Amusement Park Of Household Stuff!

This market is of second hand furniture.

It is in F-6/4 near to the supper market. It sells all sorts of old furniture but in good condition. Some times, you will feel as you are buying first hand stuff. it is know as ABBASI’A market

The shopkeepers get this stuff mostly from foreigners, who leave the country every now and then, for whatever reason. They sell all the stuff or most of it in this market, to save time and to face less hassle. When I visited the place I started wondering how the foreigners can keep their belongings so clean, tidy and in such good conditions, are they not human beings like us or what could be the other reasons?

Sometimes you will find unique things over there like a 150cc silver bike, old radio of 60’s, chess table with heater under it, old telephones of 60’s and 70’s and many more. It is quite an amusement park of households.

However, as not everything is picture perfect so is this market. Dishonesty and manipulation comes with the package. For one shopkeeper a simple crystal glass is for 200 Rs, considering it an antique and the other will sell it for 400Rs. This practice is common for everything. Being a regular customer, I know who will give what price and how to handle him. What mostly people do is to throw a price and leave their numbers with the shop, if shopkeeper manages to sell it on its own price well and good, if not he will call the customer and the customer can buy it on his offered price.

Such market places have not mostly seen so often, in Islamabad. These market places play a vital role in getting good stuff on good deals.

Even if you are not in the market right now, it is good to know what the market is. What the prices are and how to dream realistically to decorate your house or to make an appropriate budget.

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  1. connie (unregistered) on October 1st, 2006 @ 12:03 am

    I am going to every site to get a message out to a Malik Wagas Alfaz please contace me or if u know of him please have him contact me this is his wife in america i need to find him he use to have a cell phone business and his brother Malik worked for a shipping Company called dhl or dsl in Islamabad please if u can help

  2. 1967 (unregistered) on October 1st, 2006 @ 3:43 am

    Ah yes, I got a pretty good deal on some lamps out there. Even if you don’t really plan on buying something, it’s a good thing to visit these guys, coz you never know something special might change your mind. However you can find some more of these in F-7 and F-10.

    Ghaliya: I could surely use some advice on how to bargain well. I am really pathetic at that. Normally people who sell them, especially the foreigners follow the standard rule of “half price”. But I know one needs to be a shrewd shopper to get a good buy.

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