on the street again!

One of the extreme pleasures of coming back to Islamabad is playing tape-ball cricket on the street with my brothers. And some street friends. This I was missing for the last many months I wasn’t able to spent more than a mere couple of days with my family, so every second was pre-occupied. Perhaps, that’s why I wasn’t able to log onto here and say a few words. Well, when yesterday my younger brother – who’s also having matriculation examination these days and give them a damn really – proposed to have a game with him. We actually postponed it on today (sunday, the funday!) to have everybody in the neighbourhood.

But it rained! I’d been missing Isloo’s rains badly there in Lahore so that was a blessing to see if anything. And my nana who’s here for a few days from Karachi, was delighted to see such a lovely weather. Did I tell you I always loved spring in Isloo?

The skies cleared in the evening so in spite of having killer backache, I couldn’t defy the temptation of playing with my brothers again! Just for the sake of it, you know. We playing a four-over warm up match with another band of brothers and they actually ran away after taking their turn to bat first, saying ‘you won!’ We started another game where everyone takes his turn to bat after they have been assigned numbers. In street cricket, you have the luxury to redefine the game on its head. So, ours was to have evrybody bat two over maximum, and if you get out, you’re out off course. You can’t play shots and literally can’t score runs (that is to restrict everyone from playing shots. Reason: ball gets lost in the houses if you hit it too far or too high, that is). You can only play straight, no cuts, no off, no leg. Tunnel vision of sort. The kind they have for horses tied in a cart! My turn was second, I got lucky actually. But not-s0-surprising, nobody could last for whole 12 deliveries. I too lasted for 4 only and got bowled like the most. Nobody’s a bad batsman but street cricket sometimes gets hell competitive. I was so quick that 6 batsmen got out so quick that we decided to have another turn. First ball yorker got first player, third ball yorker got me. And I got the ball in my hand and the bowler who got me – my own younger brother and most pacey bowler – to face the chin music this time. Though, I’m okayish type of batsman I love the ball in my hand. I got him on the second ball, yorked again in the same fashion he got. The ball with newly wrapped tape is such a beauty! I got second brother on the next ball! Another one on the sixth. That would be something memorable for some time I guess. Did I mention, I got hit for the biggest six on the last ball of my last over? I think I shouldn’t!

I bowled five overs despite a hurt back, and that’s quite a lot for a fast bowler holding a ball after almost a year. And now my back hurts like anything. But that’s negligible considering the fun I had. Whenever, I travel back home again, playing cricket on the street would definitely be a part of my holiday plan!

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  1. Farhan (unregistered) on April 10th, 2006 @ 10:19 am

    Sounds like you had a loads of fun

    hope ur back get’s better soon

  2. Saima (unregistered) on April 10th, 2006 @ 6:58 pm

    Its like reading a personal diary rather than a metro blog about Islamabad.How boring.

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