Mission Impossible!

The nightmare that filled every Islamabadians’ nights on bari Eid is how.. how one earth he’s going to buy a Bakra. That was more of a dilemma for me as I never bought a bakra myself and had to do it this time. I thought about bailing out of the deal but Abba were insitant. So the day before Eid I went to I-11 bakra mandi with him.

It was afternoon, sun was out but it wasn’t that warm, so I had my trademark black all-purpose jacket on. Abba were indifferent after handing over the responsibility and this foul play pissed me off as I had no prior experience of bakra shopping. The first bakra we selected was priced 20000 rupees exactly. *gulp* Was I in for a shock? I asked the reason and the guy said, ‘khobsorati to dekho!‘ To hell with his beauty. Cursing the beauty we moved toward the main selling area. Second I asked was 16000. What the heck is wrong with all these bakras, I asked. I was hoping to get a good, handsome and healthy one for about 10000. Did I mention beautiful?

Still motivated, I thronged deep again only to find an acquitance who’d just bought a fine bakra for 7500! I was almost jealous of his skills but he was kind enough to help out in my endeaveour. Soon afterwards we almost descend on closing a deal for donda (two teeth) bakra; the seller was asking for 9000 and I was ready to pay 8500, 500 more than its worth. Even after increasing 200 more, he didn’t agree. In the mean time, I found another very good-looking bakra nearby; he’s choga (four teeth) and was taller and healthier than the first one who’s seller was still lurking around us in hope. Fortunately, we’re able to close the deal on this for 8300, much less than I anticipated earlier. He handed it over to us and we rushed back home as the sun was going down. Almost to my waist, he was such a shareef bakra that he didn’t hit me during the whole journey back home. And I was really thankful for that.

For those of you who don’t have prior experience of buying a bakra youself; choga is four-teeth, donda means two-teeth and kheera is no-teeth. For qurbani, you atleast need a donda. Ah yes, another thing. If you haven’t bought a bakra yet, it’s still the second day and you can still buy a bakra. Hopefully, rates would be coming down now. For a tip, speak best punjabi you can and be oppressive while talking.

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