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Hu Jintao WAS here … !

With the departure of Chinese President Hu Jintao … Islamabad still needs to be washed up of these posters for some next occasion …!

Weekly Overview

OK this review should’ve come earlier today but does it harm if you’ll get this one a bit late on Monday :~)

This week we saw some real thrilling pieces on Metroblog Islamabad … Go Grab the world just like that :)

Jaded put forward Islooittes’ reservations over Dignitary encounters in her Of Premiers, Horses and Men post

Then, came backpacker with his Romantic Avenue overview and showed shoppers coming to city the marvel of G-9 Markaz aka Karachi Company …!

Phil told us about this 3-4-5 event while Talha reminded Islooitte’s of 3-4-5 start up which later Fuzz reviewed nicely …!

Ustad Rustam came up with very valid points regarding essentiality of Counseling in youngster years …! While Ghalia is on look for courageous souls in Islamabad :) OK she had to suffer from Ill-ness at hospital too …

A for Apple had a picturesque insight into Rif’s café while Jaded joined me in Thai Yums Yums to share eating experiences … while she went ahead on finding this road in Islamabad too …!

From Sunday Islamabad joined in the Metroblogging gang in showing the world 7 Gifts it can offer … 7th Gift by Islamabad to the world was given by Jaded while backpacker gave the world the key to Paradise through his 6th gift More will come this week … Stay Tuned all this week …!

You can keep track of GIFTS by other cities worldwide through Markland’sthis post too …!

Peanuts ..!

Winters are here and what’s the most awaiting delight of winters in pakistan … Peanuts yup you are right ….!

It's all about Peanuts ...!

And this post marks my 300th post in an year on Islamabad MB … Wow … Ok don’t explore in teh quality … quantity sometimes matter too :P

Islamabad – 6th Gift to the World

Margalla Hills Islamabad.jpgTo celebrate the spirit of the holidays and reinforce the pleasure of gift giving to promote good will over the next few weeks, all the Metroblogging cities are giving 7 gifts to the world throughout the week of NOV 26th – DEC 2.

This is Islamabad’s 6th Gift to the World.

3-4-5 :: Reviewd

3 Comedians… 4 Nights… 5 Shows!
To say that the night was funny would be an understatement. It was beyond hilarious! For a distinctive change, Islamabad seemed well alive and vibrant in the dead of the cold Sunday night.


I never knew how important counselling was, until I realized its advantages. Here I’m talking about counselling in a student’s life where he is given information on his future studies and career. Where he also figures out what he really wants to do in life. That makes him stick to one field and not get confused.

I recently had a chance to talk to an Indian girl, who was 15 years old. I had nothing in common with her, so I had to start a topic. I asked, ‘what do you wanna be when you grow up?’. And to be honest, I was expecting the answer to be ‘a pilot’ or maybe ‘a doctor’. But she said ‘First, I want to do B.Com. Then, ill do masters but im not sure, if I’ll choose Hotel Management or Banking. Then ill have to hunt for a job, which im sure ill get, depending on what subjects I take in MBA’. This was the reply of a 15 year old.

In India, she said, they’re given counselling in the 10th grade when the kid is 15-16 years old. 3 days of counselling where the students are given information about future studies, jobs and how to find out your aptitude towards life.

I’ve seen people around me, who chose Computer Studies in 10th class, took Chemistry in Intermediate and started Accounting after that. Only if someone helped him decide what his aptitude was, he would’ve stuck to it. Even in Beaconhouse, which is considered one of the best schools of Pakistan, there is no such thing as counselling. And parents till this day have the same three careers for their kids. Mera beta baray ho k doctor banay ga, or maybe engineer ya lawyer.

Most schools and colleges here, rely mostly on rote. And all they want is the better result of the school, by any means. They even beat kids when they don’t learn the topic, but they don’t realize that he can’t learn it because his mind does not accept it. It’s not what his aptitude is. It is one of the things, schools in Pakistan really need to look forward to.

Islamabad – 7th Gift to the World

To celebrate the spirit of the holidays and reinforce the pleasure of gift giving to promote good will over the next few weeks, all the Metroblogging cities are giving 7 gifts to the world throughout the week of NOV 26th – DEC 2.

This is Islamabad’s 7th Gift to the World.

