Rawalpindi ODI – The Crowd Steals The Show!!!

Well Well Well… what a day it was yesterday! Left me totally electrified and completely awe-struck by the crowd’s performance! Oh wait… yea the match was good too! :p
We had seats in the Hanif Mohammad Enlosure (Rs. 2500… sheesh!!!! prices prices!) but it was well worth the money and the time. It has been reported in several news papers that barely 50-70 Indian fans could get the tickets for the Rawalpindi Match. If that was so, I’d say the bulk of those fans were sitting in our stand and that made the entire experience so good. We chanted and shouted when we were good and we witnessed the same from the Indians when things were the opposite. No slandering… no disrespects… no fights… no harsh words. We all sat next to each other and waved flags, painted our faces in our national colors and wore them proudly. The Rawalpindi crowd behaved exceptionally well all over for a change and except for this one minor incident when one of the indian players reported being slandered for a wicket he took from one of the general stands, things were completely smooth. In the end, the best team won and rightly so. They fielded and batted really well and Sehwag was a treat to watch just as much as we enjoyed the classy batting from Shoaib.
I took my digi cam along but we were told even before we reached the stadium that cell phones and any hard objects were completely out of the question so had to leave the ‘gadgets’ behind. However, once inside our enclosure, I saw virtually every one with cams and cell phones and I silently cursed my self for being a Pakistani and falling for that gimmick! Oh well, next time maybe.
I heard a lot of people from India and Pakistan complain about the fact that even though they had bought the tickets online or were promised abundant sale of tickets at the banks, the tickets were either sold out prior to being available for purchase or were simply hoarded till the last minute and sold in black. Not a good practice I would say especially when so many people from across th border came to see the match after booking tickets online just to get the shock that they could get only half of the tickets they paid for over the internet with a promise of ‘refund’ for the tickets they could not avail. PCB and the banks who took the responsibility of providing these tickets should look in to the matter and make sure things like these don’t happen so often.

PS: Did i tell ya that i was on TV five times??!! OMG! woohoo! *blush*blush*

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