To Bush or not to Bush?

Leader of the free world, or the Dictator of the world, depends on how you look at him, arrives in ISLOO tomorrow. Let me hear some comments from the Metroblog readers on what they think about his visit.
I personally think his Indian visit was successful and very significant due the Nuclear deal. Bush recognized India as a “responsible state with advanced nuclear technology” and promised to adjust U.S. and international laws, to give India’s civilian facilities unrestricted access to imported nuclear technology. Pakistan will soon follow suit with a nuclear “sho-sha” of its own.

Bush stops in land of the Pure (read it as Pakistan) to show a few things:
1. Pakistan is an ally.
2. Pakistan needs to do more on war on “Teh” (thats how Mr Bush pronounce Terror in his Texan accent).
3. Pakistan cannot be ignored in the region.
My head hangs in shame when I read “Bush Comes Calling” Page 5 in “The News” today.
Islamabad residents – get ready for couple of days of road jams, strikes etc etc. Its time to be strangers in Islamabad!

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  1. Rubeel Iqbal (unregistered) on March 5th, 2006 @ 2:02 am

    Guys nice blog, havent seen alot from islamabad. I think it wuld be nice if you guys could blog on
    let me know

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