Upward trend in daily use commodities recorded

Upsurge in prices was seen to 20.57 percent in major commodities during the moth of Dec, 2005 as compared to Nov, said figures available with online on Sunday.
In food, prices of different daily use items rose as eggs 20.57 percent, gram whole 2.71 percent, pulse moong 1.44 percent, pulse mash 2.05 percent, dry fruit 2.69 percent, fish 5.09 percent, sugar 4.43 percent, beverages 2.56 percent, mineral water 2.44 percent and wheat 1.05 percent. Regarding Raw materials, sugarcane saw rise to 5.89 percent, wool 1.49 percent and however, hides, skins and cotton seeds saw decline in prices to 2.24 percent, 1.75 percent and 1.67 percent respectively as compared to the moth of Nov.
In Fuel, lighting firewood increased to 4.97 percent and in household, furniture and equipment furnishing recorded a rise to 1.03 percent and marriage hall charges jumped to 1.45 percent in the month of Dec.

In Manufacture sector, including transport and communication prices of tyres and tubes saw rise to 1.30 percent, cotton yarn 3.36 percent, mattress 3.09 percent, pesticides and insecticides 1 percent. However, nylon yarns and blended yarns saw decrease in prices to 3.57 and 1.22 percent respectively.
In Building materials price of timber increased to 1.68 percent and iron bars and sheets saw decrease in prices to 2.55 percent in the month of Dec as compared to Nov.
However, the main commodities which say decrease in prices in the month of Dec include potatoes by 26.34 percent, tomatoes 25.86 percent, onions 17.45 percent, chicken 15.64 percent, fresh fruits 10.92 percent, gur 5.03 percent, bajra 4.33 percent, gram split 3.42 percent, masoor 2.56 percent, rice 1.83 percent and vegetables 1.33 percent.

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