NOT walled in

For the first time in ages, i’ve seen what my neighbours lawn looks like from my driveway!

The one thing which really stands out and kind of hits you in the face, when you get out of Karachi, is the lack of high walls surrounding houses here. Over there, we’re used to high walls topped with broken glass or iron grills with pointed tips to keep unwanted elements out and protect our family and possessions. The latest in that fad was installation of electronic security systems, and most houses are now adorned with a plate by their front gate proclaiming ‘Protected by XXX”.

Plus, the lack of police officers in the capital (im not talking about traffic police.. i’ll get to them later) is astonishing! In karachi, we dont move around for 5 minutes without seeing one of karachi’s finest (?), but here, you have to literally search for them. I noticed the same in lahore recently, and throughout my trip, i actually felt vulnerable?!! So used to the presense of these men am i. Guess this is just one of things you unlearn when you move out of the port city.

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