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Here’s a recent image of the Marriott hotel secondary entrance. Notice the security guy under the multi-colored umbrella on the gate:


If he’s a pro sniper and has a proper sniper gun instead of a lousy M1, the terrorist boys are in for some real trouble. Snipers are one of the most effective ways to eliminate targets precisely without hurting others around (except that those around the target are splattered with brain masala and other body fluids). I would suggest that Islamabad installs CCTV cameras all around the city like London and mount remote controlled precision rifles on those cameras instead of real men.That way we could monitor everyone’s activities and shoot the miscreants on the spot. Yes, it would give a little shock to the ladies passing by and would ruin their lovely dresses, but at least things would be under control.

A Gaping Wound in Islamabad

The panic one feels when something like this happens is unbridled. Our first thoughts are for the safety of those we love most. Cellphones are whipped out, locations are verified. They’re safe. The panic subsides somewhat.

But for many, many of us, the panic never did subside last night. For many, life changed forever the moment that truck exploded. And although this is a waking nightmare for us all, we can’t even begin to imagine the horrific magnitude of this nightmare for those who lost their loved ones last night. They are from among us, people just like you and me, and could easily have been you or me. In grieving for them, we grieve for ourselves, because it is the same.

That all this death and destruction happened in one of the liveliest and most radiant locations in the city, a place we associated with special family dinners and weddings and exhibitions and festivity and warmth, makes it even more unpalatable in our minds. The sheer scale of this tragedy is still sinking in. And so is the extent of our vulnerability.

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