Munchies blue area and Olive Tree

yesterday , i had a long confused food search at blue area… My flat mate wanted to have something good at night so we went to Blue Area to find something good..

The initial idea was to have a Red Onion Pizza..Red Onion is near Savour Foods..Their Pizzas are great..really great..infact one of the best i have ever had..but they come in pairs..they have their BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer ..and they are a bit expensive…you get 2 medium size (8 inch) pizza for Rs.520…(i am not good in measuring ..its just by chance that i remember the size this time..:) ) .My flat mate considered it too less for that amount.. so from there a search started ; a search that made us go to Rahat , a new Munchies spot, Rehmania Restaurant ,Lasania , Jehangir, Olive Tree and finally Haleem Ghar.Of these , I will only talk about the two new ones.

(not to be confused with MUNCHIES, Super Market)

It is a newly opened place in front of the back of Mobilink Office…..i am not really sure wether it is really assoicated with the main Munchies in F-6 Super Market or not..a friend says it is and it seems that they are , cause they offer nearly all the things that you get from Munchies F-6.. On menu they have paratha rolls , chaats, burgers , sandwitches etc…An addition to the menu is Salad..a Rahat Bakery style salad…at the same price.. ..

Like the Super Market ones, this Munchies too has no proper sitting area……and there are very few seats and tables in their open air arrangement….so its a kind of place where you usually end up having food in your own car..

A good thing about this Munchies is they are 24 hours OPEN…so its a good thing to keep in mind for those who live a vampirish life style..


(not to be confused with OLIVE GARDEN, F-7)

I also visited Olive Tree last night …Its near Jehangir and Lasania….They offer a buffet dinner only….No La Carte yet….They inaugrated on 8th July ..and they will start offering La Carte and other services (probably delivery too) gradually…Since they are new , they ask every passer by to at least browse their dishes…and yaar! do i ever reject any such offer?? :) They had all pakistani dishes..who not onlylooked good…but tasty..and..mouth-watering..

The ambience….well its not a very beautiful place, if you are ambinece sensitive….It doesnt seem that they have put any efforts in designing the eating area…With too bright lights in the hall and no partitioning walls, it seems they are not even conscious of the design..

The buffet price is Rs. 349..including taxes..I might try it sometime.. its just that.. i am a kind of guy who prefers to prepare properly before buffet dinners… having no lunch… :)

Thats i request all of you to pray fora quick recovery of my disordered stomach.. as i gotta attend a friend’s birthday tonight… :)

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  1. Inspirex (unregistered) on July 17th, 2006 @ 7:28 am

    I went to olive garden..for lunch….good food!
    better than any place ive been to in isloo (been to very very few).

  2. Asma (unregistered) on July 18th, 2006 @ 6:15 pm

    Hmm great …!

    Wel, yeah I saw this new Munchies in Blue area’s east side too … they’re the same or not … but the original one has really deteriorated in quality … they used to give you better stuff some 7-8 years back … but now its just the name!

    Olive Tree … good name to confuse ppl … me n my sis also screamed … oh olive’s opened up here tooo … but then she said naaaah its olive tree :)

    As per Red onion … yup there pizza’s are good and this all year round offer :) i just tried Pizzeria … with their new look few days back …. their salad’s pathetic with bunch of boiled potatoes … i confused them with pineapples as per look … and their pizzas are good … liked them!!!!!

    Have you tried Italian Oven in F-10 next to dunkin Doughnuts … they’ve good stuff too … lesser items in salad bar but sauces are wonderful :D

  3. Sameer Durrani (unregistered) on July 18th, 2006 @ 9:46 pm

    yeah..italian oven is great…will write about that in a post…

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