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The Dove is Back!

Every morning when I used to enter Islamabad, I was greeted by the symbol of peace, the dove. But for the past many days I was missing seeing the ‘dove’ monument that is situated on Zero Point. It seemed that ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ people had paid a hefty (advertisement) sum to the authorities (or maybe the poor drama people were not involved in this crime), that is why they had placed a big banner ad in front of the poor helpless dove. I didn’t mind the drama being advertised all over the place, but I sure was annoyed at this placement of the ad.

Today was different from the past couple of days. Today when I reached Zero Point and glanced up from my seat to find the same ad shrouding the monument, I was surprised. There was no ad but the same old dove standing tall in its place. It was maybe not a big thing but it truly filled my heart with joy.

So I think it is safe for me to say, “The dove is back!” Hope it remains in its place and the authorities do not blindly (and mercilessly) cover it up again yet for another ad.

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