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Solar Eclipse: July 22, 2009

Today many among us witnessed the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century in Pakistan along with other countries of the world. According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department the eclipse was supposed to start at 5:58 a.m. and end at 11:12 am. Earlier the MET department had also declared that a total solar eclipse would be visible from India, China, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Japanese Islands and South Pacific Ocean [Source: The News].

We did miss the “total” eclipse by ‘a country’ but whatever we got was worth having. The sun shadowed by the moon looked absolutely magnificent. It resembled a large cookie out of which somebody had neatly taken a large bite. For those of you who missed out on this event, here is a snap so that they may share in the experience as well. :-)

Solar Eclipse/Sooraj Grehan

Solar Eclipse/Sooraj Grehan

I hope all among us who witnessed this cosmic phenomenon protected their eyes as well and saw the eclipse through thick protective screens. I am not sure if it was protection enough but i used an x-ray to view the glorious sun. It was a sight worth seeing. :-)

Tale of Purple Lining

Purple lining, originally uploaded by jzakariya.

in the age of geting sweets from the world…

he is selling sweets to the world…..


Islamabad Towers in the Sunlight

And when the sunlight shines on the towers of Islamabad, it only enhances their grandeur.

Shaheed e Millat Secretariat & State Life Building

Shaheed e Millat Secretariat & State Life Building

The Sunbird

Few years back, I remember making fun of my cousin who mistakenly told us about attending this event of “Bird Watching”, organized by ASG (Asian Study group), in Rawal Lake. The idea of sitting silently on a boat watching birds sounded hugely crazy. But now that I think of it, doesn’t seem even odd. When you are silently surrounded by nature, the nature speaks to you. (noops I haven’t recently picked any of Paulo Coelho’s book ;-))

Islamabad’s home to beautiful species of birds and thanks God we are not chirra-eaters like Gujranwala people *_* (no offense). Margala hills itself is abode to many rare-sighted birds.

I confess being part of killing a Blue Finch once, during a air-rifle shooting practice. But I’ve never ever seen this Sunbird, so royal in its colors, in Islamabad ever. Glad that the photographer managed to shoot it. Beautifully camouflaged as well.

Red Sunbird, originally uploaded by Suh@il << Busy & Away >>.

Do you have an eye for nature?

Image Courtesy: Suhail on Flickr

Read more on Birdwatching in Islamabad

Metal Craft

Ok since everything seems to be falling apart right now (at least seems like it). I thought it would be a good time to post something completely irrelevant, something that doesn’t make my blood boil or give me sleepless nights.

Whenever there is a industrial area near a city like we have one in Islamabad. There’s always the matter of pollution, the traffic and all its issue and I totally agree to that. I really do, but the fact is it’s not going anywhere for quite a while. So if we have to live with it why not enjoy the good stuff, yes I did say the good stuff. You can always see the glass half full now can’t you (didn’t we learn anything from psychology class?). So this is my way of seeing the glass half full. I drive past this place for years now, the molten red Iron, the masked works men and tons of iron it’s just surreal somehow.

So let’s just sit back relax and enjoy the crises.Here a little glimpse into a factory at 3.00am.


Duur Kaheen …

Just before leaving....

Some visuals are too beautiful to resist …!

Image Courtesy: Farrukh on Flickr

Spring Sirens?

Signs of Spring, originally uploaded by Suh@il ( Out of Town ).

The bulbul’s not alone in her wait … there’s company around this spring =|


Reminds me of peaceful days and nights of Islamabad we used to cherish few years back.

ps: click on picture to reach photographer’s corner … courtesy: Suhail AKhtar

Energy Savers to Light the Streets of Islamabad?

This sight caught my eyes and I gasped in amazement.

Energy Savers on Streets

Energy Savers on Streets

Are we now so “advanced” that we are using energy savers to light our streets? Or have we transformed into such “responsible citizens” that let alone our homes, we are lighting our streets with energy savers to “conserve energy”?

PS: I could be the biggest fool who does not know the difference between an energy saver and the original bulb for such sockets. ;-) If somebody can clarify, please do.

Rainbow in Islamabad

Rainbow in Islamabad, originally uploaded by MobeenAnsari.

the prettiest thing that I’ve seen this season :)

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