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Our Future – Bare Feet?

Bare feet future

As the 60th independence day of Pakistan approaches, sights like this are going to be more common around us. People we bless with our glance and then move on …!

This young boy, holding flags in his hands, is looking for buyers of his merchandise. Showing the world a sadistic view of Pakistan and its 60 years.

Speaking of economic prosperity and progress of Pakistan, this kid walks on heat glazed road, not very far from the Almighty Constitution Avenue … in his shoe-less feet.

The sunshade on his head, declaring his patriotism, is his own and no gift.

Image Courtesy: Dawn

PS: not a shameless promotional act but what do you think about going big?

Finally I caught a thief!

I had already been deprived of my cell phone and wallet once before and this time I did not want it to happen it again.

Islamabad, a hot issue!

Two of my friends, who are visiting me from USA, were quite scared of the on-going situation in Islamabad which has been covered by the local and international media all around the world.

Life’s not so SIMPLE

Our Future??

If you want to Suggest a Title – you’re more than welcome … !

They say a picture is worth thousand words and I agree no less.


I couldn’t refrain myself from quoting Mariah Carey here:

“Whenever I watch TV and I see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean I would love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff.”

Can’t you see I’m Busy, Man!!!

Can't you see I'm Busy??

This interesting image was printed, a few days back, in almost all leading papers of the city.

Can you feel the marked difference??? A poor common pakistani, already a mobile user, collecting wood standing in front of parliament (highest office of the city on maybe the most extensive roads of the country) …!

WOW … amazing colors of Pakistan!!!

We will never learn or will we??

Who stole goods from Melody market during curfew?

Traders, especially those selling soft drinks, said they had left deep freezers in front of their shops, full of soft drinks, ice cream and bottled water, but all these items disappeared during the siege of the area. The shopkeepers also protested on Friday night and alleged that police were involved in the disappearance of goods from their shops. The shopkeepers have displayed banners in front of their shops, asking the ‘culprits’ to deposit the money for the items they had stolen.

and the recent curfew caused loss of 55M Rs in Aabpara, Melody markets.

who should blame who now? Culprits en actuale will remain missing & Unidentified.

An Analysis Of Waterworks In Islamabad

FreshWater.JPGDuring the water crises in Islamabad last year, a significant amount of my time was spent pondering on current water situation in Islamabad. Further more time and again I have been posting on water issues ranging from wastage to contamination. However I always felt that there should be some realistic figures and numbers that could be insightful for the citizens, so that they can have an objective assessment of the situation. Ergo, I worked on doing some research and came to some interesting facts and figures, that I have summarized in this post.

Parent’s Plight in Saga that’s Not Ending

A mother kisses the forehead of her daughter, a student of Jamia Hafsa, when she came out of the seminary

Lal Masjid saga started at around 1 PM on Tuesday. Nearly after 82 hours, the most affected are none but the parents and families of those inside.

If we cross examine our society’s economical status and the seminaries of such madressahs, lower income class is the most affected one. Having on average a family of 8-10 individuals, it’s hard to groom every child. Hence, people largely send their kids to madressahs, not for the nourishment of their souls, but also their stomachs.

But a child would remain so for a parent. This is the case here. Eyes are burning with tears for that one kid, who is assumedly, abducted inside. On Wednesday and Thursday, 1200+ students surrendered and came outside. As the pressure increased, media and govt. circles are of opinion that they are using the remaining students as human shield. We can’t have a much of a different opinion too as interviews with awaiting parents revealed that still children and youth is still largely inside. Being brain-washed and pressurized. The ones who are young and still going through brain nourishment stage … they are the HOPE of tomorrow.

Maulana Abdul Aziz’s Escape: Hamid Mir Reveals

Just an hour back Hamid Mir revealed an interesting tale behind the arrest of Maulana Abdul aziz at around 8:30 PM. According to his higher official sources, the escape was not foiled by the rangers but 6 ITP women officers. They were appointed to check the female students coming out for any ammunition.

Officers were inspecting a group of 6-8 female students clad in Burqa when the girls started screaming that please don’t inspect our Auntie, she’s elderly and is sick. This struck right – female officers tightened their hold on the Auntie and when they unveiled her his niqab – he was Maulana Abdul Azizi Ghazi. Rangers and higher officials immediately took hold of the situation. Um e Hasaan, wife of Maulana sahab and Principal of Jameya, was also arrested. Daughter of Maulana sahab, who was accompanying then, ran off back to Lal Masjid seeing the situation.

Hamid Mir further reported that I personally am very saddened to know that Maulana Sahab not only tried to escape the Lal masjid wearing a Burqa; but also as Auntie.

Break Traffic Law – Get Black-Listed

SSP of Islamabad Traffic Police has clearly announced to blacklist the drivers involved in serious violations of traffic rules.

According to him, ITP would keep data of vehicles and drivers who were found breaking rules, over-speeding, and running red lights regularly. First-time offenders would be fined and if they repeated the crime their licences would be suspended for three months, adding those involved in fatal accidents would get their licences cancelled for ever.

You can read more of his press conference here.

Meanwhile, I was searching for a pic to go with the post and then I found this young boy acquitted … and photographed. So, here’s the quiz … who’s he :-)

Guess Who am I??


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