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CDA demolishes brick kiln near Khanna bridge!


Owners of six others served notices

In a joint operation, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Environment Protection Agency (PEPA) demolished a brick kiln near Khanna Bridge on Islamabad Highway.

The Islamabad Administration and police also assisted CDA and PEPA during the operation, which was carried out under Environment Protection Act. The sources said the owners of these six brick kilns have been directed to shift their business near Chak Beli Khan where they would be provided land, water, gas and other basic facilities to start their work. “We have asked the owners of brick kilns to wind up their business at existing site within two months,” a CDA official said.

The CDA on request of EPA also served notices to owners of six other brick kilns to stop operating the kilns which along with causing air pollution, emitting smoke resulting in poor visibility to air traffic.

The operation was led by Deputy Director Enforcement Maqsood Jan, Deputy Director PEPA Dilawar and Assistant Commissioner Dr. Ehtesham Anwar. An official conducting operation said the operation was completed despite resistance from owner of the brick kiln. The operation against another brick kiln was stopped when its owner produced stay orders of a court.

This could be helpful in creating a better environment but what about the employees working in those kilns. Where will they go once the kiln is shifted to some other place? Will government take their responsibility? Will they be given jobs to fulfill their basic necessities? I do not think so. Government should make some plan before discarding the factories. They simply just can not make so many people unemployed.

The story of our international airport!

On 27th of December, 2006 my sister and I headed towards the airport, we were going to visit our elder sister in Yemen via Dubai. On entrance we had to show our luggage to the narcotics desk. There we saw two officers one female and the other was male. The lady asked us to open our suit cases and the male officer asked for our passports. The male officer asked the lady to check our passports; she said why do not you check it and he said they are ladies so you should check all of their stuff. It was quite strange and hilarious to us. Anyways while she was checking our luggage she suddenly grabbed my sister’s hair, it was so hurting, and asked her are you using mehndi? It does not suit an officer, standing at the airport, to ask such irrelevant questions to the passengers in such a ridiculous way.

New Year’s Celeberations

fireworks.jpgWith the New Year Eve approaching, preparations for celeberations are already under way in Islamabad. This year’s new year has special signifcance as it overlaps with the Eid celeberations.

In the line of Saw

Scores of trees have been cut down along the G-9 – G-10 road fot the widening of roads … with every tree down I feel an untold pain on this mass murder …!!!

I’ll be much happier if Islooittes come out of their cocoons (read houses) on cycles instead of cars that is causing this murder on large-scale ….!


With everything going “E” > … now the Bakras are E too … with this EBakra service that has kicked off from Islamabad – the sacrificial trends are changing too … going towards modernity and technological-friendly …!

Got to know of ebakra first through ATP’s post Billo for dinner … and saw its banner in Blue area today that really got me all giggling … quoting from All things Pakistan …! is a service provided by Islamabad’s famous Qureshi Frozen Foods (which traditionally serves expatriate customers and others willing to pay premium price for high-quality, cleanliness and variety in meat products). The prices on the website right now are quite exhorbitant ( I am told by bakra connoisseurs better versed in the dynamics of the bakra market than myself that the price being asked on this website is more than twice what you would otherwise pay for the best bakras).

As of now, there is no service for overseas Pakistanis or for Eid Qurbani, but they say they are planning something. Right now their service is for delivery in Islamabad and their current product line is limited only to dunbas (goats): Here you can find animals of your choice, order it online and get the free delivery right at your doorstep. Rest assured that the health and safety standards are not compromised at any cost and we take every possible measure to make sure that our customers are satisfied with our services and products.

Shaadi Season!

As much as I hate going out in the public and then being spotted by a familiar face every now and then, the concept of grand functions like Shaadies is something that really cant settle with me. Thats just the anti-social Batman inside of me speaking… which I have nurtured with great care… anyways!

Winter is at its peak, holidays are in full swing, everyone is free, and Eid is coming up. What better to do than wed your child! Ah! OK, fine, but please, please, please, dont park your damned car infront of my gate next time! Please, tell your guests to atleast respect the people living next doors by letting some space to atleast allow their cars to ‘squeeze’ out of their drive ways. Oh God! As if the music wasnt good enough… Parking problems are added.

Plus, too many cars in Islamabad, banks should throttle down on the loans, man!

New Year Resolution of “Paper Mulberry”!


Dinosaurs, whale, pelicans, etc…Some are already extinct and some are endangered species. But interestingly, when listing them, no one names me! I am especially very much angry at the people of Islamabad.

I am the Paper Mulberry tree.

The people of Islamabad planted me in Islamabad heavily and now I am almost extinct because they have linked me as the main cause behind most of the allergies in Islamabad.

Resistance has always been given a bad name! What most people don’t realize the fact is that resistance is the only thing that promotes growth.

“To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”

Ok, it might be true that I was a source of allergies, but why don’t you -Islooites- realize that I also helped prosper your sense of realization of health?

As I am dying here in Islamabad at the hands of those who planted me, I pray and cry out my new year’s resolution…and that is for Islooites to properly value the importance of mild resistance in the growth of anything positive!

May they learn to see the glass half-full instead of half-empty!!!

Jinnah’s other side

Happy birthday to Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Merry Christmas to everyone. I wonder why are islooites getting more inclined in celebrating Christmas although it isn’t a muslim celebration and I am sure they would not know why the christians are celebrating it( I am objecting to this because I have never seen Christians celebrate Eid). What I have concluded is that they are either getting too much influenced from the media or this is just a part of enlightened moderation( feedbacks are welcomed).
Today being the 130th birth anniversary of our beloved founder, I was searching for his pictures on the internet after seeing an intriguing image of him in the news paper( The Dawn supplement).I found it after half an hour of searching and here it is below. I particularly noticed something in this image and I want you people to find it. Although I think it is quite difficult to do so in this image. For a better look see it in the supplement.
Anyway after seeing this picture and someothers on the internet I saw a very different side of Jinnah. To me he seemed to be a very cool, casual and a captivating person in his early days. He appeared to be fun loving, adventurous,socially actice and always sleekly dreesed or he may even have been a charmer.
This shows him to be more humane and real.


Quaid e Azam Day

Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Name: Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Title: Quaid e Azam , Baba e Qaum (Father of the Nation)
D.O.B: 25th December, 1876
Place of Birth: Karachi
Profession: Barrister
Died: 11th September, 1948
Age: 71 years
This year is marking his 130th Birth Anniversary
He gave us: Pakistan despite his poor health conditions and age … he gave his life … essence in the making of this country
We gave him and Pakistan: Mere words and respect without going deep into the meanings of the word, corruption, indiscipline, disarray and the list goes on … …!

Can WE bring a change now???

p.s: This coin was issued marking his 100th Birth celebrations in 1976.

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell …

Jingle Bell ...

Jingle all the way ….!

Christmas Celebrations

Merry christmas to our Christian Brethern living here … In Islamabad, Kohsaar market in G-6/3 was much much decorated with these bells, bands and stuff with a Santa Clause too :) This picture is from the same market …. a girl seems to be bemused by the decorated Christmas trees and the image on right shows a rare show of interfaith harmony ;-)

I liked christmas in my childhood and even now only beacuse of the cartoons and movies that’d come … with santa in it or you know the happy-go kind of stuff … even now I’m watching Jack Frost :)

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