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Islamabad remembers Faiz sahab..



On this years (21st) death anniversary of Faiz Ahmed Faiz(which was on 20th November)

Xbox 360… Wanna EBAY???

Im gonna be honest with you. IF I had my hands on an Xbox right at this moment… I would have promptly sold it to the dudes/dudettes bidding like mad on eBay. Check out these auctions for an item that retails for $399!!

If you think $3,000 too much to pay then $910 might be up your alley!! Check the most recent listings to see the prices.

Calling All Isloo Bloggers

Do you wiggle out of your warm cozy bed occasionally to see the world outside?
Are you literate enough to read a newspaper or watch news?
Do you know how to take pictures?
Can you type?
Do you want to write for Islamabad?

If the answer to any one of these questions is YES, then step forward and join the ever growing Islamabad Chapter of the Metroblogging family. We’re looking forward to making valuable additions to our team and if you think you have the flair and the knack to be a part of this family, now is the time.

PS: No we don’t get paid for our work out here! Sorry to burst your bubbles ladies and gents! ;)

Uzair Paracha… Rightfully Convicted or Wrongfully Accused?

Uzair Paracha, a young Pakistani national, accused of trying to help Al Qaeda operative Majid Khan slip past US immigration officials told a Manhattan jury that investigators had pressurized him into making a false confession.

Majid Khan was one of a number of terror suspects seized by the US government and presumed to still be held in overseas jails. Paracha’s father, Saifullah Paracha, is also being held as an enemy combatant in the US detention centre in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

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Islamabad’s Map!

Where are you standing at the moment … or may be sitting … See and Tell!

Islamabad's map

Guess what?

Oh you have to gues which place is this … (BTW even a blind can guess it : >)

Who Am I?

Much Famed: Sector I – 15

Assalam-o-alaykum w.w.!

In the months of August and September, I-15 grasped lots of attention not only from the city Islamabad in which it has to be developed but also from all-over Pakistan.

The CDA launched this sector on July 25, 2005 after a gap of 17 years. It

AHOY! I See Couver!!

… and from the fog emerges yet another city… Vancouver… Welcome aboard mates!!
Here’s to a progressive future!
*clink* (breaks glass) *oops* !!

Xbox 360!! In Stores Now!!

XBOX 360
For people like me who are savvy on gadgets, hi-tech consoles, and any thing fast and flashy (no pun intended), the news of XBOX 360 hitting the markets is not some thing to sit up an take notice of! It’s actually some thing worth getting up and doing some thing about!!!
Will XBOX 360 shake the dominating markets of PS2, PSP and other consoles in the market?
Will it stay afloat?
Industry analysts and executives said the early buzz around the Xbox 360 might not mean much in the long term. Analysts have widely expected Microsoft to sell out its early, limited supplies of the console, but to eventually sell 10 million of them with relative ease.
The real question for Microsoft is whether the 360 can outsell the first version of the Xbox, which came out in 2001 and has sold about 22 million worldwide, compared with about 90 million for PlayStation 2
So many questions that can only be answered in times to come.

As for now, let the games begin!

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Pakistan Earthquake Geographic Info System Installed

GIS will help to provide the required information about the condition of roads, location and height of villages and population when linked with Nadra and satellite images.
The system will also assist in relief operations and rehabilitation programme. It will also help aid agencies operating in the area by providing them the exact data about the population affected in case the road gets blocked by landslides and snowfall. The Army Survey Group with the assistance of the Turkish Disaster Management team has completed surveying areas located on the fault line. Engineers installed high-tech sensors, which had been connected with a computerized laboratory, to study seismic changes in quake-hit areas.


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