Welcome to my fair city of planned roadways and residences, of lush greenery and a clear blue sky. Follow the straight and not-so-narrow Quaid-e-Azam Avenue for fifteen minutes or thereabouts to stand upon the Constitution. I beg your pardon, Constitution Avenue, of course. Behold, the wonder before your eyes, the House of Parliament, the representation of the strength of the ordinary people of Pakistan, a symbol of the highest authority after the Bureaucracy, the politics of contacts and the military. Look to your right to see the presidency that has housed more Chiefs of the Armed Forces rather than the civilian propagated by the constitution, and to your left a rising, jutting structure that looks like a marble mausoleum or is it a mosque gone horribly wrong because really the builders had no idea that they were making the Prime Minister’s residence and offices. Go along further to come upon the misguided, misused, mistreated and mistaken for justice, Supreme Court of Pakistan.

However, as interesting as all these are, I return time and again to gaze in wonderment at the parliament house in all its quiet dignity and suffering. Stand there a while and you will see in all their magnificent masses, the elected representatives of our poor nation. How do you recognize them you ask? Why, can you not see how much they resemble the ordinary man? See, how they are chauffeured in cars that are just barely last year’s models, with guards flanking them back and front and the secret forces running beside them. Of course, you must know that 95% of these brilliant people do not even own cars; they just ‘borrow’ them from relatives and even wives. Can you not see the starched stiffness of their white clothes, holding up against the bulges of their poor, undernourished bellies and see the proof of their despair in the eyes hidden behind black or brown tinted glasses?

Come a little closer, walk through the gates and slip into the gallery where you can watch them struggle and strive for your fate. Watch them sit and discuss pragmatically in the calm and soothing environment that would put a fish market or an impending street fight seem tame. Do you hear how they protest by banging the desks and stand and shout slogans to declare how insignificant the increase in their salaries and benefits have been? Imagine, they’ve been unable to holiday in Europe or the States this Summer.

Witness their dedication in the archives where a poor soul has determined that during the last years session, time spent on actual legislative issues and viable debate was less than 48 hours. Blessed be the little dickens with their tantrums and pampered lifestyles should you ever see them in a non-political environment. Did you not hear of the Governor, Minister and their -er… colleagues who planned on going on a pilgrimage? Poor, misguided, innocent ones actually believed showing up at the airport a half an hour before the flight would be enough to get them on the plane, and all the arrangements done. Imagine the horror their poor souls must have suffered to be turned back before the crowds who had actually had the affront to pay for tickets and were unwilling to share.

These brilliant people are so beyond us in their generosity and human spirit. You just need to lift the newspaper and see the effort they put in to entertain you. The speeches and the silences; the blackmail and the extortion; the catfights and friendly doggedness; all aimed at providing you and me the laughs we need to get through our day.

May we all NOT be blessed with that same generosity of spirit, ever and simply retain our distinction of being human.

Happy Holidays All!

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Welcome to Rif’s Café

Well for a change Let’s have a all picture talk here … For ease I even took shots of the *shocking* menu card … I hope they won’t blacklist me … lolz :>

Rif's Cafe

Rif’s café is a small coffee with books kind of a café that is located in Kohsar Market of F-6/3 … it is located on the first floor of London Book Co. store … so you’ll have to make your way through London Book shop … this small market has lots to offer … by the way … Oh and I went there after much much long time (last time, if I’m not wrong, was the time when you are all up for “Tell me Why” and the series kind of books so we bought our set from this London books :>) … I found lesser DESIS and more GORAS there ….!

Rock Climbing in the Margallas

Getting%20the%20grip.jpgMargalla Hills offer ample opportunities for rock climbers. The walls here are of varying heights, and have different technical sections. In addition to that due to texture of rocks these walls offer a varied degree of challenges to climbers. Following are some of the highlights of what these hills have to offer

OIC Ministerial Conference on Refugees

OIC Ministerial Conference on Refugees from 27-29 November 2006

Government of Pakistan had graciously offered to host an OIC Ministerial Conference on “The Problem of Refugees in the Muslim World” in Islamabad from 27-29 November 2006. The Conference will be held in collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

This would be the first ever OIC Conference that would exclusively focus attention on Refugee Issues. The 57 OIC Member States presently host over 9 Million refugees and persons of concern to UNHCR, out of a total global population of approximately 20 Million. This figure does not include the Palestinian refugees, who fall within the specific mandate given by the UN General Assembly to United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

So stay TIGHT … SECURE Isloo for incoming Dignitaries … yet again …!

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