonder if the shops are replaced at some suitable place too??

ECS comes to Islamabad :-)

Yes ladies … Ehsan Chappal Store aka ECS is at last in Islamabad. For first three days, they are giving 10% off … (1 day is left now).

It’s located in F-10 Markaz, on the main double road … in the plaza next to Bakewell.

If you are tired of metro, stiletto, and stylo then go for it … I’m at least happy :-)

No Shoe problems now …!

Attention: Ladies in Islamabad

We saw first Junaid Jamshed, then Yasir waheed, then Vaneeza’s V9, and Muhammad farooq’s designer lawns in Mariott.

The last of all Mausummery’s exhibition starts today till 13th and they are the most reasonable ones … so hurry sale’s up – stock’s down :-)

ps: it’s not “woh waali” sale, gals are usually fond of :>

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