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Fingerprints Data Cell for Begggars?

Now that’s an interesting thing.

Every nook and corner of Islamabad is full of beggar families these days. They usually come to the city from Punjab and elsewhere during the two eid seasons.

Let’s see how the scheme goes … if it ever happens i.e.

Courtesy: Jang

Oooooh, We are Walking

Mood moood ki baaat hay =))

They have feelings too … they want to have a stroll on  the constituion avenue’s green belt too.

Smelling some blooms.

What a beautiful sight.

Masha Allah~

Image Courtesy: Dawn

No problems, no conflict, only glory

Fasi Zaka’s terse verses printed in today’s The News go very fine with this imagery.

Wanted to share with the readers of IMB.


Ed, Edd And Eddy of Pakistani PoliticsThe leader of the PML-N tries his hand at penning poetry once again by explaining his plans for Pakistan.

Now that I cannot be an MNA,

I know what it is you will say.

You will throw at me the finance bill,

And get some cheap insulting thrills.

I may be disqualified but I am not defeated,

I promise someday I will be thrice repeated.

I promise I will fight for the redundant judges,

Not just because of my recent personal grudges.

Please don’t say that I am a hypocrite,

Even if the PPP made me seem like a dim wit.

Was gone so long have become a bit of a novice,

I thought PCO meant Public Call Office.

MA Qayyum says PCO means Provisional Constitutional Order,/ But I say it means Please Cut Out Nawaz and Brother./ The courts made my candidacy brief,

All I am now is the party chief.

Since then I now seethe and leer,


Point Systems in Islamabad Traffic

Traffic Police After trying to make Seat belts usage a permanent fixture in Islamabad’s traffic and discouraged use of mobiles during driving, ITP (Islamabad Traffic Police) is all planning to implement Point Systems.

If i’m not wrong this is the first time point systems will be introduced in the country. Lately the traffic has become a mess in the city, thanks to a  zillion on-lease cars out on roads and the new avenues and flyovers in construction.

Talking of the points system, licences of motorists/motorcycles would marked with a point every time they were ticketed and the marking would continue till 20th traffic rule violation was committed. The driving licenses of the traffic violators would be suspended after 20 violations of traffic rules.

“The system will be enforced within two months and Islamabad will thus become the first district among 110 license issuing districts in the country to enforce such system as per 11th schedule of the Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1965”, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Muhammad Zubair Hashmi said in a press conference.

Ahh ha, so be prepared to start counting the points off i.e., ofcourse if you have a driving license.

Cell Phones & Seat Belts: Be ready for the fine


So finally ITP (Islamabad Traffic Police) has made it a rule. Any driver caught on mobile while driving or not wearing a seat belt will be fined from today, Friday 1st August. This law is introduced to minimize the accidents caused.

A driver will be fined a sum of Rs. 300 for violation of these laws (which IMO is a very low amount – more the better).

seatbelts-are-necessary-now.gifBTW, I heard of laws in Sharjah and Dubai (not first hand news so cant really confirm if the situation is actually such) where the police just notes down the registration number of cars and send them heavy amount on tickets direct to their homes. They wont stop you asking why are you speaking on your mobile or why’s the seat belt hanging around. Perfect way to treat our people here as well. I wish.

So be careful next time you hear a ring tone in your car. Dont be tempted to pick it.  Good Luck~


Supersonic Jets Over Islamabad Skies – May be?

Today Islamabad and Rawalpindi got quite some scare of the explosions. Speculations are they could be some supersonic jets.

As geo reports:

Police officials in Rawalpindi say there is no evidence of any actual explosion having taken place. A senior police official in Rawalpindi told he was unaware of any actual explosion, and suggested the sound may have been from jets breaking the sound barrier. However officials at the Pakistan Air Force said that none of its jets had broken the sound barrier today.

If I remember accurately back in 96-97, an Indian jet flied in airs of Islamabad breaking the sound barriers. Ironically, our air forces woke up hours after the incident.

Nothing concrete yet.

Long March Approaches: In Pictures & Questions

Long MarchWe are out to save the judiciary. We are out to save the country.

Lawyers country-wide are approaching Islamabad, alongwith political leaders like Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan, to stage anti-Musharaf protests and reinstating of CJ and SC judges.

Musharaf’s entrapment is increasing day-by-day BUT don’t you think the judiciary is going political too. In present circumstances what do you think is good for Pakistan?

  • Musharaf leaving his seat?
  • CJ and other judges reinstated.
  • Zardari’s CO-PM status.
  • Nawaz Sharif coming in Parliament and a to-be PM.
  • “Azaaad Adliya” or Free Judiciary.

Do you think like shedding of uniform … Musharaf’s leaving the seat will bing any good to the nation and country?

Do you think reinstatement of judiciary is a bigger problem for awaam of Pakistan (a common Pakistani) or is it price hikes in daily commodities, Fuel, loadsheddings, etc.?

Who do you see as the perfect leader from the present clan of leaders?

The freedom of judiciary will ever be able to bring us free and fast judiciary too? Dowe have men of faith and just in abundance now?

I hope the answers to all these queries are not just rants of me and you. I hope that they be heard. In present circumstances I’m not very hopeful.

Pictures after the jump.


Override the Rules

I was shocked to read this news piece today in Dawn. Probably I still have many hopes buried deep inside from the ones in power … Should I lay them to eternal rest?

Have a read yourself:

Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari visited the headquarters of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) on Friday to attend a briefing on the security situation, sources told Dawn.

The presence of Mr Zardari, who is neither an elected lawmaker nor a government official, in the important briefing surprised observers here because such briefings are held exclusively for people under oath.


The sources said the prime minister and his team were briefed on the current situation in tribal areas and along the borders.

Such meetings are a routine matter and heads of intelligence agencies brief new government functionaries on the security situation to help them formulate future policies. The nature of such briefings is so sensitive that the president or the prime minister is required to go to the headquarters for first hand information, and non-government functionaries and low-grade intelligence officials are not invited.

No official handout was issued about the briefing and ministers belonging to the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) were tight-lipped about Mr Zardari’s presence in the briefing.

Meanwhile, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, General Tariq Majeed and Director General Strategic Planning Division Lt-Gen (retd) Khalid Ahmed Kidwai visited the Prime Minister House and briefed Mr Gilani on the country’s strategic assets and various projects undertaken by the division to make the country’s defence impregnable.


On Political front a lot more is going on than we are thinking …!

God help the country!

Glimpses into Olympic Torch’s Visit

….. After 44 years :)


Preparations amidst security

A Pakistani soldier and a police officer stand guard as Pakistani athletes take part in a rehearsal for the upcoming Olympic torch greeting ceremony at Pakistan Sport Complex, in Islamabad, Pakistan on Tuesday, April 15, 2008. The Olympic torch will arrive in Pakistan on April 16 on its 20-country, 137,000-kilometer (85,100-mile), global journey. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti) …Courtesy

Dhol Tamashay ;-)



Hail Springeth

Roam around Islamabad and find gorgeous colors blooming in nook and corners, roads and highways (Close the other eye from the mud and construction around for your own good ;-) )

Images below are all Courtesy Flickrites … thanks to them for capturing Isloo’s beauty so well … my photographical instincts are waiting for a weekend too :\


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