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Try them out sometime and you will know the damage “no/minimal competetion” does to quality of service.

Never in Time


View here the exemplery efficiency of our city’s administration, indicating a road end in F-11 only after a car went straight down the incline resulting in the deaths of the passengers.

Come come rain on us!

Clouds covered the skies of Islamabad … Pretty Nice picture too!

Islamabad – Drizzly Beauty

Islamabad presents a stunning view from Pir Sohawa on the Margalla Hills after the monsoon rains.

Slide in Islamabad

A bulldozer removes boulders after a landslide on road leading to Pir Sohawa resort …!

And this post marks the 4th century of Islamabad’s Metroblog Posts.

Joy Time

While other animals in the Zoo suffer the current hot weather, the elephant has the luxury of cooling itself in the pool … Thanks god after Tonights rains … The weather’s pretty Good … Islamabad Looks Fresh and Clean!

Water & Waste

Has anybody else noticed how ill maintained and seriously deteriorated the city’s water and sanitation system is? It is something that comes to for every time the rains come. Islamabad has the slight advantage over most cities in that it is a planned one which means that most if it does not face the conventional problems of water standing and stagnating on roadways. However, move away from the older sectors in to ones located to the edge of the city, including F-11, I-8, I-10 etc and you will find pools burgeoning every few kilometers.

Besides that, lots of basements and relatively low lying houses, and those located in natural depressions complain often of floods of waste and muck. Lots of people end up calling for CDA pumps to clean out the areas that for days reek of stench and sewerage.

It is a well known truth that all the waste from Islamabad’s sectors, including industrial waste culminates in the various “nullahs” flowing between and under the streets before culminating in the Nullah Leh. These health hazards are becoming more acute with each passing day as in addition to the underground waste, these nullahs are also a dumping ground for a lot of the city’s garbage. In spite of dumpsters in every other street, it is very convenient simply to toss bags and bins from car windows into the murky depths of these rivers of filth.

As these nullahs flow deeper through Islamabad and Rawalpindi into relatively closer knit and lower level communities, areas and townships, what is not very conceivable for us is that these nullahs become the source of water for some areas as well. I really don’t know about the drinking part, but old-style “dhobi-ghaats” and using this water to wash dishes and clothes personally is quite common.

What is seriously worrying is that nobody really knows the state of the pipes and tubes and things under the city that make up its sewerage system. Decay and a poor checks and maintenance methods mean that water contamination is a very real problem. Similarly drains bubbling up due to blockages in streets and out on roads are also very common.

An ineffective and poorly retained drainage system is a health risk, giving birth to possible ailments relating to skin and breathing at the simplest and if not contained and corrected, could bloom into serious ailments especially if the lines carrying waste merge with water lines. It has happened before and needs to be addressed by the Capital Development Authority at the earliest!

Hope for Tourism 2007?

More of a random, general entry today but with Islamabad being the decision making center of the country, it was bound to happen…

Our Prime Minister chaired a meeting today in the city, approving a marketing strategy to promote Pakistan’s potential as a tourist destination by highlighting its unique charms.

Read the Full Story here:

Welcome Sacramento…


Islamabad – this is your captain speaking[Not to sound pharaonic].

Everyone – give Sacramento a brand new, shining and warm welcome on metblogs.

MNA carrying gun creates scene at airport…

RAWALPINDI, July 15: Unruly scenes were witnessed at the Islamabad airport’s VIP Rawal Lounge on Friday night when a parliamentarian belonging to the ruling coalition insisted on carrying a firearm aboard and hurled threats at the Airport Security Force (ASF) official on duty.

Sources said Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) MNA Abid Ali Umang along with his colleague MNA Mohammad Pervez Qureshi arrived at the Rawal Lounge to take a PIA flight (PK-319) to Karachi.

The two legislators were allowed to enter the lounge without a security check after they identified themselves as MNAs. However, when the ASF official on duty inquired about the contents of a bag carried by Mr Umang, the latter replied: “There is a pistol in the bag.” The ASI told the lawmaker that carrying firearms was strictly prohibited, therefore, he could not proceed.

This infuriated the MNA and he entered into a fiery dialogue with the ASF official. Later, the ‘protesting’ MNA was also joined by his colleague.

As tension mounted, the ASF chief security officer rushed to the scene at around 10:30pm and settled the issue through talks.

The security chief also tender an apology to the minister and transferred the ASF official to some other section of the airport.

The sources also quoted the MNA as saying that he would move a privilege motion in the National Assembly if the ASI concerned was not dismissed from service.

Meanwhile, the MNAs never made it aboard the Karachi-bound flight as they were not holding confirmed tickets.

Taken from Dawn newspaper site

Thank you Erum for suggesting the story.

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