The Sights and Sounds of Sunday Bazaar;

It is a place where a large bazaar is held every second day of the week. There are certain places where it is held and those are Peshawar Mohr, Abpara chowk this Bazaar is cheaper than other market places. It provides the grocery and home accessories in one place. However, the quality of cloths, bathroom accessories and kitchen Ware are not too good but are quite reliable as per their prices. Rich and poor we will find all in one row, at least this place is proving the example of being equal. The vegetables are fresh before 2 pm. After that, it would be hard to find fresh stuff, same goes for the fruits. The rates are quite low and reasonable

The general stalls in the bazaar sell oil, sugar, flour, all types of spices and other daily life things. The prices they offer are closer to wholesale rates. There is always a 1 to 2 % difference from the prices compared to other market prices.

The bazaar committee fixes the prices. No one can sell things more than the selected prices. For our facility, one can check the prices from their office, if we have any doubts about the price, within the premises of the bazaar. Exceptions are everywhere, some shopkeepers do sell their goods on high price but if the invigilators catch them, they are charged with fines. In this way, all the sellers stay within the limits.

In cloth section, the material available is the one, which the factories reject and sell it out to people on cheaper prices, who sell them in such bazaars. People who cannot afford to buy bed sheets and daily cloths from the expensive markets come to this place. It is a good step from the government to provide such facility thrice a week.

In crockery section, we will see kitchenware on cheaper prices. There are good designs in dinner and tea sets. Plates, mugs, glasses are also available separately in case if we lose a piece of our dinner or tea set we can complete it by buying the piece separately. The crockery is not broken or in bad condition. Only the quality is not up to the mark of the factories and that is why they are available at such cheep prices.

The second hand goods section, is the most interesting and popular place in the whole bazaar. Mostly the western cloths are available there. This includes t-shirts, jeans, pants, skirts and footwear for men, women, and children. A single shirt is from 100 to 150 rupees. This section is quite famous in students who do not get heavy pocket money and have to go to school in colored cloths, especially in private institutes.

We should promote such market places as most of our population is below poverty line and cannot satisfy their basic needs in proper markets.

If we want to consider ourselves a decent society, we will have to provide affordable necessities for people from all walks of life. Which are basic food, shelter, clothing and education. In a human society, no child should go hungry with out shelter and Education.
Humankind is equal in the sight of God, equal in opportunity that is. If we want to govern people, we will have to see to it that these fundamental issues are at the forefront of our daily agendas before we can talk about reaching the moon.

Providing affordable lifestyle for masses is one little step on a long road of struggle in modern life. Hope our government will keep on taking such good steps for its nation.

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  1. Asma (unregistered) on September 30th, 2006 @ 5:07 pm

    Interesting Overview … GREAT WORK …!

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