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I was "there"!

I was “THERE”, headed towards Zero Point and eventually Jinnah Avenue, when the signboard said “You are HERE!”.

You Are Here

You Are Here

Now i am confused that WHERE my location was. “Here”, “there” where? Probably “somewhere”. But does anyone “care”? Yes or no would anybody like to “share”? I must be “beware”, not to make anyone “flare” (up). Thanks you all for your stamina to “bear”. *giggles*


Aisaa tu hota hay aisay kamon may.

The condition of Our Future President

Salaam Zardari

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piSS on Earth…

Well, not exactly that even though one finds lots of people pissing on streets in Pakistan.

But this picture is less of olive leaves of perSonified peace…

You have been warned !!!

Yeah I am on to roads these days :)

If you are coming from Iqbal Hall to Melody, take the left turn just before 7th Avenue bridge, and turn right to join 7th Avenue. There you go with this amusing warning:


Yes, you have been warned.

PS: If you face difficulty in reading Urdu, the board reads, “Pedestrians are not allowed to cross the 7th Avenue. Any pedestrians who does so, will be responsible for any accident that he meets.”

Brides and Grooms (to-be), attention please !!!

I was at a colleague’s wedding today noon, when I learned that Baraat, coming from Lahore, has been stopped from entering the city at G.T. Road by the security officials. As per the live update coming from different cell phones connected with individuals present on the spot, the guys with the guns were in no mood to listen to anything. They were not even interested in checking the cars, only to learn that this was merely a baraat, and that the baraatis have not even any remote plans to join BB’s protest. The groom returned back and tried to enter from motorway, going all the way to Chakwal, Balkasar and Chakri only to meet the same fate again. At this moment, they talked to bride’s father, who happens to be a guy with a crescent and few stars on his shoulders in Armed Forces of Pakistan, and asked him to find some solution to the, one of its kind, problem. I got busy with something and missed the transmission for a while. When I joined back, by then, the groom was able to enter from Chakri interchange. I dont know if it was the bride to make this happen or the groom managed the security-guys on his own, but they eventually made it to the marriage hall.

BB says that she is proud of today’s outcome: one call for protest has jammed half of the country, and that she will continue with such calls.

Alarm bells for all the brides whose baraats are planned to come from outside the city in the weeks to come. Make sure your day doesn’t collide with BB’s, as the vice-versa doesn’t seem to be practical. And the grooms too, who plan to bring the brides from other cities, your bride may be denied the entry on the way back home :)

PS: At the wedding more than one versions of the story were available, all claiming to be live :)

So very Pakistani – Picture of the Day

I’d never know why are most of the Pakistani designers (not talking about Amir Adnan and his likes) are so obsessed with HEARTS :-)

See for yourself.

Image Courtesy Go2Net

So What’s Next?!?

Musharaf Crockery, Musharaf Hoiseries, or Musharaf Capsules?!? Take your pick.Mushi%20Jewellers.jpg

El Captain gets Interviewed :-D

Kaptaan sahab got interviewed by Pakistan Spectator a few days back. I thought to share it with our readers at IMB too. You can always pour in your suggestions he can use to make himself a better person (alas!!) Just kidding ;-)

So here it goes … !

Talha Masood is the blood and sweat behind Islamabad Metroblog. He has been blogging for quite a long time and his blogging style has got the lushness of Margalla hills of Islamabad. He has done his schooling from Froebels International School, Islamabad. He did his bachelors from NUST Institute of Information Technology and currently he is working in the Data warehouse department of Ufone.

Could you tell us what made you decide to blog?
My first letter to the editor got published when I was in seventh grade. I have always been interested in the idea of interactive journalism. When I first heard of blogging, I made an account on blogspot in 2004, but it wasn’t until 2005 that I actually started to put it on. You guys can catch me on Thandak and Islamabad Metroblog .

What do you think sets your blogging style apart from other bloggers?
As far as my personal blog is concerned, I believe I am less into quoting other people and more into writing about my thoughts about life – its absurdness
and its bounties. So, that only sets me apart.

If you could choose one characteristic you have that brought you success, what would it be?
Success is a relative term. I don’t believe in ideals, anymore.

If you could pick a travel destination, anywhere in the world, with no worries about how it’s paid for – what would your top 3 choices be?
1) Malaysia
2) Egypt
3) Maldives

What is your favorite book and why?
I am not an avid reader, but I really liked “White Light” by Rudy Rucker. I enjoyed it because firstly it is quite an “out of the box” book.

And secondly it quoted a quote that said something like “There are a thousand death masks lying one atop on another, leading straight to heaven”.


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a super…

black sheep.

Behind the neatly pressed suit of Clark Kent was Superman. The world could never have imagined that such a sissy would in reality be such a brave, strong and fast savior of everyone who needs help.

Musharraf over-threw Nawaz Sharif in a coup in 1999. He promised that niether Nawaz Sharif nor Benazir Bhutto will have any share in the future of Pakistani Politics.

These days Benazir Bhutto is making quite astonishingly anti-[Pakistani People (pro) General(all pun intended :D)] sentiment public comments.

Musharraf lately was very harsh on the lawyers. A few days ago a clash outside the Election Commission office in Islamabad became a humiliating scene and upon probe the top leadership of Islamabad police was suspended and replaced.

Musharraf is expected, rather has said to remove his army uniform after the presidential elections that will take place this Saturday. People are drawing parallels with his broken promises of not giving or even thinking of giving due/undue share of Pakistani politics to Benazir Bhutto with his promise of removing his uniform.

Will Musharraf be the next [elected] President?
Will Musharraf remove his uniform?
Will Benazir come to the stage as the Prime Minister of Pakistan?
Will she be any better than the all-in-all Musharraf (with his puppets in the forefront)?
Will all of these pave way for Pakistan to salvation or doom?

All these questions will be answered shortly, we[I guess] can not do much but wait.

But the question still remains…behind the army uniform, is there a patriot or a cold-hearted traitor?

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap…

Up, up and away.

I wish!

Can you handle MIB?

Men in Blue all ready

Can you see in here what I’m seeing?? Yes our new Well-Trained Riot Police in their latest protective gear lined up to tackle the up-coming riots (God Forbid).

I wonder if they can actually handle riots with so much gear on-board … unless they are Cricket or Rugby players and are used to so much stuff on. Running after people and then thrashing with no past experience can prove to be a filthy job (not that I’m in favor of riots, in case you take that).

So watch out for some fun, next time you encounter them (pun intended)

Image Courtesy: Dawn

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