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Entrepreneur Rises …

WHEN he started his software company, Faizan Buzdar and three friends worked from a spare bedroom in the home of another friend. Their view was inspiring: the lovely house of an entrepreneur who had made a mint from his own start-up. “We would look at it and say we would buy it when we succeeded,” Mr. Buzdar said last week.

We may have read similar tales, again and again, in forwarded emails and various articles. The success stories of Gates and Jobs aspires me and many alike amongst us … around us. But what makes you actually proud? Yes, when you achieve something sound, after reading the success lines of great names, whether it is a step towards major life goal or firmness of faith on thy capabilities. There’s one another thing, we Pakistanis, take pride in. YES, when the mere alphabets P.A.K.I.S.T.A.N get associated with the high fliers of this world – giving an identity to the country and rejuvenating the aims and targets of our youth. Moe Importantly, when the words get into real action.

Faizan Buzdar is the CEO of much heard Scrybe Corporation (Blog), which developed a personal information manager. Nurtured in soil of Islamabad, just recently it has received venture funding from Adobe Systems and L.M.K.R., an information technology services company based in Dubai and Pakistan.

Scrybe might have seemed a long shot to get even this far. Mr. Buzdar, 31, is based in Pakistan’s capital city, Islamabad, hardly known as a haven for software entrepreneurs. And Scrybe is trying to enter a well-established market dominated by Microsoft Outlook in the business world and by Google, Yahoo and a host of smaller companies on the Web. But Mr. Buzdar’s product, which is also called Scrybe and made its debut in a seven-minute YouTube video in October 2006, has drawn sustained interest. The reasons suggest he has figured out something fundamental about how we want access to schedules and related information.

I hereby finish off, en anticipation to find more and more Pakistani names crossing the threshold of pre-dominant western world. All skills and hard work; success written eternally.

Thanks to New York Times for the post summary. And Arsalan Haleem for suggesting the story.

A Citizen’s Account Of Health Care Facilities In A Local Hospital

Disclaimer: “The views expressed in the following letter are solely of the author of this letter (Mr Imran) to the Islamabad Metroblogging team. Islamabad Metroblogging team has no bias, opinion or point of view to any aspect of this matter. This post was made in good will to help one of the citizens of Islamabad bring forward their views on certain experiences, which in many ways can affect all of us living here in the capital. To maintain anonymity, and to avoid any possible abuse or derogation of the hospital staff, the names of all the specific individuals have been removed”

Below are the detail of complaint letter my wife wrote to Shifa International Hospital, and they have not provided any feedback. Therefore kindly post it on your blog so other readers don’t go through the same ordeal. Plus the complaint doesn’t work on their website.



Vote for Cricketer of the year 2006 award

Kindly Vote here for Cricketer of the Year 2006 award. Our OWN Muhammad Yousaf is in the list.
Muhammad yousaf truly deserves the Cricketer of the year award.
Mohammad Yousuf (Pakistan)
In 2006, the batsman formerly known as Yousuf Youhana gave a new meaning to conversion rate. He abandoned the recklessness that had defined the first seven years of his career, embraced Islam and smashed his way to a world-record 1788 runs in the year, including nine hundreds in 11 matches. He took over the mantle of best batsman from Inzamam-ul-Haq and turned into a pillar who Pakistan could rely on, every single time.
The credit for suggesting this post goes to Noman Mirza

Justice Must Be Served

fauzia-speak-presser.jpgThe parents of the rape victim, Fauzia Bibi, addressing a press conference at the Islamabad press club camp office on Thursday said that the perpetrators were influential people and they were hurling threats of life. They appealed to the Pakistan government, Supreme Court and human rights organizations to provide them justice and hand down severe punishment to the accused who are still at large.

As a society it is our duty as responsible individuals to ensure such incidents don’t happen and the perpetrators are apprehended. We should nip such evils in the bud and create an atmosphere where life, honor, and dignity of the citizens are respected.

Story can be Turned …

Here’s a very interesting “Suggested Story” by our regular commenter Sa’ad (Thanks Sa’ad)


Well, the picture tells a story on these lines:

All that glitters is not Gold: ITP may be publicizing its image with all the public awareness campaigning, but there’s always a Dark Side of the story. Here an Islamabad Model Policeman humiliates a citizen as he asks him to hold his ears while his helmet is in the hands of the policeman. Such humiliating behavior by a model policeman speaks VOLUME of the PERFORMANCE of the highly talked about, ITP”

Ok this is the final verdict given by photographer or news reporter … but amazingly when I looked at this image a total different scenario came to my mind … with no dark side and no humiliations …!

Don’t you think the smile on this biker’s face is self-telling … I guess he must be hanging his helmet with Bike handle, as most of our youth loves to do. The policeman must have stopped him and threatened him with a Challan or something and it’s a SORRY gesture [[trying to be cute, too :D]] by the biker not a humiliation done by the MODEL POLICEMAN ….!!!

What do you people think about this image ???

Why do we always look at a negative aspect of everything … No doubt, Media plays an important role, specially in today’s world … why this kind of yellow journalism (have I used the term right :?) never mind :D


Private Security Companies have been operating in the country under an administrative order issued by the Ministry of Interior in 1988. The Private Security Companies Ordinance of ICT has been issued by the Federal Government. Necessary rules for the Companies functioning in Islamabad Capital Territory are also being framed by the Federal Government. The Private Security Companies are suppose to function in the Provinces under Provincial Ordinance / rules being framed in the light of the Ordinance issued by the Federal Government. Private Security Companies are required to register themselves with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) under the Companies Ordinance, 1984. Individuals / group of individuals who intend to establish a private security company may approach the Security and Exchange. Commission of Pakistan at Islamabad / Provincial Capitals. The SECP will register the company after meeting the formalities. Seven complete sets of documents are sent by the SECP to Ministry of Interior for NOC. The process of issuance of NOC by Ministry of Interior normally takes three to four months. A fee of Rs. 10,000 is required to be paid in the bank in the Head of Account Major Head-1300000-Miscellaneous Receipts, Minor Head-1390000-Other Receipts (NES). Detailed Head-1391200-Other Receipts-Fees Fines & forfeitures. Sub-Detailed Head (New)-1391213-other Receipt-Registration fees for Private Security Companies. For operation in the Provinces / Islamabad Capital Territory the Company is required to approach the concerned Home Secretary / Chief Commissioner, Islamabad for grant of license for operation in the respective jurisdiction. Provincial Governments / ICT will charge Rs. 25,000/- for the issuance of license for operation in the Province / ICT and renewal fee of Rs. 5000/- per annum. The affairs of the Private Security Companies will be regulated as per Ordinance and rules framed by the Provinces / ICT. Federal Government is prescribing a standard uniform for the guards of Private Security Companies which may not resemble with the uniforms of Pakistan Armed Forces and other Law enforcement agencies. The guards of Private Security Companies are required to be properly trained and equipped. Weapons cannot be displayed by these guards outside the premises being guarded by them. The practice is being violated in Islamabad in particular beside in the country by many companies as one is common run by a retired Major Tariq Qasmi in Islamabad in name of “Integrative Security Companies” at Flat no 6, G – 10 /1, I &T Centre, Islamabad. He is supported by serving Generals, so any complaint lodged against him is useless. A policy drafted and not implemented is the weakness of our system. Who will correct it ? Ministry of Interior ? / NAB ? / Federal Police ? / TV Channels ? / Newspapers ? / FIA ? / Army ? / ISI ?

Suggested by: amer saleem !

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