No Parking Sir !!!

No trafic rules for Green number plates….
when Rulers do not follow THE Rules
how can the ruld ones will…!

Tuesday August 22, 2006 I went to District Court Rawalpindi.
I parked my car outside the court. Lots of Government cars were parked there and I thought hmmm some high authority is on visit
I went in and as usual concerned officer was not on the seat :(
After waiting for a long time finally officer came and with a lot of more unnecessary delays at last I was able to get my work done.
I was thinking oh God now I am relieved I will go home and will rest but what…. oh no my car is missing……..
I asked a police man standing near me that i lost my car (he asked few details about car) he told me that my car was in no parking zone and it is now in custody of traffic police :(
I was angry because all other cars were still there which have Green number plates when I reached traffic police’s office (where they took my car) Officer gave me a voucher of fine of Rs. 200/-
I asked him why he just liked to pick my car only and why all other government cars are still parked there if it is no parking area
You know what he replied………..?
He said they are not allowed to fine Government cars in any situation
huh un justice every where in our country. When rulers and authorities will ignore and not going to follow the rules and laws then how it can be expected that common people will respect laws and rules..?
To be a government employee does not give us a certificate to break laws and to be a lord of common men. If Green Number plates break the Law/Rules there is no one to stop them as there is no rule for them… How come..? How can a nation grow when its authorities are so disorganized.. why people get frustrated and how they can not show aggression…..
Just because the influential person try to have all the facilities and want to live there lives no rules no laws
because it is saying that laws are made to be broken! And no doubt our Government do anything else or not but I bet they are pretty well working on this saying.
May God bless us All! But how come..? Isn’t he watching us and our Government body…??

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  1. Asif (unregistered) on August 30th, 2006 @ 4:51 pm

    in reply to ur lost car. (solution bribe at spot)coz awaam has been forced to give bribe.

    The rules are made for public not for govt servants coz they are maker of rules and they r exempted. Their moto is to earn alot as much they can, untill the new govt survives the same parking area. On the other hand police is the custodian of govt servants not of “ghareeb awaam”. Awaam is made for to take revange for.

    we need to be against of redtapism, nepotism.

    We trust on “Allah only” always with us

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